Muay Thai Style 101! Get The Best Muay Thai Shorts Out There


If you’ve ever even seen Thai boxing, then you’re aware that the outfits that are worn are slightly different that those of a lot of other martial arts. Thai boxers wear flashy, satin shorts, bright colors, often beads or braids and the women will sometimes wear skirts.

A lot of this comes down to the tradition behind Thai boxing. These are the outfits that are
representative of the sport itself. So when you’re training, you don’t have to wear a beaded headband, but you will probably want to buy the best Muay Thai shorts. While they are usually pretty flashy, they serve a purpose for Muay Thai just like a gi is necessary for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. 

Based on our research, the first model that you ought to consider is the Hayabusa Kickboxing Shorts. These shorts are super lightweight and they offer a wide range of motion. They have no velcro, so they aren’t going to make you feel uncomfortable. If they’re no longer available, check out the Twins Muay Thai Fight Shorts, instead.

Best Thai Boxing Shorts (Reviews)

Muay Thai shorts are made of satin and are different from other stand-up style shorts because of how short they are. They are made this way because in Thailand, where Muay Thai was created, is very hot, and having a shorter short allows for the athlete to cool off quicker.

They are also short because it exposes more of your legs, which allows the fighters to show their leg muscles while they kick. This is a preference, but it is very common to see professional fighters roll up the pant leg on their more dominant side to show more of the leg when they throw a kick.

1. Hayabusa Kickboxing Shorts (Best Brand) 

Hayabusa Kickboxing MMA Shorts (Black/White, 32)

Hayabusa Kickboxing Shorts are perfect for you because of the range of movement that they offer. The short length of the shorts might seem uncomfortable to you when you see them but trust us when we tell you that they are extremely comfortable.

The shorts sit tight on your hips and thighs, thanks to the hybrid elastic waistband and drawstring. You will get nothing less than a perfectly customized fit.

While doing our research, we also realized that these are the first of a kind. Hayabusa has designed these shorts specifically under the category of fight shorts, meant for professional kick boxers all over the world.

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top kickboxing shorts by Hayabusa

What’s more, the shorts are made of ultra-lightweight material. However, don’t you go worrying about its durability. Despite the fact that these shorts have zero hardware or Velcro in their material, they are bound to be extremely durable.

The lightweight material ensures that boxers have a much better range of motion than what they have in a regular pair of Thai boxing shorts.


  • Extremely lightweight
  • No Velcro of hardware in the material
  • First of its kind
  • Offers an enhanced range of motion
  • Short and tight, hence perfect for professional kick boxers.


  • Not everyone is comfortable with the length that the pair of shorts has to offer.

Our Best Muay Thai Shorts

Bull Terrier Muay Thai
95% Polyester
5% Spandex
Venum Bangkok Inferno100% Polyester
Great Value
Rip Resistant
Hayabusa Sacred Muay Thai100% Polyester
Beautiful Design
Extremely High Quality
Hayabusa Lion Warrior100% Polyester
Great Design
Extremely High Quality

2. Muay Thai Fight Shorts (Best Muay Thai Brand)

Twins Special Muay Thai Boxing Shorts (Red Bull XL)

These are some badass shorts, and being someone who has tried them before, I can definitely say they are my favorite brand.

To add to its charm, the Bull Terrier shorts features graphics inspired by traditional Muay Thai. The build of these shorts is great. They dry fast and stay fresh. By the time I’ve usually taken them out of the dryer they are almost dry.

Made of 95% polyester and 5% spandex, this pair of shorts will keep you comfortable for long. They will stretch to a limit that you would ideally need to deliver power-packed performances.


  • Great Design
  • Imported from Japan and not made locally.
  • Cool and breathable fabric.
  • Spandex makes it slightly stretchable.


  • Leg holes could have been wider than they are.

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3. Venum Bangkok Inferno Muay Thai Shorts 

Venum Bangkok Inferno Muay Thai Shorts - Matte/Black - L, Large

While everyone else at the ring trains in regular Thai boxing shorts, you can stand out in your Venum Bangkok Inferno Muay Thai shorts. That is because this pair of shorts combines the best of Muay Thai design and the style of Thailand.

These are made of high-quality polyester and are also hand-stitched for added comfort and durability. They are extremely lightweight and will not add bog you down with sweat while you’re training.

The vents on the side and wider leg holes ensure that you can easily move your legs around.


  • Wide elastic for a perfect fit that is also comfortable
  • Hand-stitched embroidery
  • Lightweight polyester fabric
  • Wider leg holes for better mobility.


  • Might stretch out after wearing them for a few times.

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4. Hayabusa Sacred Muay Thai Shorts 

Hayabusa Garuda Muay Thai Shorts (Yellow, Small)

This pair of shorts is perfect for those who want a combination of traditional style and modern athletics in terms of design. Like everything from Hayabusa, you’re basically getting the classiest quality stuff around.  Hayabusa gear isn’t just a brand, rather they are appealing to those who want quality training gear for serious training.

This is one of the main reasons why they are the go-to shorts of top UFC fighters like George St-Pierre.

Its traditional elastic waistband offers a close and secure fit, while also keeping you absolutely comfortable. Its breathable fabric ensures that you feel comfortable. The build allows you to move freely while keeping tight on your body.


  • Combines traditional and modern style.
  • Elastic waistband for better fit
  • 100% polyester fabric keeps you comfortable for hours.
  • Wider leg holes ensure better movement.


  • Slightly overpriced.
  • Might shrink after a few washes.

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5. Hayabusa Lion Warrior Muay Thai Shorts 

Hayabusa Chikara 4 Fight Shorts for Men Blue XXL MMA Combat Sports Kickboxing Jiu Jitsu BJJ

If you want to represent courage, honor, wisdom and strength during training, consider getting yourself the Hayabusa Lion Warrior Muay Thai shorts. It carries the symbol of Phaya Rachasi on its back which means the “King of Lions”. 

While it looks badass, it’s also Hayabusa which means exceptional quality.

This pair of shorts will provide you a perfect fit every time you wear it. It has wide leg holes that allow you to move your legs in whichever position you want them to be in.

Its elastic waistband keeps the fit snug and comfortable. Material is designed to repel sweat and keep odors away as well. 


  • Maintains traditional style while offering modern athletic appeal
  • Great fit and comfort.
  • Breathable fabric keeps the sweat from accumulating
  • Leg holes are wide for enhanced range of motion.


  • Might be smaller for people with larger frames.

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Thai Boxing Shorts Guide

When you’re training Muay Thai, it is good to wear your own Muay Thai shorts as well. This will help you when you are first starting to learn the feel of proper gear and can also help you cool off easily when you undoubtedly get really hot.


Not only that, but wearing proper gear is part of the sport.

Choosing the right pair of Muay Thai shorts will depend on a few different things. You should ask yourself first how much you want to spend, what type of style you want to have, how much you want to spend and what size. If you have the wrong shorts, you can end up feeling uncomfortable which can restrict your movement and screw up your training.

Things to consider when buying Muay Thai shorts:

  1. Size
  2. Quality
  3. Brand
  4. Style
  5. Price
  • Size

The size of your shorts is really important. You want the waistband to be tight so that your shorts stay on you, but not too tight that they don’t allow you to breathe or move properly. You will need to try on a few pairs and find the right pair for you. Make sure they are comfortable but still hold while you are jumping, kicking and running. Also, you want them to be short. If they are too long, then they will be too big. 

  • Quality

Real Thai boxing shorts are made of satin. While it might seem like a good idea to go for cheaper material, especially when you’re first starting, you will probably be disappointed in that decision. Low-quality Muay Thai shorts often result in them falling apart quickly or being transparent when they are wet. This can be distracting and embarrassing during training or competition. If you’re going to buy a pair of shorts, then pay the extra money to make sure they’re of good quality.

  • Brand

There are a lot of Thai boxing brands out there, but a few of them stick out above the rest. When choosing a brand, it’s better to pick one that is well-known so you can ensure that you have a short that is of good enough quality to last you a long time. You want to make sure that you pick a brand of short that you like, that fits you well and that you can trust.

  • Style

Muay Thai shorts are all about style. They always have bright colors and designs on them that make them really stand out. So when you’re picking your own shorts, try to find ones that match your own personal style. If you like a bright and fun pair of shorts, then you can find colorful patterns and designs. If you’re more toned-down, then stick to neutral colors and smaller patterns. Shop around and find a style that you like, because there will be a lot to choose from.

  • Price

The quality, brand and where you buy your shorts will determine the price of them. You don’t want to choose a very cheap pair because you will end up having them fall apart or not work for you. But you also don’t necessarily want to spend a fortune on a pair of boxing shorts, especially if you’re just using them for training and not in competition. Shop around and find something affordable but still a good enough brand and quality that they’ll last you a long time.

Having Muay Thai shorts will really help your game improve. You’ll feel more connected to the sport, and they will help you move more easily while you’re training. We looked around to help you choose the best pair that you can get. 

How are Thai Boxing Shorts Different from other Sports Shorts?

You will choose your type of sports shorts depending upon the martial arts background you come from. If you are training for MMA, you will need MMA shorts because you need more coverage for your groin area. Muay Thai shorts are way different than your regular sports shorts and we will tell you why.

  • Muay Thai had originated in Thailand. Thailand being a very hot and humid country; less is always more there. This is why Muay Thai shorts were designed to give the boxers more breathability and better air flow to help them cool down faster while training.
  • The other reason these shorts are shorter is because in Muay Thai, a fighter throws powerful kicks and exposing the muscles on their legs is a sign of strength. It showcases the power that goes behind each kick.

How To Choose The Right Size of Thai Boxing Shorts

The most important thing to do while buying Thai boxing shorts is to use a size chart that looks something like this:

               Size              Waist      Length Of Shorts
              Small                 26                   13
           Medium                 28                   14
              Large                 30                   15
          Extra Large                 32                   16
         3L (XXL)                 34                   17
         4L (XXL)                 36                   18


Our Top Muay Thai and Kickboxing Shorts Review

You will appreciate your sport much more if you feel connected to it, and you’ll feel like more of a Muay Thai athlete if you are properly dressed. Your Muay Thai shorts will also help your movement and keep you from overheating. When you wear proper shorts, then you’ll be dressed for your sport, and it will help improve your training, how you feel while working and your mentality as an athlete.

When you’re shopping for the right short, you want to make sure you have the proper size. If your shorts are too big then they can restrict your movement with pant legs that are too long and they can slide around while you’re moving. If they’re too small then they can be uncomfortable or show more than you were expecting.

Make sure they are made of a good quality to keep them lasting a long time without falling apart or without going transparent when they get wet. Make sure they are from a brand you can trust and are within a price range that you can afford. If you follow this while shopping, even if you don’t end up with a pair of shorts off of our list, you’ll be sure to have the right gear for you during Muay Thai.

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