How to Prevent Ringworm for Wrestlers


Ringworm, or tinea as it’s known medically, is an infectious skin disease caused by mold like fungi called Dermatophytes. These Dermatophytes thrive on dead tissues on skin surface and follow a circular path to spread its infection outward. Combative sports participants need to take an active measure to prevent this condition, and here’s how.

Ringworm can and will usually affect all part of the body, from your head to your feet, and this skin infection can breed virtually everywhere. The infection is highly common in contact sports due to the direct contact of two or more people with all different hygiene regiments.

Tinea thrives significantly on unclean and moist conditions. The wearing of Gi’s, t-shirts, unclean boxing gloves, or headgear for long periods of time only helps the fungus grow faster. If found, ringworm can be treated quickly if noticed right away; the longer it takes one to notice this infection the hard it becomes to treat.


If immediately discovered, the average treatment time to cure ring worm is about 3-4 weeks, but you will still see the infected area for up to 6 weeks due to the minor skin irritation? Below I have listed some products that I have used throughout my Wrestling and Jiu Jitsu career to help protect myself from potentially becoming infected. I have also listed some ideas to help stop the growth or spread of ringworm between trainings. Let’s try to keep ring worm and other infections out of our gyms; no one wants to have to stop training to treat a skin infection we all could have prevented.

Best Products For RingWorm

Kenney Skin Care Wash is anti-infective agent, and has also been prescribed to treat skin infections to include tinea (ringworm).

Kenney Skin Care Crème has been around for years and has been used to help prevent contaminates from coming in contact with your skin.

Kenney Skin Care Wipes are great for between matches, trainings, and before your car ride home to shower to help stop the growth of any bacteria.

Hibiclens is another product that is antifungal cleanser and wash.

These product can be found at your local health and fitness store or online at

Ideas to help minimize the chances of being infected by ring worm.

  • Change your gear between training.
  • After every training or between classes’ wash your hands & face. Also wipe your body down with a towel to collect all your sweat and anything else you have picked up on the mat.
  • If possible use the protected wipes or creams.
  • Shower prior to and also after class.
  • Wash your gear and Gi’s upon returning home; do not allow the fungus to grow on your gear.
  • Wipe down inside & outside your head gear & gloves with antifungal wipes.
  • Clean your gym bags at least twice a month, wipe them out also.
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