Top 4 Thai Boxing Gloves (and 2 to Avoid) 2021


If you’re going to train Muay Thai, then you might want to buy your own gloves so you can have a pair that you are used to and that fit your hands properly. Having the best gloves for you can make a huge difference in your game. They give you the ability to advance your training and performance, and each type of glove is different. Based on our research, the first model you should consider is the Bad Boy Pro Series 3.0 Thai Gloves. These come with a ventilated moisture-wicking lining, have a wrist closure with a wraparound elastic Velcro, and are made of premium leather. If they are no longer in stock, you should check out the Venum Elite Boxing Neo Gloves, another good option. 

Best Thai Boxing Gloves (Reviews)

1. Editor’s Choice – Bad Boy Pro Series 3.0 Thai Gloves – (BestValue)

Bad Boy Pro Series Buffalo Leather Competition Boxing Gloves Black/White - 10 oz

One look at the features of the Bad Boy Pro Series 3.0 Thai gloves is enough to know how good they are. 

The best value that the gloves give you is that they are designed to keep you safe and give you more protection. Being 16 oz. they are ideal for hard sparring and training.

They are very durable and long lasting as they are made up of premium material.

These are bigger in size and designed to give you more protection because they are designed for shock absorption.  The leather thumb lock helps you to prevent any kind of sprain or hand injuries, especially during kickboxing sparring.

The best part is the feel of these gloves, they fit perfectly and keep the hand snug and tight when training. No excess room to move around and a tight safe anti-microbial fit.


  • A ventilated moisture wicking lining helps in keeping your hands cool and dry.
  • The wrist closure has a wraparound elastic Velcro.
  • They are made of premium engineered leather.
  • They have multi- layered compressed EVA foam.
  • And of course, the logo on the strap!

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2. Venum Elite Boxing Neo gloves 

Venum Kids Elite Boxing Gloves, Neo Pink, Medium (6-8 Years)

The good thing about the Venum Elite Neo gloves is that they are available in sizes of 10 oz., 14 oz. and 16oz. So this makes them good for regular training and sparring. Among all the gloves from Venum (they have different series – Contender, Challenger Elite, and Absolute series), the elite series of gloves stand out as arguably the best.

The other thing really awesome thing is that Venum has gloves in all ranges. Now, if budget is your deciding factor, then they do have gloves starting from the low budget range to the medium range. 

Venum gear is quality and can last the test of time being one of the original makers of a wide variety of mma and martial arts gear.

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Some pros of the Venum elite gloves

  • Very good for beginner or entry level.
  • Made in Thailand
  • A good budget and midrange gloves with a premium feel.
  • Offer a decent amount of protection


  • Not made of real leather.
  • It is not a stiff glove. ( those wanting it may find this unsuitable)

A few important features at a glance

  • Made of Skintex leather
  • Wrist cuffs are longer
  • Wide elastic Velcro wrist strap
  • Good heat control with the mesh panel
  • Triple Density foam
  • Reinforced Seams

3. Hayabusa Sport 16oz. Training Gloves 

Hayabusa Sport Boxing Gloves (Black/Coral, 8 oz)

High quality material and protective are the first terms that come to our mind, when we think about the brand Hayabusa. Hayabusa has always produced kick ass gear that just dominates the other competitors. 

The Hayabusa Sport 16 oz. training gloves are well priced! They do not have an expensive price tag and seem to be ideal for those wanting to have a pair of gloves they can use for a long time. The Hayabusa Sport series offers a great choice for those who want a quality pair of gloves that provide multi-purpose use.

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  • A basic budget boxing glove ideal for beginners
  • Good padding for casual training
  • Has a tight fit for small hands


  • There are none. 🙂

A few important features at a glance

  • A triple-layered padding
  • Adjustable wrist wrap
  • Has an ultra-soft, breathable inner lining.
  • Strong Velcro

4. Venum Elite Boxing Gloves 

Venum Elite Boxing Gloves, Black, 16 oz

The Venum Elite series is arguably the best in its class. We found that this elite series combines value with a great quality produce. They are very cost effective with a good number of features thrown in. Even though lighter than the other gloves, they offer good padding and protection with the triple density foam.

Though the material is Skintex leather, it is soft and smooth. The long cuffs give extra wrist protection. This pair of gloves is also exceptionally durable. 

The interior mesh panelling helps avoid excess moisture build up and keeps the skin and hands dry. Additionally, it contains an anti-bacterial foam and keeps bad odors away.

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  • Great for aspiring boxers for training needs
  • Very durable
  • Offers good protection


  • Made of faux leather/vinyl.
  • Does not give rigidity or stability of hands and thumb

A few important features at a glance

  • Handmade in Thailand
  • Skintex leather material used for construction
  • Mesh panel for a great thermal regulation
  • Triple Density foam
  • A fully attached thumb
  • Strengthened seams

For more info on Hayabusa gloves check out George St.Pierre’s review of these two gloves.

5. Hayabusa Tokushu Regenesis Boxing Gloves – 10oz 

Hayabusa Tokushu 4oz MMA Gloves, White/Slate Grey, X-Large The Hayabusa brand has certainly made a name for itself. Coming to the Tokushu Regenesis boxing gloves, these are mid-range gloves and from our research, we gather they are the most popular ones. So, if you are looking for a general glove good enough for some bag work, then Tokushu Regenesis boxing gloves fit the bill.

These are a pair of gloves that are a game changer, with their superb design and aesthetics. The Hayabusa’s antibacterial technology is designed not to hold odors. This makes it the most sought after gloves. There is enhanced ventilation too.


  • Superior quality
  • Provides maximum support and alignment between hand and wrist
  • It is an all-purpose glove and is  good for pads, bag work or sparring


  • A bit over priced
  • Difficult to take off the gloves.

A few important features at a glance

  • Patented Dual-X Wrist Closure and Fusion Splinting technologies used.
  • Has anti-microbial technology incorporated.
  • Engineered Leather
  • Has an ultra-soft microfiber suede designed for perspiration management

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Thai Boxing Gloves Buying Guide

What is special about Thai gloves in general?

Thai gloves are special and different when you compare them with the regular boxing gloves. Now, if you are not into serious MMA or Muay Thai training, regular boxing gloves may suffice.

But we would always suggest you go in for Thai gloves when you are training for Muay Thai or MMA, as they have their own advantages.

Difference Between Thai Boxing Gloves and Western Boxing Gloves

  1. Shorter at the wrist region.
  2. More padded upfront, making it more cushioned.
  3. Have good padding in the palm area that helps in clinching.
  4. Designed to easily rotate the wrist.

How to choose the right glove?

Choosing the right glove is of utmost importance in Muay Thai training. There are different types of gloves and different sizes. Not all are suitable for everyone. In our opinion, if the glove is ill-fitting, even though it has the best material and is the best one for that glove type, it is pretty much useless.

In different brands, the sizes that are available are small, medium and large. However, the size tends to change from brand to brand. On a larger scale, the size of the gloves ranges from 8 oz. to 20 oz.; with the 8 oz. suitable for light training and the 20 oz. size gloves great for sparring or kids boxing.

Here is a breakdown of the sizes that are suitable for regular training for different weights.

Glove SizeIdeal Weight
8 oz.

Under 101 pounds

10 oz.

101 – 120 pounds

12 oz.

121-150 pounds

14 oz.151 – 180 pounds
16 oz.

181 pounds and above

The ideal fight size gloves in Muay Thai are 8-10 oz. and the golden standard for sparring is 16 oz. size gloves.


Thai boxing gloves are designed slightly different than traditional boxing gloves. In Muay Thai, you use your hands to grab and hold your opponent, so you need a pair of gloves that will allow you to open your hand while you are in them.

Make sure when you try on different kinds that you can feel the flexibility in the thumb and hand to allow you to open. This is essential for when you’re in the clinch so you can use your hands better. If your gloves are rigid, then you’re trying on traditional boxing gloves which will not be as useful during Muay Thai.

Thai boxing gloves will also often have thicker padding on the back of the glove for better protection against kicks. There will be plenty of times when your opponent will aim a kick at your head or body, and you’ll have to use your gloves to block.

You want to have enough protection so that you don’t end up with a broken hand. Despite these differences, they are still shaped and look like boxing gloves in that they cover your entire fist (unlike MMA gloves) and are made to protect your knuckles when punching.

But there are still differences in Thai boxing gloves that you’ll have to consider when you decide to purchase your own.

You will have to think about your training, what you want to work on and how they will fit your body the best. Your level of experience will help you determine what you want to train, and you will want to keep this in mind while you’re deciding which gloves to choose.

Also, your Thai boxing gloves will help you train specific parts of your game. You can work on strength and power when using heavier gloves, or you can work on speed and agility when using a lighter pair.

All of these things are important when you decide to finally buy your own pair.

Things to consider when buying Thai boxing gloves:

  1. Weight
  2. Material
  3. Glove Closure
  4. Style
  5. Price


Different weights in gloves are used for different things. Muay Thai gloves typically come in 8 oz., 10 oz., 12 oz., 14 oz., 16 oz., 18 oz., and 20 oz.

When you’re picking the right size for you, you want to know what you’re going to use them for.

Are they competition gloves?

If yes, then you want a pair that is 8-10 oz.

Are they for general training?

Then you’ll want 12 oz.

For sparring?

14-16 oz.

Or are you in a heavy class that would require a heavy glove?

Then 18-20 oz are the ones you’re looking for.

You can ask your coaches what they think you’ll use the gloves for, and that will help you make a decision about the right weight.


You can often find Thai boxing gloves in either vinyl or leather, and the choice you make will be based on how often you use them, how long you want them to last and your general preference.

Vinyl gloves tend not to last as long as genuine leather gloves, but they are usually much cheaper. Also, you may like the look or feel of one over the other, and that could make a difference in your performance as well.

Glove Closure

Muay Thai gloves will most often come with velcro closings, but you can also find ones that lace up. A velcro hold will be more convenient for sparring or training, and you will also have a much easier time getting in and out of your gloves. However, if you plan on competing and want a tight hold, then you could want to try laces to make sure that they don’t come off of your hands.


Your gloves are going to be a part of your training outfit and part of your look. If that is important to you, then great. Make sure you get a pair of gloves that look the way you like, because you will use them every time you train or compete.


What you plan on doing with your gloves should dictate the price. If you are a beginner and are still unsure if you will stick with the sport or don’t want to train that often, then a cheaper pair may be best for you.

If you want a pair of gloves that will last you a long time, are made of leather instead of vinyl and you can use in your professional fights, then don’t bargain shop and instead buy something that will last you a long time and will work well.

Make sure you’re buying something that works for you when you are shopping for Muay Thai gloves, and you will have the best pair for your own needs.

Take your time while buying, and don’t be afraid to ask for advice. Fortunately, we have done some of the work for you by researching the best Thai boxing gloves that we could find.

Boxing Glove Size Chart

We have reviewed the following gloves:

  1. Bad Boy Pro Series 3.0 Thai gloves
  2. Venum Elite Boxing Neo gloves 
  3. Hayabusa Sport 16oz. Training gloves
  4. Venum Elite Boxing gloves
  5. Hayabusa Tokushu Regenesis Boxing Gloves – 10oz

Best Thai Boxing Gloves for the Money

Venum Elite Boxing10 oz. , 14 oz. and 16oz.

100% Skintex Leather

Reinforced palm for a maximum absorption
Fully attached thumb for a better injury prevention
Hayabusa Sport 16oz.16 oz.100% Engineered leather

Secure wrist support
Has triple-layered foam padding for optimal shock absorbency
Venum Elite Boxing 10 oz., 12 oz. and 14 oz.100% Skintex Leather

Mesh panel under the fist, ideal for great thermal regulation
Handmade in Thailand
Hayabusa Tokushu Regenesis10 oz.100% Engineered leather

Anti-microbial technology
Improved ventilation

Our Final Thoughts of Our Thai Boxing Glove Reviews

Searching for the perfect pair of Thai boxing gloves can be a struggle because there are a lot of things to consider. Make sure you are actually buying Muay Thai gloves instead of boxing gloves or MMA gloves. Check that you have the proper weight for what you need the gloves for. Know whether you want training gloves, sparring gloves or competition gloves.

If you’re looking for a product that you can play around in and not take too seriously, then feel free to buy cheaper vinyl gloves, but if you want something you can use for a long time and have good quality that won’t fall apart, then you might want to choose a more expensive or leather pair.

As long as you do your research and find a glove that matches your style, you will have a solid pair of Thai boxing gloves that work for you.