Kidney Punch and Liver Shot

You are walking alone on the road or with your loved one or with something valuable. Suddenly you are having a feeling that someone is following you. So normally you will get scared and you are trying hard to walk faster. All of a sudden you experience someone is trying to steal from you with a kitchen knife or a stick and in a worst-case scenario a gun. The snatcher is grabbing your stuff, threatening you, and trying to scare you. What would you do? You can not call anyone for help, and most of the time you will find no one to help you. As well as you are unarmed. The only option left for you to fight with your fist to defend yourself, or your loved one or the stuff with you. But you need to know where to hit to knock your opponent out temporarily even for valuable 5 minutes to make an escape.

In this article, we will describe different kinds of Organ strikes and shots to the Liver as well as punch in the kidney. So that you could save yourselves from an unwanted situation. As well as, you are reading this article if you want to build a career in MMA or Boxing or any kind of fighting platform. Please go through the article and we will let you learn about some important strike that may come handy in situations.

Let’s take it from the top. Starting with Kidney Punch (Most brutal one)

Boxing and that, kidney hits are unlawful. You’ll actually vomit the blood for a week before you have a big blow. Don’t take a specialist to convince you it can’t be healthy. Kidney punching has heavy, crushing results. While their usage in certain tournaments is unlawful, it can be a perfect self-defense tactic. The body is a useful component when you look at the screen. And now seek to consider what is going to happen if anyone is hurt. 

First and foremost, two important organs inside the body are kidneys. We look like a bean and not larger than a palm. 

The kidneys are located on either side of the rear of the neck. These are located just below the ribcage about the size of your palm, and only soft tissues are covered. An offensive attacker will shoot for the region behind the elbow of his enemy. 

The main task is to remove toxins through the filtering of the blood. 150 types of plasma, just 1-2 types of which are semen, are being tested every day. These toxins remain in your bloodstream when they are damaged or do not work properly. In reality, they are so essential that just in case your body had two of them. 

Now the main questions, What, How, and Why kidney punch? Let’s get over with it.

A kidney attack is a heavy localized hit in one of the two kidneys. Your enemy must show him or her to you in order to deliver a blow into the kidney. Conversely, by stepping to the left, you will hit the vulnerability of your opponent. The punch should ideally be a sharp, stabbing motion to minimize the strength distribution across back muscles, solely protecting the kidneys. This may also be used as the leg coils around the abdomen and touches the kidneys. It may also be used.

Since in the unexpected street fight a kidney punch will contribute to self-defense, here are tips to hit a kidney. You must know and use the right tactics to open up the kidney area of your attacker. It can not be flung in front of the opponent. 

Have a glance at the two main kidney punch approaches: 

Stand up, you must use the correct technique in order to get closer and then reach your lower back while standing before your opponent. 

At this moment as you catch your adversary from the back of your arm, obstruct the leg of your foe and strike your kidney hard.

To provide an escape route with any method. You need to move near to the adversary to hit the kidney. So you’ve got to get close to your opponent. The consequences of kidney stones can be severe if they are punched in the right way or, we might say, hard. A poor punch can sting, but it should be bearable. Strong, however, will contribute to instant submission. Based on the punching strength, the tone of the enemy or the adversary may be calculated from 0 to 10. 

You’ll find the globally famous athletes are worthy of receiving hundreds of blows to their hands. Yet, one kidney strike is taking them out of the fight. Harm may be induced by severe exhaustion or by urinating blood for days. At times, even breathing can hurt.

Now let’s learn about Livers shots. Like kidney Liver Shots are brutal too.

There is an explanation that it is most commonly referred to as a shot of the liver than a movement of the heart. It’s really a lot more intense. As harmful as kidney stones, liver shots are also known to be even worse. In most competitions, liver strokes are legitimate, unlike kidney shots. Both strikes are effective in hurting your opponent; however, they differ in many ways. To begin with, the liver is situated in front of the chest, on the right side, just below the rib cage. This may be hit by way of a normal punch, a weak left kick, or even a left upper slash. The liver is about the size of a football and is located on the right side of the body. Because of its position, it is more protected than the kidney. But being damaged it could hurt the most. 

So let’s learn What, How, and Why Liver Shot? Let’s get over with it.

Since the liver is partly covered by a ribcage, a more powerful stroke would be guided upward and through the body to reach under the lower rib and make contact with the uncovered liver. This is going to be a combination of the uppercut and the lock, known as the shovel punch. The liver is found beneath the rib cage on the right side of the body. That’s why, in boxing, generally, liver hits are made with left hooks or upper slices, so the opponent’s right is the hand. 

There are three main reasons why Liver Punching is being used. First of all, your opponent will slow down. If they’re hit by a liver shot, they’ll have to catch the breath before they move again.

Secondly and of course, to hurt your opponent. Especially the body. They can be really painful. Often they may also trigger TKO, so the body simply can’t keep moving because of the discomfort. 

Thirdly, you will be able to catch your opponent off guard. After being hit by a severe liver shot, our body automatically bends down to cope up with the pain. So you will have a good chance to find your opponent in a vulnerable position. If the punch is tough enough, your body can shut down. You ‘re going to be completely conscious, and you’re going to want to get up, but your body just won’t let you do that. This is because of the nerve fibers around the liver.

Apart from these two body parts, there are tons of places in the human body that can be damaged through severe punch or shots. Let’s learn about them.  

While the kidneys and the liver are typically the most thought about, the body is practically packed with organs that, when struck with enough energy, will at least wreck your afternoon.

These are some vital organs that can be hurt apart from kidney and liver.

  • Spleen, a vital organ, most people don’t know about. But a brutal blow can damage this organ by internal bleeding. It’s very close to kidney, and its position makes it more dangerous to be hit. It will be a hit from the right side.
  • Eyes, two vital organs that are more vulnerable as they are exposed on your temple. A brutal blow can damage your vision for good. But attacking this area would be a highly efficient technique in self-defense situations.
  • The diaphragm is Solar Plexus in the center of the body right below the rib cage. Not only is a strike hurt, but it also hits your wind and makes breathing difficult. Everything bad during a fight. 

Last but not the least, our body CPU, the main part Brain.

  • Brain,damage is now well documented by head trauma. And the actual consequences of blowing are still experienced long after blowing.


Whether it is legal or not, it’s not considered the gesture of a gentleman to deliberately attack vital organs. Again, however, combat is not exactly used as a competition of gentlemen. You are in the wrong position if this is what you are searching for. However, in any case, you probably want to protect them and prevent them from sparring and practicing. 

We will only recommend these brutal shots or strikes if you are no professional combatant or a fighting professional. Anyone will kill a wrong punch. If you are a general citizen, you only use this technique to defend yourself.

We have pointed out all the important topics you need to know about these shots and stikes. Hope this will be very helpful for your safety and well being of your loved ones.


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