Yes, boxing is mostly a male dominated sport but doesn’t mean women can’t compete and train at the highest level as well. In the last several years we have seen a huge influx of women come into the sport of MMA and boxing. Thanks to organizations like the UFC women’s combat sports has been promoted heavily.

If you are in the market for the best women’s boxing gloves and you don’t have any time to spare to do your own research, we’re here to give you a hand. After going through hundreds of units out there, we concluded that the first option that you ought to take into account is the Bad Boy Women’s Endurance Series. With their ergonomic padding, moisture-wicking inner lining, as well as durable materials, these gloves should be at the top of your list. If they are no longer available, though, feel free to check out the Venum Women’s Contender Boxing Gloves.

Best Women’s Boxing Gloves (Reviews)

1. Bad Boy Women’s Endurance Series (Best Value) 

Bad Boy Legacy Boxing Gloves - Black/Blue/Grey - 12oz

Our top choice for women’s boxing gloves are the Bad Boy Women’s Endurance Series as they combine value, quality and durability into one package.

Why Do We Love Them?

  • Protecting your hands is the top most priority and these gloves are made with compressed EVA foam, which ensures just that.
  • The foam is durable and can last through many rounds of practice, be it the bag or mitts.
  • Wide Velcro straps to ensure the gloves can be secured and removed easily.
  • The inner lining prevents odors, reduces bacterial growth and is safe for your skin.
  • The ergonomic padding ensures the punches land correctly.

A good boxing glove should fit well and perform well.  Well-designed internal padding should support your wrist, knuckles and even elbow while not comprising speed.

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The Next Three Best Boxing Gloves for Women

Though the Bad Boy women’s endurance series boxing gloves are our top pick, we know you need more choice to choose from. We have included three additional women’s boxing gloves that fit all our review criteria.

Brand Material Size Colors Features
Bad Boy Women's EnduranceSynthetic Leather8oz, 12oz Pink Full attached thumb
Venum Women’s Contender Boxing Gloves Polyurethane 8oz, 12oz Black-yellow, Black-orange, black, blue, red, yellow
Full attached thumb
Venum Challenger 2.0 Boxing Gloves Polyurethane 8oz, 10oz, 12oz, 14oz, 16oz Black-yellow, Black-orange, black, blue, red, yellow
Triple density foam
Protects top hand
Hayabusa Ikusa Charged Gloves Engineered Leather 16 oz Black-grey
Good wrist support
Hand and ligament protection

2.  Venum Women’s Contender Boxing Gloves 

Venum Boxing Gloves Contender 2.0-12oz, Black/Black, 12 oz

Whoever said pink was only for clothes or shoes?

The Venum Contender Gloves not only offer the superb protection and reliable materials you’d expect from one of the oldest brands in the sport, they also offer a multitude of colors for their gloves.

In this case, the pink color being the biggest differentiator for the gloves.

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  • Light weight
  • Long lasting
  • The thick foam protects the hands very well
  • Velcro enclosure offers a better fit
  • Thumb is well protected
  • Fits very nicely
  • Feels good and comfortable
  • The color makes you stand apart from the crowd


  • Not too many weight options
  • Different sizes not available, only different weights available
  • Synthetic leather may not last very long


  • Wide Velcro strap
  • Available in two different weights
  • Multi density foam
  • Made of synthetic leather
  • Comes in bright colors

3. Venum Challenger 2.0 Boxing Gloves 

Venum Challenger 2.0 Boxing Gloves - White - 12-Ounce

Made of the same quality of materials used in the professional range of this brand, these gloves have been a long time favorite and actually one of my first pair of gloves I used.

They also make a perfect gift for children who want an easy pair of gloves to start training with.

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  • The material used lasts long, through many rounds of practice
  • Your hands don’t get hurt easily as the shock of your punches are absorbed well
  • The thumb is also securely protected and cannot get damaged
  • Versatile and can be used for other martial arts too
  • Every part of your hand is protected
  • The Velcro with elastic closure offers a better and a more secure fit


Not good if you have small hands.


  • High quality PU
  • Triple density foam
  • Top part of hand protected
  • Attached thumb
  • Reinforced palm
  • Velcro with elastic closure

4.  Hayabusa Ikusa Charged Gloves 

Hayabusa Ikusa Charged Gloves, Black/Purple, 10 oz

The Ikusa offer everything our other reviewed brands do, but in a more stoic color scheme. Nothing fancy, bright or colorful here. Rather just great quality gloves that work and can stand the test of time.

For anyone who has owned Hayabusa’s gear, you’d know that they take exceptional pride in the craftsmanship of their products.  Their gear has always lasted me years despite all the wear and tear of training and sitting in my sweaty gym bag for way too long. The Ikusa gloves deliver just that. Don’t think that just because these gloves are used primarily by men that they aren’t a great product for women.

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  • Made of engineered leather
  • Hand and ligament protected
  • Does not allow shifting of hands
  • Good support for striking
  • Wrist well protected


  • Protects your hands well
  • Does not have foul odor due to sweat
  • The material used lasts long
  • Superior manufacturing.


More expensive.

The Ikusa are great for bag drills where you want a bit of weight on your hands to increase punching speed or even for padwork. These gloves are better than the average protection offered by other gloves.

Women’s Boxing Gloves Buying Guide

Whether you are a woman or a man, the gloves have to fit you right.  Power may vary due to your gender but the technique and results are going to be the same. This is why we have reviewed a number of great boxing gloves, specifically designed for women. We even spoke to boxers who use each of the products reviewed below, to get a personalized review.

Size – The Important Factor in Deciding Which Glove to Buy

Men and women don’t have the same hand structure. This is a simple fact. So unless you’re a woman with giant hands please don’t use men’s gloves. Women generally have slender hands than men and the straps should be small enough to fit snugly.

Basically, your hand shouldn’t be moving around inside.

The problem with having an extra wiggle room inside the gloves is that they aren’t going to do what they are meant to do – protect you.  One of the things I always look for in a good pair of gloves is the tight feel of them around my hands. Slipping on my Muay Thai gloves and lacing them up I loved that feeling of the tightness and firmness of my fist sitting comfortably inside.

This is the same thing any women should be looking for in her gloves.

Boxing Glove Size Chart

What Should You Look

The first thing all of us notice, no matter what the product is, is the brand and then the cost. Though there are many brands that cater to women boxing, never go just by the brand. A brand that you may not consider the best can actually have the right pair of gloves for you. Here are a few things you should consider apart from the brand:

  • Check the size and the weight of your gloves. Size and weight are not always the same thing. Many brands have both size and weight mentioned. Remember that a heavier weighted glove will be a LOT more tiring for a beginning boxer.
  • If you are a serious and well experienced boxer, who competes regularly, you should opt for another pair of smaller gloves like the 8oz or the 10oz. Smaller gloves are great for bag work or focus mitt training. T
  • Though professional gloves are designed in such a way that they weigh the same, irrespective of the size, it is always better to try it on before you buy. Try out the gloves and see how heavy it feels. Wear it for at least five minutes, as you need to give your arms the time to get used to the weight.
  • Gloves stretch. So don’t reject the advised size just because it feels a little too snug. After a few uses, it will stretch and fit better. If you a size too big, you risk losing the glove or fighting with loose gloves, which will affect your performance.
  • Gloves always come with straps unless they are traditional Muay Thai gloves. Test the tightness of the straps. Is there lose space?
  • You need to take this into consideration when you buy the gloves. If the gloves are too tight, chances are they will stay that way, even after expansion, because technically, your fists are artificially expanding too.

Final Thoughts

We reviewed our four top picks for women’s boxing gloves. There might be some other contenders out there and if they are please share them with us!