right handed southpaw boxers advantage

imagine wandering all your life in America on the right side of the road and then going to England to remember to drive to the left.  While you know regularly, you will get back to your body’s patterns sooner or later. You will slip away. In brief, Southern paws have more experience than vice versa against orthodox warriors. 

Like in many sports, left athletes known as South Pavies are incredibly helpful as they go boxing and all they do comes from the other side, which a typical orthodox boxer is accustomed to seeing. Light-handed warriors, pitchers, and fenders have hated their enemies for decades, tennis players, basketball, and so on. In boxing, it was such a privilege to be left-handed that many fighters had to change orthodox places back in the day so that other fighters would be able to deal.

There are some advantages. What we will talk about in-depth in this post. You need a tactic, distinct from that of an Orthodox warrior, whether you are a warrior from the South, whether you are right or right. 

But now let us immerse ourselves in the 11th, gain from being a boxer on the right who is in a southpaw:

Advantages of Being a Right Handed Southpaw

Many boxers tend to fight both orthodoxly. Have your left foot and hand forward, in other words. It is simple: most people are right-handed, so while you will wear your opponent with speculative jabs over time, you are free to load the power on your best-left hand and fire the shots that win the competition.

1. Harder Punch

The punch is the boxing punch used most often. And because it’s really powerful. You will keep your distance from your enemy with your jab, avoid his attacks and set larger punches, like the cross or the overhand. You may also do it to keep a distance apart, for example, if you are shorter than the other boxer and choose to fight from inside.

2. Powerful Punch

Your power hand is also your leading hand if you’re a right-sided, southpaw fighter. You will then jab in a much more orthodox stance, compared to the left-hand fighter. Your jabs are also more reliable and quicker. That will help to keep the gap and avoid the attacks of your opponent.

That’s because you throw a straight punch on your body’s knot. But when you jab, without getting out of your place, you can just throw the punch. It’s just necessary to stretch your arm and not rotate your body too far compared to tossing a cross or a back hook. This way the lead hand can be heavier, but still also quicker and more flexible throughout the boxing match.

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3. Powerful Lead Hook

One of our favorite hits is the lead hook. We like it because it’s easy and you can use it to counter your rivals and attack them in all cases. It can be a very strong punch, although it is always tough to see. And that’s one of the easiest punches to knockdown. As you don’t see the punches, the knockout normally triggers.

Then pretend you remain in your southern position and throw a leading hook with your right fist. Similar to the jab, the southpaw lead hook is much harder, quicker, and more accurate than the orthodox one. So you have far more opportunity to knock off.

4. Uneven Exchange

This is of course where most Versus orthodox struggles are turned into one-off trades. The orthodox warrior knows that he can not overtake the Southerner’s paw and that the South Paw’s broad left can not beat his right side. At this point, it is very common for the orthodox warrior to want to trade right and left. In other words, if the southpaw throws its right and the orthodox throws his left hand while the southpaw throws his right hand, the orthodox throws his right hand.

5. Stronger Left Cross

Only suppose you face a southpaw. Now you have major left crosses from when you used to anticipate smaller left jabs. This dramatically changes the defense. Now, you face quicker right jabs and even a southpaw hook that comes from an angle that you did not have to protect from before. On the other side where you are supposed to keep straight hands from the back.

If you understand it, any Southpaw punch takes advantage of the pace or angle advantage you did not have to pay attention to previously. The orthodox boxer doesn’t normally see the left and right sides. Just conceive about yourself as an orthodox boxer to another orthodox boxer. His light jabs you are usually parrying away and his right hands are watching.

6. Make You Prepared

The figure is on your side if you’re a right-handed southpaw boxer. Here is the meaning: 90 % of the population is on the right side. So most of them remain in an orthodox position. The remaining 10% is the south paddle. Let’s assume, then, that you are an orthodox boxer. You would spar with other orthodox boxers as you head to the gym. And you can practice in an ideal situation just 10 % of the time for the southpaws.

7. Leadfoot advantage

If two boxers are competing in opposing positions, their leading feet face each other. And because: And that is relevant

The boxer who puts his front foot outside his opponent’s front foot has again. For he is out of the middle line when he does so. So it is very tough to catch the other boxer. Just by tossing a lead hook or jab does his rivals find it, but it’s hard to do that too.

On the other hand, the boxer with an external lead foot has the benefit of speed. His back is nearer to his foe, so he can quickly throw a cross or a rear.

8. Trapping Opponent

Here’s another advantage you can take from Southpaw vs. Orthodox. You know now that your foot will be facing the lead foot of the orthodox warrior. But imagine, the lead hand will face his lead hand if you stand in a southpaw stance.

And by grabbing the opponent’s lead hand, you will take advantage. Especially if you’re less than the other boxer so you can remove its longer-range advantage. You’re trying to keep him from tossing jabs at you while trapping his lead side. So, with his mean jabs, he would not be able to keep you far away.


Even it can be dull to fight with two orthodox boxers. Since they trained with other orthodox boxers so many times, they undoubtedly established an impenetrable defense. When you battle one, you can grasp the mentality of a southpaw. Also, it’s fun to turn southpaw into struggles and surprise your regular rivals.

Another theory is that left handing is particularly effective when responding rapidly to the sport. In other words, the less time your adversary responds to your left ways, the more you can gain from it.

Then maybe it returns to one thing. The evolutionary chopping block has maybe been left-handed only because it just gives some of us a pretty sweet fight.


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