Wisconsin MMA in Jeopardy

With the Wisconsin State Legislature back in session, it’s time we remind our legislators that Assembly Bill 308 – a bill that would give more than 1,200 towns in the state the authority to prohibit MMA – is simply BAD for Wisconsin. AB-308 could put the future of MMA in Wisconsin in serious jeopardy, but we have the power to take action to make sure the sport remains live and well.

What is AB-308?

Under AB-308, more than 1,200 towns in Wisconsin would be authorized to enact and enforce an ordinance prohibiting a person from participating in, operating, maintaining, attending or promoting an amateur or professional MMA fighting contest. Think about that…a bill that would make it illegal to go to an MMA match!!

Who is leading the effort to ban MMA?

The effort to give towns the authority to ban MMA is being led by Rep. Patricia Strachota, and Senator Glenn Grothman. Oddly enough, Rep. Strachota and Sen. Grothman were supporters of the movement toward the creation of safety standards for the sport. Rep. Strachota was in the Assembly that unanimously approved the law, and Sen. Grothman voted in favor of the bill twice – both on the Senate floor and when the bill was originally discussed in his Senate committee.
It’s puzzling why both legislators now want towns to have the chance to ban the sport when before they supported MMA.
Give them a call or send an email asking “Why the flip-flow?” Also ask them why they are focusing on opposing MMA instead of the real issues facing the state.

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