how much do boxers get paid if they lose

How much are professional boxers making money? Interestingly, the solution to such a straightforward question is much more complex than you would expect. Several considerations are part of an annual wage for professional boxers such as how much they play, different sponsorship agreements, and finally the success of the fighters. 

The boxer who lost always gets the bag he was bargaining, but it could be much smaller than the winners. Stuff-like success and sponsors will influence this. In certain instances, a division of 55/45 percent between the winner and the loser can be reached. 

Regardless of how strong a boxer is, fundamentally, boxing is a market and if nobody is involved in the problems it won’t make any money. There is a range of observations and perspectives into how well the fighter can do, although several times that losers have gained far better than the winners.

Let us break it down part by the part about a professional boxer’s getting paid.

1. Popularity 

Each boxer aims to get the best sponsorships and defeats dramatically decrease their odds that many boxers will be able to land in the coveted, high pay matches. 

Popularity is everything about a fighter who needs to make his name throughout his profession. At enough amounts, some are still seen as celebrities; still, losers will also win by losing a major match, such as being introduced to their reputation and even allowing them the chance to watch a potential retrograde encounter in the future.

2. Fights

Don’t forget that boxers have to pay those costs after fighting such as training fees (typically 10%), operational fees (from 10% -35%), and of course Uncle Sam the Tax Man gets his share. It’s a matter of reality. After all, experienced boxers often leave their initial pocket with less than half. It is not difficult to see that most experienced boxers are also working as part-time coaches in their local gym. 

You may have heard the word ‘Aside’ and ‘B side’ more than a few times if you ever witnessed a Mayweather Press Conference. The more common fighter who earns an improvement of a portion of the bag is the “A-Side” or “Fighter A,” and the “B Side” or “Fighter B” gets a lower percentage.

3. SponsorShip

For boxers, sponsorships are an immense opportunity. In numerous regions, several supporters and businesses are scouting. Lower-level sponsorships may find someone who has failed a few times and wishes to carry on her career. 

If you lose or if your cat is not as big as you are paying for your sponsorship right, a losing boxer may incur extra expenses. That means being able to buy packages at a reduced price, and likely increasing their sales. It depends only on the brand the boxer uses in fighting and how much the brand would advertise its name to that person if the sponsorship of the losing boxer can be impacted. 

The losing fighter will be more well known than his rival and have better social media activity. That can mean they can get more money than their less successful counterparts even though they lose.

4. Merchandise

Purchasing a product for trained warriors is one of the easiest ways to help them. We recommend that you order the products if you want to help a boxer, so much of the revenue earned by retail purchases go directly to them. Not all fights are as Floyd Mayweather with its brand like “TMT” (The Money Team), but most fighters sell items of their own like supporters’ jerseys, hats, and other stylish gear. TMT alone made millions of dollars in sales to Floyd Mayweather.

5. Splitting Money

If they have sufficient money, some boxers may act as their sponsors. Thanks, Mayweather, and without paying their promoters on the TV event, they can eliminate the agent and maintain a large portion of their earnings. 

This means that if the reputation is high and the costs mentioned below are not so extreme to the benefit that they will pay for other, less well-known boxers, the loser can make a huge profit. This can be a bad indication for the fighter because they can start with table scraps which weren’t all that enticing. This is normal, the average boxing income is not as high, and going home with just a couple of hundred dollars is a fact for some people.

6. Outside the ring Curriculum

For each fighter, the answer to the question would be different since there are not two fighters. Usually, most elite athletes practice most of the year, fighting at most twice a year. Professional boxers who are only starting will practice fighting as humanly as possible during the year. 

Many students who just start and don’t earn too much income will eventually make their money by training other fighters in their home fitness centers. Often experienced fighters are trained and supported in other fighter camps.

7. The Highest-paid

Canelo Álvarez, we want to dream of the top compensated fighter. These are focused on an estimated $365 million from its Big 11 DAZN contract, Yes we have said MILLION. He also has big support for labels like Tecate and Hennessy. With Canelo, who has the talent, the look, and the appeal to the Mexican Fanbase, the ceiling is high. 

One and only name, Manny Pacquiao, who seems to still be synonymous with boxing. In and out of the boxing ring, however, Pacquiao has made millions of dollars, especially within where he has received an estimated billion dollars in revenue from PPV alone. Though his days are numbered inside the boxing ring, we have plenty to see of him yet.

Most of the money of Wilder came from the boxing ring game. He has no help from a boxing brand like Everlast. Much of the money in Deontay Wilder came from the big battle of Tyson Fury, which ended last year in a draw. In their blockbuster rematch, I expect Deontay to win even more later this year.


If you ever think about going into professional boxing, here are some considerations that could help you make a choice. If you are serious about boxing, go for it first. There are definitely challenges for beginners, but the sport also has a huge fan base around the world and even war is an essential aspect of every sport. 

Finally, be ready to be an underdog and for at least a few years let go of high price money. The greatest hope may be hitting the elite list, but it is important to retain your foot and take on wars, even if you fail. You will work for a day to cover your monthly expenses if you are concerned about your earnings and can do so given the low average salary of boxers. However, if you consider that the insurance costs and risks in relation to your earnings are too high, boxing is maybe not the best option.


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