how to hang heavy bag

It’s a crucial aspect of hitting ability creation to utilize the methods using package bags hanging from the workout. Hanging bag, with the bags built to survive heavy strokes and punches, is an intense training experience. Nonetheless, it’s not always easy to set up an at-home workout and some advice may be required. If you don’t want to go to the track, just want to play, you may remember that you have a big bag attached to your home workout. 

Those sorts of bags aren’t for everybody, of course, because you need an appropriate place to leave them up. A heavy bag is a fitness tool that helps develop energy by preparation for arm and leg resistance and offers rigorous aerobic exercise. Big bags may be connected or effectively mounted in your home on the roof, wall, or room. While most bags weigh between 70 and 100pounds., other versions are built for professionals. Yet if you have the correct equipment to do the task, you can always hang up your big coat. 

This article is just perfect in your case if you want to learn how to hang a big bag from the dry-wall walls, the exterior, and other comfortable surfaces.

Mounting a punching bag, you will need some tools to measure the perfect setup. Let’s know them. 

Make sure that you have the following tools nearby:

  • Measuring tape, to measure the height.
  • Drill, to attach the screw.
  • High ladder, for reaching higher points.
  • A Screwdriver and a plier.
  • S-hook, to hang the bag.
  • Second pair of arms or we can say helping hands.
  • Hanging chains, to lift up the heavy bag with ease.
  • Nut and washer. 
  • An eye bolt at least 2 to 3 inches longer than the beam’s height.
  • For heavier bags, ceiling joist hangers might be a good option. They consist of a larger mount including several eye bolts for better stability. 

Having these by your side, while you are to hang a heavy bag, will surely help you with the task.


Space is your hanging bag’s first dimension. The lighter the pocket, the harder you hit it, the more it bounces. Unnecessary noise and vibrations are caused otherwise. You might also destroy surrounding items if you intend to build it in a residential environment. This would require a 24-centimeter gap from the wall to your pack. In boxing, it is necessary to have your own room. Children who disrupt the teaching will render it a little ineffective. Finally, these sites tend to have visible beams that make the installation more smooth.

Finding a spot

The first step to ensure that you do not run the risk of any personal / material security issues later is to find a strong beam. Not only does the bag need to withstand the weight of the branch, but it also has to make confident that the swings are treated when you pound it. Use this to locate the beam that you need.

The Manual Approach

Beams of 16 or 24-inch intervals are usually installed. It can mean that every stud is not able to carry much weight if you locate them closer than this. In this situation, it is advised that the bag be firmly secured with a crossbar for two or three stubs. 

  • Thump the roof or ground with gentleness. 
  • You found the joist when you hear a dull noise. 
  • Use a pen to mark the beginning of your stud. 
  • Continue the cycle and reach the conclusion of the method.

When you can not manage this manually, attempt it as an option with a stud finder. So it shouldn’t take you long to find your joist as a detective.

Stud Finder

If they’re not seen, using a stud finder could be the easiest way to find them. This practical device can measure the density within a wall: 

  • Drag the machine over the ground. 
  • You find the stud when a ‘bip’ tone is made.

Apparent Beams

Joists are often apparent, especially in unfinished cellars. It could be the perfect situation because you don’t need to hunt them. You might also loop the chains around a beam directly. Nevertheless, in most instances, jars are installed within the walls and are more likely to ruin.


And now comes the hanging. It is a very important part. In this stage, if proper cautions are not taken, you can hurt yourself – bad!

Generally, you will have these three options for hanging your heavy bag.

how to hang heavy bag

Hang the Bag Using Free-Standing Mounts

These mounts are ideal for anyone looking to avoid drilling holes. The best ones come with the added weight towards the base, making them more stable and more resistant to powerful punches.

Free-standing mounts are the easiest to install since they typically consist of following the included instructions. This mainly involves screwing the various pieces together. Some can even attach a punching bag on one side, and a speed bag on the other. 

Hanging Punch Bag Using Wall Mounts

When it is not a choice to hang the bag to the roof, a wall collection may be installed. You have different budgets, but we suggest that you pick one with the most touchpoints. It saves you energy, and maybe a wall, over time. 

All equipment required for the correct installation is usually included. Some models even add two fountains to sound, sound, and reduce wear and tear of the hardware. 

Keep in mind that you may need additional equipment if you are installing your mount on a concrete wall. Lack of shields and a mural bit are typically not included with a mounting kit for the board.

The following are the few steps: 

  • Check the studs as mentioned above. 
  • Using a marker to indicate the boiling position of the beams. 
  • Drill over the labels with gaps. Don’t ignore that you would like a slice of masonry because the walls are constructed of concrete. Ensure the hole is adequately wide to suit the anchor. 
  • Slide the anchor in the freshly shaped hole softly with your fingertips. 
  • Drill in the anchors of the shrubs. 
  • To protect the bracket using the nozzles and washers.

Hanging From the Ceiling

Once the stall has been found, boil a hole in the beam center. The hole should be as large as the eyebolt. Place your eyebolt manually with the washer and nozzle inside the opening. Using the pliers to bring it off, and pick up the bolt string to spin further. 

We suggest that hooks be stopped. They are not as robust and will slip away more likely.

Hanging The Bag: Final Step

Its time to hang your bag finally. With maximum care try out the steps,

Place the chains on your big bag ‘s four corners. Safe the chains for the S-hook. 

Hold and lift the bag with the aid of a buddy. An S-hook is connected to the eyebolt by the friend. Change the chain length to the height you like. Give a couple of hits to the bag. If you see screws or parts, or the wall shifting, restart and maintain close ties to both fittings and furniture.


It can be really dangerous to put a heavy ceiling bag in your house. The fear that the bag may collapse and that the bag and the chains can injure the. 

When you place a heavy bag in your house, structural damage can occur. Ensure that your house has the sort of heavy bag help needed. Oversized wooden or vertical bracing fits well for roof mounts in the structure. You might want to find alternate forms of hanging your heavy bag if you do not have this.

Final Words

You should pick up your heavy bag for your home boxing preparation with several choices. Make sure that the bag is safe, irrespective of the direction that you want before you start to throw them. You might want to hang a number of things from your ceiling when building your home gym. A pull-up bar and a heavy bag, to name but a few. Olympic rings. Understanding how to comfortably and easily do it would help you enjoy a home exercise center. In the way mentioned above, I have both hanging a heavy bag and my rings. For me, it worked good and I hope for you it . Good Luck !!


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