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On their frames, boxers have very limited concentrations of body fat. This is perfectly meaningful since it’s their muscle, it’s stronger than fat. There is no good excuse to bring more fat than it needs if you do not want to live in a very cold location, where the extra warmth may be beneficial. However, the body structure, the lean muscle you have,, and the fat quality of the body are the most important factors. Most fighters and coaches erroneously assume that being as light as possible gives the foe the best advantage. But that’s not so. Being strong, solid, no fat gives the punching strength a few more advantages. This is 9-10% for men and 18-19% for women. for women.

Reaching this amount of body fat isn’t easy, but when you do, the muscles come up everywhere and things are easier to do. Reaching this can seem like a job now, especially if you have much more fat than that – say 28-30%-, but with ample time and a proper diet plan I guarantee that you can do it. Many people believe that, while they are already enjoying the fatty sugar, dinners, treats, deep-fried misery, and other garbage, they are going to get on a treadmill and put off pounds of weight.

Don’t worry, if that is your plan, go to the gym-you are cursed to be still overweight. You must note that all that weight hasn’t been put on overnight. You didn’t eat a large dinner, wake up heavy and go to sleep. But it doesn’t go out immediately, nor does it take a long time to make a constant effort. Fortunately, it is normally shorter than it was appropriate to get overweight first.

  • You Have to Set Goal

Before you know your class, you have to set your goal. If you are within that class then it is not that much of a problem, but, if you are less of more, then you have to have calculations, then achieve your goal.

To calculate;

 1. Figure out your current body fat level. To do that we have chosen this Bluetooth Body Fat Scal for you, which is very precise and a time saver to give you the perfect measure. As well as you can choose this  Body Fat Caliper, which is of course analog, but classic.

 2. Figure out your lean body mass. Take your current total weight and subtract the amount of fat you have on your body:1

LBM = Total Weight-(Total Weight * body fat %)

3. Add the appropriate amount of fatback on to your LBM.

For Men: LBM * 1.1 (adds 10% bodyfat)

For Women = LBM *1.19 (adds 19% bodyfat)

This involves slicing fat from the body for most people. After your natural weight class has been hit, you could find that you want to change your body appearance and add more muscle in weight classes. Going up should not be fat to the body, since muscle is attached.

average punches in a boxing matchHere is a table of boxers class according to their weight and height;

Weight Class Reach in Weight Reach in inches
Strawweight  up to 105 pounds 5’2 
Junior flyweight  up to 108 pounds 5’4
Flyweight  up to 112 pounds 5’4
Junior bantamweight  up to 115 pounds 5’4
Bantamweight  up to 118 pounds 5’5
Junior featherweight  up to 122 pounds 5’6 
Featherweight  up to 126 pounds 5’6
Junior lightweight  up to 130 pounds 5’6
Lightweight  up to 135 pounds 5’8 
Junior welterweight  up to 140 pounds 5’9
Welterweight  up to 147 pounds 5’8 
Junior middleweight  up to 154 pounds 5’10
Middleweight  up to 160 pounds 5’11 
Super middleweight  up to 168 pounds 6 ft
Light heavyweight  (up to 175 pounds 6’1
Cruiserweight  up to 200 pounds 6’1
Heavyweight  unlimited weight 6’4 


  • Is Cutting or Gaining Really Worth it?

The rules will specify whether paired fighters have to weigh in to prove that they fit equally, depending on the organization. 

The time between the weigh and the struggle decides what tactics a fighter will use to carry the body weight safely. 

Here, the fighting people sell their skill without sacrificing their competitive results … always unable to see the potentially harmful effects on their immediate wellbeing. 

Winning in fighting is not only about weight cuts, but also about skills , physical abilities, fitness, technique, strategies and psychological factors like trust, stress, commitment, among others. 

Study on wrestling provides inconsistent results contrasting the body mass regained after weigh-in and sporting success. The experiments showed either no benefit, or that the winners decreased their body weight by 24% on average over the losers.


Ideally, at least the present amount of LBM can be preserved until fat is burning out. You need more nutritious food to eat and make sure you continue to maintain strength if your LBM continues to decrease. The job must be under-sourced with the amount of protein and strength exercise required to keep you free of body fat and NOT muscle mass at a rates of between 500 and 1000 calories per day. Maintaining muscle mass preserves your metabolism too, so the fat piling occurs between battles again. Carb cutting has to be performed at a pace that enables you to deliver long before fighting in the final week, but leaves your glycogen shops exhausted enough to reach the most competitive body weight. 

Win it or get it off, just mind doing it worthwhile of enthusiasm.


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