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Welcome to US Combat Sports where we review the latest and greatest in BJJ gear to help you decide the top quality products for training. For more info check out US Combat Sports.

Best MMA Gear Reviews 2019

Hey, I'm Gary Stevens and for the last twenty years I've been competing, training and coaching martial arts. I've used hundreds of pieces of equipment and seen every fad come and go.  I believe in one important thing when picking gear - quality over price. This is something I tell all my students and this is especially true for BJJ.  BJJ gear needs to be tough, durable and offer some level of bacterial resistance. BJJ is a high contact sport and whatever gear you have will eventually wear out.  The time it takes for it to wear out is highly dependent on what material its made out of. When it comes to quality gear I always tend to choose brands that have a long history of quality product. In the below post you can be sure that everything I have selected has been tested by myself or my wife and we know that it not only works but it's worth money.

Fuji BJJ Gi Belt Review
You might think that your Brazilian jiu jitsu belt is the one piece of gear that you don’t really have to think about. You can buy one from your gym or from any shop. Maybe you’ll get a belt when you sign up for classes or get promoted. There...
jujitsu university Review
So you want to begin training Brazilian jiu jitsu, but you’re not really informed about it. Maybe you have watched it on television or Youtube, or you’ve been hearing your friends talk about how much they like it. But there is a lot of lingo you don’t understand. Techniques...
If you’re going to practice Brazilian jiu jitsu, then you’ll be required to be prepared for a sport that is very different from a lot of other types of training or simply going to the gym. You cannot just roll in wearing your street clothes and begin practicing bjj...