Do Boxers Wear Protective Cups When Fighting

Imagine… a sudden kick or punch or a strike in your groins, either intentional or not, it will hurt. It will hurt the worst. Similar to the Liver Punch, you will be out of breath for a while. 

This is why boxers or fighters wear protective cups. To prevent any unwanted strike in their groins. To defend boxers from unintended or illegitimate deliberate stripes under the pants, boxers may wear guards. The statement “being struck under the arm” comes from the boxing law being you can’t do it. Boxing can avoid damage to the groin area by the laws for fair combat. However, injuries arise, and after a groin strike, the warrior only needs five minutes of recovery. 

Cup protection limits blow impact to avoid surface injury. But a cup does not make a combatant experience the agony of a direct effect. It must be a commission that helps the fighter to feel relaxed with it. There can be no external padding of the coil protector and such fabrics are not banned. Being compelled to wear a cup could feel uncomfortable for a few fighters, but boxing officials expect fights as a way to defend the fighters during every match.

Do Boxers Wear Protective Cups When Fighting?

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1. While Got Hit in Groins

If an MMA fighter is struck in the groin, he may take no greater than five minutes to rest, and the battle will continue if he feels healthy. But if he doesn’t feel secure, the unlawful strike will save him. 

The thing is that a lot of fighters insist they’re all right after being hit. However, they also feel discomfort, and their success is slowed.

2. Benefits of Using Protective Cups

Of course, it is beneficial for fighters to wear protective cups and there are a lot. We will be discussing some major points.

  • Enhanced Flexibility: Some cups, such as those designed into MMA briefs, enhance stretching, and increase combat efficiency. With the right to expand the groin area properly, strains and other hamstring problems may be avoided. To help cools and absorb sweat from your groin area, the cups, apart from their suits, should also allow smooth airflow. If a cup is not healthy, bacteria that can become unhygienically dispersed can disperse.
  • While Strike:  It is an unlawful move to strike a blow in the groin. That doesn’t preclude it from occurring immediately, though. Not only does it hurt a lot, but it may also even have a significant body impact. Don’t be in danger of injuries please wear a cup. The most affordable piece of machinery is sure to save you a lot of discomforts. The material and the cup design normally spread the strike’s weight well, making it much less powerful.
  • While Grapple:  A cup is always a good extra to your grappling equipment, but much less required. It will be done as your enemy attempts, for example, to knee you. One significant point is that you should pick protection that doesn’t prevent your movement. Most coolers are paired with compression shorts or just a simple jockstrap to wear.
  • Prevent Major Injury:  While the UFC has forbidden MMA attacks, incidents could occur. The use of a cup will avoid damage due to kicks or collisions. Submissions such as Knee bars or triangles, in particular for competitors at the foot, will also be avoided by a cup in fast-moving conditions on the planet.
  • Functionality:  You can not stand in the middle of a closer guard to shift your cups while you fight. Cups shouldn’t go loose. You must therefore wear equipped cups. This is why MMA practitioners encourage consumers to wear shorts. They can come undone though straps have their pros. The shorts remain in place with fast tugs to the waistband and are normally flexible.

3. Disadvantages of Wearing Protective Cups

  • Do not cover for pain: A simple drawback with a groin guard is that a fighter doesn’t feel pain at all. All it can do is expand the impact intensity to the sides of vulnerable regions. The male genital area is also sufficiently affected to induce nausea. The rough edges can also grab onto your hip pads, which are also very uncomfortable.
  • Put the Fighters at Risk:  That is why fighters earn a rest time of five minutes for hits below their belt. You are known to “be knocked out,” as it takes longer for you to come back to your senses. But that does not mean that you can learn how to work through this pain. Please be aware of the possibility that the accident will not be handled medically.
  • Unmatched Cups:  Apart from minimizing discomfort, the harmful use of a cup is the other challenge that most people experience while using a cup. You must find a cup for warmth and safety that fits you properly.

4. Approved Protective Cups 

  • Compression Shorts:  Make sure to try for size while buying compression shorts. Not only do compression shorts provide cup protection, but even blood pressure improves. But they will potentially do more harm than good if they are too small and restricting. Today, fighters use compression shorts with a built-in cup very often. They are easy to carry, easy to adapt, but also protective.
  • Muay Thai Cups:   Muay Thai cups can get used to, but they are most successful in hard or very difficult games. It is best for the success of technical martial arts such as jiu-jitsu or taekwondo.
  • JockstrapsJockstraps are a more conventional method of fights and sports defense. They are made of an elastic drawstring that can be quickly balanced and maneuverable. They can, however, be difficult to adapt to, so you can wear them for sessions if you intend to wear them in struggles.

 5. Female Fighters Protective Cup

Female fighters do not need protective cups. Women are limited in compliance with UFC rules and regulations although men have to wear safety cups. However, females are often at risk of getting their enemies’ low blows during the fighting. Indeed, in UFC 208 Holly Holm got one of the most extreme low blows from an MMA fighter. 

Although it is not possible to find perfect alternatives, female warriors are advised to change their conditioning to assist them in building stronger muscles. Any workouts should be performed by female warriors to increase coagulation and blood pressure. This will allow you to bounce back faster from any shots you get.


While you do not specifically say that the vast majority of boxing courses, clubs, and tournaments ought to carry a cup. If you are male or female, invest in a high-quality, traveling cup that suits you correctly. 

If you intend to wear a new cup in a legit MMA bunch, do so because at first, certain cups can feel mildly nervous. You can also test out several different models to find the right cup for you. 

But you’ll soon get used to it, and often you’ll be grateful that you wore it. So please get used to wearing it and get as used as possible. You will not regret it. You will not regret it.




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