Punching Bag Workouts For Women

If you are reading this right now, you are a woman and looking for ways of losing weight by punching some heavy bags and work it out. Go through the article and we will present some killer workouts for you to lose that extra from your body and help you to get back to your favorite dress.

First thing first, let’s get to know how punching some heavy bags or boxing help you lose weight. Then we will get to the workouts.

There are several workouts that will help you lose extra fat in your body and boxing is one of them. It works both the anaerobic and the cardiovascular system. This form of practice is effective. If you’re a little de-conditioned, you might prepare to feel a little exhausted and weak, as the functioning muscles haven’t completed a vigorous workout since a boxing match. If you have not noticed, boxing and boxing bag exercises for women have been becoming increasingly common, particularly in group courses at several fitness clubs. To be frank, boxing women is becoming increasingly famous. It’s no shock.

Since boxing uses cardiovascular and anaerobic systems, the body will quickly consume many calories. After a boxing session, you might feel complete ‘worked out.’ 

Boxing is a wonderful sport in which several calories are burned. This will consume about 500-600 calories over an hour’s sitting if you do it intensively. It brings more calories than some other exercises. Since boxing ensures that an individual loses weight easily as it is an intense activity requiring a wide variety of other tasks. Within only four weeks, you should begin to see progress. It often lightens the tension. Combine music with your boxing workouts and it keeps you busy, fun, and fit all at once.

So, as we know, for any work we need equipment. For boxing, it doesn’t need a lot of things. 

You will determine which equipment you are to get, depending on how you want to train. When you want to play punching bags for boys, you need a punching bag for boys. Working with punching bags is usually a bit more powerful and raw. Most women prefer such training because it is not only a great cardio exercise but also great for toning your upper and middle body. Because of the continuous impact on the bag, you must also ensure you have a good couple of heavy bag gloves to protect your hands. Bring a jump rope for yourself, too. Jump roping can be blended in to release weight much quicker with aerobic box exercises. Increase the jumping seam duration and intervals to increase exercise intensity.

Now, let’s get on with the exercises with a punching bag that can help women to increase their stamina :

First thing first Warm Up :

It is important to warm up at least five to 10 minutes before you plunge into high-intensity workouts such as boxing. An appropriate and successful warm-up will encourage you to do exercises to mimic the motions during the key training. Each of such movements lasts 30-45 seconds, the sequence is performed three or four times.

  • Jumping jacks, 30-45 seconds, after that, take 10 seconds rest.
  • Jog in place, 30-45 seconds, after that, take 10 seconds rest.
  • Air squats, 30 seconds (very energy burning)
  • 30 seconds high board for downwards dog: Begin at the high board or move up a spot, drive your hips upward towards the ceiling while you extend your shoulders, and touch your feet towards the ground for the downside to the downward dog.
  • Shadowboxing, 30 seconds: Perform light punches into the air, alternating arms as you bounce lightly from foot-to-foot like a boxer.

These are some very effective warm-ups for you to get energetic enough for some intensive exercise.

After you get warm enough for the next sessions, let’s do some Jab – Cross – Squat:

Sit in a fighting stance to face the punching ball. Your feet will be divided by the knee and spaced in front of one foot. When you look down on your feet, your front toes shall be in line with your foot ‘s heel, and both toes should point at an angle of 45 degrees to your punching bag. 

Throw two punches easily — you first jab with your left arm, then move right, before you sit. Return to a position immediately and continue for a total of 45 seconds the cross-squat sequence. 

After the 45-seconds are done, rest 15 seconds before you continue the next exercise immediately.

Through this intensive workout, you will find out how much you body parts, and which body parts have started to work. Go through this process several times and if you have too much then take a few minutes to break. 

Now let’s break down a very famous work out with punching bags. Boxer’s favorite listed.

The 10 Round Workout:

In the first round you have to push your big pack, then continue moving, but not fast. You keep rubbing your palms and feet with jabs. In reality, if you throw jabs in various locations, you will continue to push in different directions. Show the set of the foe. 

While you would be focused on the jabs from the West, this strategic tactic will be really effective in the second half. When fighters make sure the feet pass across the bag they were able to utilize this form very well.

In the third round, the whole idea is to measure and hit 1-2 Jab Combos. You primarily concentrate on brain movements. Throw your punches over and over and pull your head so that you can quickly push your head out in a serious fight.

During the 4th round, the two and three punch combos should be exercised in a fast focus. You must be in intense fighting mode on all these titles. But hold the strain to the fullest degree possible. 

In the 5th round, in ten seconds, you throw 1-2 punch combos, 10 seconds rest. Just like the 4th round. Mix and adjust your punch while maintaining good speed and strength. Be aggressive in your feet. 

In the 6th round, you only need to punch and push combos while holding a reasonable manual pace and adjust the box stage. You may also apply as FreeStyle for this stage.

In the 7th round, take 2-3 strokes to level. The aim in this round is to be better qualified as an opponent of a boxer/MMA by improving an aging desire to do anything, which is known as ‘feint.’ 

Speed is the key target throughout the 8th Round. Many kicks and punches to give. It is just a struggle for freestyle to increase response rates. It is not important to concentrate too much on the technique.

It is about power shot during this phase in the 9th round. Bring on your kicks or your blows. Ultimately, aim for the murder punch. Particularly in the last rounds, a knockout blow in the tank is necessary. You are going to repeat round five in turn. 

Dancing around the bag and causing a blowjob in the 10th round. Keep raising your hands, sliding, and falling on your footwork. Continue turning, build, and remain busy at various angles. Bring everything together in the last step. Give it all, work as hard as you can.

These 10 rounds of the workout will force you to burn a lot of stamina out of you. So make sure you keep hydrated. 

After this intensive workout, if there is left anything in you, then let’s discuss next workout,

Lunge – Kick and Jab – Cross:

Stand in front of the punching bag so that you are balanced across one knee. Go backward to do the reverse lung on your right foot. The explosion from the bottom of the lung, shifting your weight to the left foot as you get back on your feet. When you do, raise your right arm out in front of your chest to hit your right leg aggressively and pound your right fist. Chambers says from here to move the right foot into a fighting stance such that the steps are spaced, switching your hands for each blow, until four cross-points.

For the length of the period, alternating sides start. After operating for 45 seconds, pause 15 seconds until the next workout.

While resting after another intensive workout like this, make sure to have some water. You can also add some muscle recovery solutions like Branched Chain Amino-Acid(BCAA). It will recover your muscle faster and make you ready for another workout, Hooks,

Punching Bag Workouts For Women

Dominant Side:

Hook punching involves fast, strong body cross-movement, which activates your chest, hips, and even elbows. 

Begin your boxing posture and pace your dominant foot (your right foot will be back if you are right-handed). Shift the front foot to 45 degrees and balance the weight between the thighs. Cover your back from the ground and raise your hands to your chest. Do successive hooks by pulling your back hip forward with your dominant hand while you lead your back foot. Using your central strength in order to throw the bag at an angle and then wave the dominant hand around the body such that the forward arm matches the deck. Swing to the starting position and proceed for the full 45 seconds as quickly and powerfully as possible. 

Rest on the opposite side for 15 seconds, then step in the same direction.

After some minutes you have achieved this, you’ll restart the exercise with the non-dominant arm to offer your punch this time. This lets you develop the reflexes on the least practiced hand, which can test you further. The body can also respond.

So it is time to wrap it up, ladies !! To finish this intensive sets of work out, you should try 

Burpee with Pushup, Straight Punches, Hooks:

This an intense workout to finish with, after all those workouts, you may feel a bit dizzy while or before doing this last workout. So if you want, you can just do the Burpee with Pushups, skipping the Hooks. Let’s get on with it. 

Stand around your hip-distance, knee slightly bent, arm length away from your pouncing bag. Do a burning thing: 

  • Squat forward, place your palms flat on the ground, and hop your foot up or forward until the body has a high upright stance with a solid heart where the spine is straight from knees to ear. 
  • Step back, tip your elbows toward the ground as you lower your shoulders. Click back to the top of the screen. 
  • Step back to your hands or jump your feet back. 
  • Blow up, spring straight into the air from here. 
  • Land slightly curved with your hips and knees.

Sit in a very staggered fighting stance on your foot. Punch immediately on your left and then your right hand with a straight punch. Watch the lines with a right hook on the hand. 

Start the practice sequence in 45 seconds to achieve as many full rounds as necessary.

This heavy punching bag training is a great workout for women to really start getting into how to hit the punching bag while still burning tons of calories and doing good cardiovascular training. This exercise is more efficient and helps you to relax your muscles and upper body.


If you use boxing to drop weight, you do need to watch your health. 5-6 small meals a day are prescribed. The growing meal will contain proteins that help your muscles build. And it’s important to have coffee, too. These women’s fitness boxing exercise programs are a great way to help you lose weight and fat. These training sessions will bring you happiness during your training day. Such exercises always allow you to stay inspired so you’re not sick of hitting the gym. 

Go on and start toning your muscles and lose weight to make the perfect summer body. You ‘re able to drop weight at the same time to add some strength.


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