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Were you sick of the uncomfortable workout environment, or are you just hunting for sport? Perhaps it is the discipline and the tradition of a warriors sport that draws you to Muay Thai, a game that is completely sensitive to your senses. You can sense the excitement and the power and capacity of all the muscles. 

If you have ever noticed it, the expectations for your first lesson are undoubtedly very anxious. 

After all, on a 16 ft by 16 ft floor, where coverage is not enough, two warriors fight in a triangle, shake each other’s heck and try to keep it intact. 

But professional martial artists are considered to be fearful of taking over Muay Thai as the sport is renowned for its hard-sparring focus and its stressful environments. Muay Thai ‘s popularity started increasing with the emergence of the MMA and Muay Thai was always selected as the stand-up form of a fighter. 

You forget what it was when you first started because you were in the battle scene for some time. A newbie is overwhelmed by coaches, and other students and the Muay Thai practices are alien.

The scent of thai oil in the breeze reminds them of their arthritis grandma, three minutes of jump clothes seem a lifetime. They have no idea how they can take 180 inches of fabric and tie it neatly around their hand without cutting off the airflow or the wraps break off, like 37 separate twists and turns, like the Thai oil. Tricks and realistic advice, no pseudo-eastern nonsense theory, and no motivating chat. These are useful knowledge that you can quickly apply to develop your early Muay Thai experience.

That is why we have decided to present you with some basic starter guide you could use before getting down to the sacred mat and decide to become a Muay Thai warrior. 

You have to keep in mind the four main parts of the training before starting the exercise. Of course, you have to Train, you have to Recover by any means, you have to Improve your techniques and you have to keep in mind to Minimize your injuries as little as possible.

Now before you start up your taring keep these things in mind, 

muay thai starter guide

  • Do not worry about being in shape or not.

Muay Thai is a competition of know-how. You can, of course, become more trained as you train because you concentrate on the strategies that you teach in class and work on them with flexibility. You will hit more and more quickly as you progress. Seek to keep it more comfortable before you gas out in the first pad shot. 

You will be able to locate a fitness center suitable for your style because you are fortunate enough to stay in a vast metropolitan region with many fitness centers. If not, once you find the right Thai home for yourself, you may find what you are searching for in search of specific martial arts.

  • Running

Running can improve your endurance and strength, and within a limited period, you will have results. The best routine is to use fast strength exercise on all long-distance races. 

My advice is to follow the track, so the knees have a smaller effect. Instead, surfing or riding are juvenile but also successful in creating endurance.

  • Get The Best Muay Thai Equipment

Invest in standard services. I understand why you should buy a cheap pair of gloves first since you don’t know whether Muay Thai would be for you. So when you practice a little and take it seriously, you’ll want to get gear that works and is safe. The price shows the cost of most appliances. And hey, the 50-dollar gloves can wear much better than the 100-dollar. 

As you know, not even the most durable gloves are the most costly ones. I agree that the best gloves will cover your hands with the correct upholstery, durable cuff, secure fit without being too loose or too tight.

Wrap your hands now and then. The world champions also perform it. Wrist woundings are popular in Muay Thai and Boxing rookies, owing to the time taken to strengthen the fragile bones and tendons of the hands. 

Hand wraps are the most critical and first line of protection against injury to hands and wrists but don’t lie on it. Understand how to tie by showing videos with directions.

  • Don’t Get Disheartened at First. 

It’s not a simple task to learn how to use your body as a weapon. Be intrigued by the sport and use this push to guide your work, instead of getting disappointed that you can’t execute a strike or mixture correctly. 

Of course, there are also those students who acquire it quicker in many months and appear like a pro on the field, but that is uncommon, and typically “true sportsman” is just an average guy, who desires it more, who invested plenty of time in the training center.

  • Improve Your Form

Some people begin with their clenched fists overenthusiastically and end in injury to the hand or wrist. 

Instead, particularly at the heavy bag, start with a light punch and then slowly increase pace and strength. Create a fist and handle the blows properly on the first two knuckles for full touch. To ensure that your straight wrists do not curve at awkward angles. 

The same is true to punches. This is no novice without cracking and swelling of the foot. The trick to the circular jump is to rotate your hip to touch with the correct portion of your shine correctly.

  • Legs Will Hurt

Bumps and bruises are going to come. It is not likely, but the result is in reach. You should not beat yourself with bamboos and push trees so you can harden your shins. Once it comes to shin training, there is a lot of unusual imagination. 

Pick your heavy-bag sometimes, and it’s shin or foot-ice when you get a scrape, bruise, or about some form of discomfort. Until exercise, massage the legs with Thai oil, pinch the bumps and wounds. Yeah, it hurts a little, but it doesn’t matter that it gets quick.

  • Keep In Mind To Hydrate

Dehydration may induce specific adverse effects, including headaches, brain function loss, and reduced endurance. Researchers suggest consuming a total of 2 liters a day. Train and hydrate properly, bring a bottle of water.

  • Watch Your Gym’s Pros Fighting

Getting to play a sport without any practice contributing to improvement are research experiments. Through learning and studying Muay Thai, you will make much more improvement. If you don’t know where to begin, ask your coach the names of their favorite combatants past and present if you don’t know where to start. You would be happy to inform them, so you will take the best direction to continue your fighting education.

  • Be a Team Player

It will not only help you respect your colleagues as a kickass pad manager, but also empower you. You don’t have to talk about glamorous and fun combinations to name your friend. 

Some of the best pad holders in the world keep things easy and quick. Only name the simple punches, kicks, and elbows, stay running, focus on the footwork, and grip the pads to stop.

  • Maintain Appropriate Diet

Finally, power yourself with the correct diet guide, last but not least. We have noticed that several factors may lead to slowing and low energy. Mainly, during exercise, it is not warming up. The nauseous sensation may be induced often by insufficient fuel during exercise. We urge you to take carbohydrates 2 hours before energy training, and you can try Creatine if you are equipped for supplementation. By using two tabs 30 minutes before the training, your performance will improve.

These are some essential points you should keep in mind before you decide to join the drill. We hope it will help you very much to set a mindset.

You are not expected to apply to methods by their English titles because the bulk of clubs and schools only list them. If you genuinely like the sport, though, and dream about studying in Thailand for a while, knowing more about the history of the game and some vocabulary can help you feel welcome. Yet it’s also accurate that old Muay Thai was much more brutal than it is today. Gloves and new laws have transformed this event into a reasonably healthy one. There is an elevated chance of damage in sports, although these are relegated to the bruises and occasionally the black eye.

Yet you will have a  highly improved personality and physical appearance after you master every aspect of  Muay Thai. So Set up your mind and get started!!


The most straightforward approach is always the best one. Don’t change things. Don’t change the material. Most are muscle memory on Muay Thai. 

Hold it real, turn up and perform the exercises daily, and bring your best effort, take into consideration the advice you give. That’s what you have to say. 

While the possibility of injury can never be eliminated, it is vital that the coaches also take appropriate measures to ensure the sport is as healthy as possible. 

If this list is useful, we are happy to help you set your target.


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