Update: Ray Mercer vanished: may be in northern Philadelphia

Former WBO heavyweight champion Ray Mercer, scheduled to headline the King of the Cage: No Mercy MMA event this Friday in Foxwoods, Connecticut, has disappeared. What began as Mercer flaking on an interview with ESPN this week, something perfectly within the idiom of the reclusive heavyweight, has turned in to a missing person’s case as no family or business relation of Mercer has been able to find his whereabouts.
Initial worry began to set in immediately after a missed taping with ESPN 2 program MMA Live. While trying to find Mercer to chastise him for yet another missed media opportunity, King of the Cage east coast representative Keith Creed divulged on Thursday that Mercer’s manager did not know what happened to Mercer or where he was.

The last reliable report of Mercer’s location was from his son, who claimed that the former boxer left home Tuesday morning to complete the last part of his training camp for his September 17th bout against Ron Sparks.

No missing persons report was filed at the onset, given Mercer’s notoriously reclusive nature. King of the Cage representatives elected to follow up on sketchy reports that Mercer was in the northern Philadelphia area, visiting some friends from his youth. As divulged earlier today by Creed, should no reliable reports of Mercer’s location come in by late this evening, it will officially be a matter for the police.

“At this point we a more concerned for [Ray Mercer’s] safety than for his participation in the September 17th event,” said Creed. “If we found him in a Holiday Inn with a line of cocaine and two hookers at least we’d know he had a good time.”

Though the popular belief is that he was last seen in Philadelphia, as a resident of Fayetteville, North Carolina, the police search will begin with the department there. King of the Cage will be issuing a press release addressing Ray Mercer’s disappearance by tomorrow if no serious headway is made in finding him.

This article will be updated as the story develops.

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