Hanging Vs Freestanding Heavy Bag

Both stand-alone and hanging styles have their special features. Suspended ones are ideal to fight and imitate a real struggle. On the other side, standing versions are simpler to mount and transfer around your house. The heavy bag is one of the most essential gear in a locker for combatants by far. While you are not a warrior, you can not argue that heavy bags have massive physical benefits to bring. 

This can be a tough choice to determine between a free stand and a hanging heavy punch bag. Personal preference, space, and quality are key factors in determining which heavy bag is the right one for you. While the two separate bags vary greatly, there are a few explanations of why one should prefer one over the other. 

If it is football, Muay Thai, or MMA – a heavy punching bag is one of the first things you can indulge even if you are in martial arts. It is one of the strongest methods to buy resources for power and equipment when utilized properly and regularly. That said, it can be difficult to buy the right heavy pack. The amount of entirely different styles of bags such as standing bags or hanging bags will, as though there were not enough choices already, just annoy a first-time buyer. The right setup is not exactly an easy process with so many different types to choose from. All options you need to take into account are free standing punch bags, hanging punch back and even heavy bag stands. 

It ‘s important to know the advantages and disadvantages of each type and the best options in each category.

We also contrasted them both to help you make your decision: freestanding bags vs. hanging. We have everything covered, from the level of preparation to deployment, portability, flexibility, and reliability. In this regard, we felt that it was a good idea to analyze the entire debate between free-standing and high hanging bags, so I hope that you can decide which option is best for you. 

Before we continue, let’s proceed to know what are these bags and their usage as well as we will consider the benefits and disadvantages of hanging and freestanding punching bags.

Hanging Heavy Bag

This is the most established form of boxing facilities which, if necessary, is typically the better option. You ‘re drilling a few holes inside the wall to keep your purse, just as easy! Another choice is to place the heavy bag to use a gap in your ceiling. 

The reason you ought to drill into a wall or ceiling on a big bag is that you really wouldn’t want to do it if you rent the house. If you don’t have a good retaining wall, you don’t have space or just don’t want to make holes in the wall, this won’t be your choice.

The perfect outer coat of hanging bags is made of leather usable in both budgets. A substance of good strength appears to survive the toughest blows. They ‘re characterized mainly by the suspension of robust metal chains to the ceiling.

There are many kinds of Hanging Heavy Bags. Let’s know their types. 

Heavy Punching Bag

These are like the standing bag, long and cylindrical. Based on how strongly you want to and how badly you like it, you will cover them with sand or cotton. You can switch 180 degrees across the container, operate with a fixed pocket, and build angles. You can build a nice pattern and rhythm with your bag as it goes back and forth that you can’t really get with your freestanding bags if you get the hang and weight right. Most bags are pre-filled to certain weight levels, such as 75 lbs or 100 lbs. The style of the tradition is great for straight punching, hooks, and combos.

Here is a heavy punching bag you can check out.


This person’s face is narrower and wider upward. The architecture makes it suitable for tossing high cuts and gives a strong distance between the head and the chest. Clear lines and hooves can also be placed on the corner bag which is the best fit for checking various dots.

Here is an Angle Bag that you can check out.


These bags are identical to a regular box pack but are mostly 6 feet long and ideal for your combos and low strokes. Tragically weighing 100 lbs, when you hit it it will not be able to move around as much as with the standard heavy bag. It does not have the rhythm.

Here is a  Muay Thai Style bag you can check out.

WRECKING BALL type heavy bag

The wrecking ball bag is in a circle and ideal for shooting. For each type of punch, you can get a corner and you should hit it as hard as you can. It’s not made for long combos with loads with straight snots so as part of a fast explosive mix, you can definitely throw straight punches.

Here is a Wrecking Ball Type Heavy Bag you can check on.

Hanging Vs Freestanding Heavy Bag


It is the most practical way to model a fight. The way the bag rocks back and forth helps you to work with the feet, back and forth while the bag swings. Used with power in the bag ‘s momentum. You can nail it with a big hook or a kick as the bag swings back towards you. You are strong, as the name suggests so that you can hit them with more force that will create strength and endurance. You probably need a cheap wall mount and a good quality bag for the cheapest option. These are designed to withstand harder attacks as they are heavier. Furthermore, they are typically longer living than punching bags free-standing.


Hanging bags’ configuration is the biggest downside. More equipment can be needed to install it properly. For instance, this type of bag is generally installed with a ladder, screwdriver, pins, boiler, and more. Although it is not too large, it must be taken into consideration the space it needs to swing on all sides safely. Technically speaking, for any usage you might remove your bag from the chains to save some room. It is unlikely you will download it regularly when you have managed to install it, especially if you are constantly utilizing it.

Freestanding Heavy Bag

Standing bags are very common among boxers and have many substantial points of plus. Boxing pouches are put on the surface, and there is no suspension needed. Some versions are cylindrical, although certain shapes may be tailored to your tastes. The bag is set on an empty platform loaded with sand or water to weigh it down. Many versions are designed to snap back more quickly until the spring is over the surface. 

Heavy bags come in all shapes and sizes, and some of them are much better than others. One of the biggest challenges with free standing heavy bags is to find one which will not fly throughout the room or topple you can hit with maximum force. That said, they are better than more power for speed, endurance, and fitness.

There are many kinds of Freestyle Heavy bags. Let’s know their types. 


The conventional freestanding cylindrical bag has a foundation you can stowage with water or air, and the remainder of the style is like a large traditional bag. The goal is to locate one that does not jump about as you reach it with strong stability. You don’t have to wait two to three seconds for it to get back if you strike it with a strong punch, and you can strike it again.

Here is a heavy freestyle bag you can check out.


These stand-alone bags are another strong choice. It makes the movement’s vulnerability an asset. Once you have the reflex pad, it swings around immediately so that as you come in you can focus on the safety and head movement. At the moment, Ryan Garcia is the king of the reflex pack, utilizing a reflex pack of cobra type, although with several specific designs. The form of the Cobra is planned for stability in the center of the shaft such that the movement becomes much smoother halfway down.

Here is a reflexing punching bag you can check out.


Conversely, standing heavy bags are simple to mount. When you open the kit, you are just a few minutes from the exercise. Some bags are already sand-filled and are usually one-piece. While it’s not always easy to transport, once you get home, you can use it. The hands and knuckles of a punching bag can be very rough. That is the key explanation behind hand wraps and boxing handkerchiefs. However, bags free-standing are typically produced from a more robust material. Good for high-paced and cardio training. When you’re done, you can move it into storage. Ideal for kicks and punches.

It is their portability that makes standing bags characteristic. The versions of two parts are quickly demounted and free up room for the next boxing match. Many versions have wheels to drive around your home when appropriate. You should not have to even raise the bag again after the first assembly. Only take her and drive her to her end. For certain models, this kind of bag is used to enable different training styles and practical fighting experience. Those products with large bases should still be able to manage powerful strikes, while designed for lighter punch than suspended models. The bigger the booth is, the greater the chance of a heavy kick falling over.


Can you be too light, if it swings too high, you can’t get into a good rhythm after it has been punched? The spinning action is not the actual fighting 

Can’t develop arms strength and stamina. As these bags are moving differently, you can not rotate around them the same way you would like a hanging bag, from the base rather than from the top. Your footwork would be much more limited, either defensive or offensive. Only stated, standing bags will not be trapped as heavy as sitting bags. These are typically made of less robust content than hanging containers. They can tolerate fewer strengths relative to hanging bags and irrespective of how hard the foundation is.

So these are differences based on which you can easily choose a punching bag for you. We hope this will very helpful and beneficial. 

Final Words

Seek to perform the most practical and intense exercise with a wall lift or rack if necessary. You can touch your bag to the fullest extent possible and create a rhythm as the bag swings. The heavy bag stand is the second most expensive option, though if you get it right, you can provide a perfect heavy bag experience. Many professional boxers usually tolerate hanging bags’ heavy resistance. We work on energy, footwork, and pace. 

A stand-up model could be more convenient if you are tight in the space or need the bag to be installed yourself. Boxing bags are not cheap equipment. However, they will handle a great deal of volume, meaning that physical requirements and external considerations are important about the best option for your budget. Before making a decision, make sure you do your homework and read feedback because there are some very bad options. Good Luck!!


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