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Pay is calculated in most sports by the number of viewers who watch it, the size, sex, and boxing are no exception. Historically, women boxers have often gained fewer earnings at the same amount than men. Female Boxers can gain $200-$400 a game at a lower level. Depends on the weight category, supporters, and battle history, funds will collect. The median for practitioners is $51,370 a year.

And in general, in athletics, there is nothing new. The more viewers who watch the sport, the more profits will be earned from advertisers and sponsors. The more money these promoters make, the more money they will be likely to get paid by the activity, at least that’s how they are meant to work!

While the women’s sports market is rising, the vast majority of their followers are men. And it is the secret for its warriors to receive greater paydays that men pursue female boxing.

And this is more readily said than achieved on a marketplace now full of so many diverse fighting sports, both on sale and at our fingertips. Below you will find out how these factors will impact your compensation and what women pro boxers did the most in your career.

How Much do Female Pro Boxers Make?

1. Newbies vs Pro Boxers

The disparity between an amateur and the pro wage can be drastic, and sponsors can also hit a living wage after years of trial and mistake. Here are wages for both leagues and boxers. Taking the example of these figures, since they will range from weight and supporters to even state projections. The previous skill demonstrated in the ring is that the boxers will be associated with a larger public. What distinguishes these two pay levels.

Newbies Pro
Low: $19, 220 Low: $22,000
Median: $35,584 Median: $51,370


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2. Highest-Paid Female Boxers

Female boxers with a high winning streak and several defeats under the belt. This was very good for them, as in their countries, and even internationally, much of their professional practices were televised.

Each boxer has numerous titles under its name which affect advertisers greatly.
Cecilia Braekhus has a record much more impressive and has unbeaten 31 matches and has won more than 20 times as a result of her belts.

These boxers are good bets that advertisers know. They will donate a lot of money to their world-famous titles for everyone they wish to act as a brand ambassador. The eighth child of Muhammad Ali is one of the most notable, Laila Ali.

This may have given her a strong name for boxing right beyond the bat and it’s not unreal to say that everyone wanted to know if she shared the skills of her dad. It is quite clear that she’s the daughter of her dad, with all 24 matches as a win and 21 of them TKO.

3. Expenses of a Female Boxer

In total, women boxers pay 10% of their bags to their trainer, while another amount is paid out. In some nations, the percentage of pay per match may be around 1/3rd. This is not irrational, since the manager plans to travel and arrange with prospective advertisers.

You may assume that it will be difficult to earn a steady income before a boxer hits the pro-level. Yearly expenses will add up to tens of thousands for a fight which will carry a couple of hundred dollars to advertisers, making their jobs a crucial aspect of long-term sponsorship.

4. Sponsorship Effects

Sponsorships can play an important role in fighters’ earnings. There are some prospective reward offers for female boxers. There is little way. It can be a tough sale to mix the hard sport of boxing with women and the best quality for people’s creativity.

If the sport of women’s boxing begins to develop, advertisers who make a start can very well find a bargain value for money. Since these little-known female fighters are finally among the boxing fans.

We still see huge strides forward with the support of other brands including Barclays, Visa, and Adidas for women’s sports. We need to learn more about women boxing sponsorship deals.

5. How they are sponsored

At many battle activities, many promoters will camp out. Also in some boxing centers, but it is not so much that a famous business at competitions is seen in the crowd. It gets better at weight level by nabbing a better sponsor, or even just one, to begin with.

There are several websites for those finding a position for help at a lower level, which allows you to interact with coaches and promoters, besides sponsors. It is also important that boxers foster allegiance to the brand as one of its ambassadors and retain a positive picture in and around the rings for the long-term keeping of contracts.

Your requests will vary, as will your payouts, and the costs it takes to deal for them practically. Social media is also an ideal way for boxers to achieve good support for sponsorship. Social accounts encourage boxers to update their fans periodically and demonstrate their expertise.

6. Match-up Affect on Salary

A boxer woman should predict $200-$400 per battle in smaller stages. The battle record decides which opponents are faced with higher winning strips that mean a potential heavier payoff.

Boxing is known for challenging the strongest. Some would like to see boxers with an outstanding military record, which makes the bouts even more exciting for fans. The women’s courses in their divisions are 17 separate, with just 3 at the Olympics. Women’s heavyweight is 175 pounds, while male divisions usually begin at 200 pounds.

The division has its own set of strict fitness criteria to be met by all boxers in those divisions.
The reigning women’s heavyweight champion is Alejandra Jimenez with a net worth reported to be $11 thousand. She’s the second Latino fighter to defeat her first Latina winner Martha Salazar and to win a World Championship in her heavyweight division.

7. Female vs Male Boxing Wages

This disparity in the pay system between the two sexes does not soon vanish. The hearts and minds of fighting lovers dominate as men’s boxing. The demand for women boxers to compete will potentially also rise in tandem.

Heather Hardy who has shifted into MMA because she can not develop her boxing skills, World Champion. Spends the day educating a wide variety of consumers in sweet science to achieve their targets. Hardy’s defense of the title cost her $7,000. On the same card, a male boxer made $150,000 with the same record.

Lou DiBella commented to a boxing developer in 2018 that most professional female fighters in the US today earn less than $10,000 each fight. This salary deficit causes many of the top boxers to take a second job to offset their recurring expenses.


If she had boxed at the Olympics, a female boxer could even get a stronger boxing salary. This will prove that the boxer is highly competent, as she has represented her country in international competition and is prepared for her career to developing beyond the Olympic Games.

The discussion is going to continue how many female boxers are to be paid for. As women boxers compete in their sport, they put their well-being on the line every time they reach the ring. It’s the fans themselves who decide how big and how quickly the sport is rising.

The TV networks and marketers watch the figures coldly. And when a star appears, it increases the public’s curiosity. It is the same people who would put this boxer first to highlight their rising marketability.


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