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Many people began to question if MMA battles would be able to defeat boxers as MMA began to become more common. Boxing and MMA rule the world when it comes to combat sports, in essence, high profile action, star action, and major paydays. Though Muay Thai and K1 are very common for training and forming, UFC and Boxing have dominant fanatical and media interest in the landscape. 

The fighter would most likely win if it’s a boxing match. But the MMA warrior would defeat the boxer fairly quickly if it’s an MMA battle or a road fight with fewer rules necessary. The boxer isn’t equipped to defend such things as takedowns, submission measures, hits, elbows, or knees, whereas the boxer’s MMA warrior will shield punches — the boxer’s only arm. 

But while the odds of winning the boxer are very limited, the MMA fighter can still beat if a successful game schedule is executed.

In this article, we are going to describe elaborately, if there is a street fight, which fighting style will win, Boxing of Mixed Martial Art. So let’s get on with it.

1. Boxing

Boxing is a competition where two contenders wear bulky boxing gloves and fire punches at one another unless the attacker discovers that the adversary can carry on, one adversary is knocked out or until timers are over. Boxing is a competition at the professional level that continues for thousands of years and Queensbury has been boxing for more than 100 years now. 

The fights of Floyd Mayweather and Connor Mcgregor have grown in prominence in recent years. It is not permitted to kick, pull-down, or some other kind of battle. Just punches.

all benefits of boxing

2. MMA

MMA is only around for a few decades and has become popular with the development of the UFC in recent years. The term MMA was first applied in 1993 and has been used in self-defense and entertainment such as the UFC since then. Possibly MMA has not attained an elite standard yet because it is still in its infancy.

3. A Boxer’s Advantages

In a street fight, you may think a boxer might not have many advantages. That is not correct, not for all time. Think of an MMA fighter is in range of a heavyweight boxer and got punched in the face while loading a kick!!

Let’s know some advantages of a boxer;

  • Punching Power: The MMA fighters also work on Muay Thailand, Fighting, and BJJ. They invest their time practicing in learning excellent pounding techniques. This means that the boxers are much safer boxed. More strength is the best strategy.
  • Hand Speed: Boxer bodies are used to the blows even more frequently, meaning that they are fired even more easily. 
  • Footwork: Boxing has the finest footwork among all sports of war. Boxers can move horizontally or build wide angles to strike. In other practices like karate and taekwondo, for example, people are using in and out movement only, although footwork is almost non-existent in Muay Thai
  • Boxing Defense: Boxers could be much more effective at hitting, blocking, parrying, and striking than MMA fighters. 
  • Jab: Boxing is the strongest blow. Jab. It will allow you to hold your enemy at a distance or set wider stitches. And this is the boxer’s key tool to combat an MMA fighter. If the MMA fighter can’t grab him and take him down with any tough jabs, the damage will inevitably mount up, and the MMA fighter won’t get any punches.
  • Better Cardio On The Feet: Boxing takes 12 rounds, every 3 minutes, while the MMA fighting takes 5 rounds, every 5 minutes. That means that the boxers practice 11 minutes longer than the MMA fighters to help them fight. If the battle goes up the field, the cardio goes out of the doors. When you’ve never been battling or running.

4. An MMA fighter’s Advantage

In MMA you have all the advantages you need, legally. From kicking to takedowns, kneeing to elbow shots, every move is legal. Yet, MMA fighters have two major advantages;

  • Leg kicks: This lowers the strength of the boxer’s blows so he can not stay still and his footwork often fails. Thus, before going in for the kill, the MMA fighter will soften the opposition. The boxing position is a little diagonal and is not ideal for leg strikes. His legs will be employed while fighting an MMA fighter. Kicks can take place in the same position over and over until it is nearly difficult to balance on that knee.
  • Takedown and submission: The direction that the MMA fighter is less resistant is to start fighting. The easiest way to do this is to dress beneath the boxers and grab your thighs for a double or a single thigh. The MMA combatant can even reach a clinch and fight from there on the field. Then, he will make several things-use a little package, choke the boxer off, use a bracelet, etc. Boxer doesn’t have a feeling of protecting himself on the ground, a plain day for the MMA fellow in the workplace.

5. For Better Self Defence

It just depends, both are quite good at self-defense since a bully would not go out for someone who looks as if he’s full of confidence, 99 times out of 100. 

MMA has more bowstrings, but anyone not skilled in fighting has little chance of a qualified boxer. When we speak about self-defense, you must determine how risky the situation is and that you stay away from any attractive intruder. It’s not so good to be 6 ft 5 and 250 pounds if you let anyone within your range make the first blow. 

For self-defense, MMA is stronger. Martial arts are best to support yourself as it shows you all sorts of action, not just how to throw punches. 

In a scenario where you are living and the only way is to beat the person who threatens you, if you know multiple means to fight your enemy, you will have a lot greater chance of winning.

6. If there are no rules

Naturally, the MMA fighter may often be more advanced in other martial arts as well as the fighter, so they exercise more muscles all over the body to compete in their sport. Yet the old saying is there. “It’s one punch all it takes.” 

You never know, whether in the cage, on an octagon, or on the path, when a fighter would be picked up and pushed.


We suggest beginning an MMA if you want to practice for self-defense. It gives you many more guns than boxing. But even if MMA is educated, concentrate on boxing. MMA is a major part of boxing. The sport that best teaches you how to throw out and protect punches is much of the finishings. Boxing is pitching. If you want to be successful in a self-defense situation, learn how to avoid taking downs, keep the protection, raise your knees off the ground and still have a decent knee on the balls for any woman targeted.

If you want to be sure in a condition of self-defense, consider boxing Muay Thai and MMA.


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