Sparring Time! We Reviewed 10+ Gloves to Find the Best Ones


The sparring gloves that impressed us in every aspect are the Contender boxing gloves by Venus. Venus has made an unbeatable reputation for itself in the boxing gear category. Durability and comfort are some of the best aspects about Venus gloves that boxers love.

Just the right amount of padding, durable material and a lot of other factors make this pair of gloves a perfect companion for bag training as well as sparring sessions.

Best Sparring Gloves (Reviews)

1. Venum Contender Sparring Gloves 

Venum Contender Boxing Gloves - Black/Gold - 16-Ounce

What is so great about the Venum Contender boxing gloves that make them the best pick you may ask- here is our detailed review to answer some of your questions.

Like most of its predecessors, the Contender range of boxing gloves from Venus has also quickly gained popularity. These are the best sparring gloves for beginners. The unique look and the impressive durability of these gloves also come at an attractive price.

These are some of the reasons why these have remained the top sellers ever since they were released on the market.

This is the one pair that offers the best in class protection for boxers especially the beginners during their training sessions. Pain is imminent in boxing. There is no doubting that. But shielding your knuckles, wrist, and thumb during the sparring sessions will keep you safe.

Padding is one area where the Contender gloves excel. In the areas that receive the maximum impact during a blow, there is sufficient padding to keep your joints and bones cushioned.

When it comes to boxing, maintaining the right angle during each punch is critical. The smartly crafted Contender gloves come with a curved design so that the boxer would mindfully orient his punches at the right angle.

There are many more such factors we love about the Contender gloves. Here are some of them:


  • Multi-density foam padding for better shock absorption and protection during each punch
  • Tough synthetic leather with impressive durability
  • Snug fit design with wide Velcro closure
  • Non-elastic Wrap around straps to offer the best fit closure even on a sweaty arm
  • Broad wrist fastening straps also offer the best wrist protection
  • Fully attached thumb design crafted for extra protection against twisting
  • Ergonomic curved design for accurate punches


  • They might appear too large for some users

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2. Venum Challenger 2.0  

Venum Challenger 2.0 Boxing Gloves - Black/White - 12-Ounce

The Challenger 2.0 come with a PU leather body that has triple-density foam padding for extra protection during sparring sessions. This also offers better shock absorption during the punches. The elastic straps with large Velcro closure makes it easy to wear the gloves and offers a comfortable fit. To avoid twisting during the punches, there is a fully attached thumb design.


  • Lightweight construction makes it a great choice for beginners
  • Affordable price makes it a great starter gloves
  • Mindfully done design for better punches and safer training sessions

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  • PU leather is not the most durable option available
  • The gloves might appear a bit too stiff for some boxers

3. Hayabusa Ikusa 16 Oz gloves

Hayabusa T3 Boxing Gloves | Men and Women | Black/Red |16oz | Bag Gloves

The Ikusa charged 16oz gloves are specifically crafted for sparring and they also come in handy for heavy bag training sessions.

The patented Dual-X Closure Design of Hayabusa not only enhances the wrist support but also improves the striking power. The design has been mindfully crafted to retain proper alignment of the wrist and the thumb during the punches.

The engineered leather body offers good durability. The inner lining is a soft breathable material which is comfortable on the skin.

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  • Designed to offer ligament protection during the sparring sessions
  • Inner absorptive material wicks away sweat and offers extra comfort while training
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Anti-bacterial lining
  • Moisture guard to protect excess sweat buildup
  • Ventilation Slits


  • Few boxers might feel the dual-x closure a bit tricky till they get used to it.

4. Venum Elite (Best Value Gloves)

Venum Elite Boxing Gloves, Black, 12 oz

Made of Skintex leather, these gloves feature a mesh layer just below the fist to promote heat regulation. The design of the Elite, like most other Venum models, comes with a reinforced palm and an attached thumb for added protection. To improve the overall durability, the gloves come with strengthened seams.

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  • To support the wrists better, these gloves come with longer cuffs
  • Triple density padding offers great shock absorption
  • These are durable gloves available at an affordable price making them a great choice for beginners


  • The stability offered at the thumb and the wrist is not the best
  • Skintex leather is not as durable as genuine leather.

5. Ringside Gel Shock Sparring Gloves (Best Quality/Protection) 

Ringside Gel Shock Safety Boxing Sparring Gloves

Unlike the usual foam padding offered in conventional sparring gloves, these come with unique shock dispersing gel for better punches. The design features a durable leather body. As a smart addition, there is a suede lining on the thumb that helps you wipe away sweat during your training sessions.

Another great feature about the design is the cuff which is segmented and acts as an additional hand wrap.


  • Supports the wrist efficiently while also offering just the right amount of flexibility
  • Segmented cuffs offer superior wrist support and protection


  • The inner hand section might appear small for some boxers

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Sparring Gloves Buying Guide

As we know well, failing to be prepared is preparing to fail. The ring is one of those places where you cannot step into without the right gear.

No matter how good you are at the sport, it still requires you to be well equipped with the right gear. This will help both you and your opponent to stay safe.

Before we start this review, we need to take some time to clear up some common misconceptions about gloves in general.

Difference Between the Types of Gloves

If you are a professional boxer, you would already know the differences between these types and would have a good idea about the right pair of gloves you need.

Sparring gloves or general training gloves, as the name implies, are those that come in handy during your training sessions.

Bag gloves, as the name indicates, is to use with a boxing bag. They do not offer as much protection as that offered by sparring gloves.

Beginners or expert boxers, all need a reliable pair of the sparring gloves. There is no one-size-fits-all option when it comes to choosing sparring gloves.

Picking the right sparring gloves is a critical decision because a good pair of training gloves can be a long-term companion in your boxing career. For all your training sessions, to protect you as well as your coach or your training partner, you need the best pair of sparring gloves.

Sparring gloves are just training gloves that are specifically crafted with extra padding.

Why trust us?

When you are looking for suggestions for the right pair of sparring gloves, why should you trust us? Boxing, to us, is more than just a sport. We have our team of boxers who share with us their passion for the sport. For years we have been reviewing a variety of boxing gear available on the market.

Our review team also spends days on testing the products on various aspects because we wish to recommend nothing but the best.

So here we are with our review on some of the best sparring gloves available.

Bag gloves are important, there is no doubt about that. But to get you ready for the ring, where you would be boxing not against a bag but against another boxer, you need the right pair of sparring gloves.

Right from the amount of padding to the durability of the material, we have weighed all possible aspects of these sparring gloves to compile a list of five best sparring gloves to buy.

Our review process:

It wasn’t an easy choice to make. All the gloves we have presented on our list performed impressively in several of our review criteria. We analyzed various expert reviews, user discussions, and critic opinions.

This helped us pick the 10 best ones to be compared. We then filtered them down based on the comfort they offer, the reliability and the dependability. This helped us narrow down the list to a final 5.

Then among the 5 that posed each other a close competition, we have picked our favorite. Backed up by reviews from actual users, we have found the pair of sparring gloves that appear to be the best investment for every boxer.

While purchasing boxing gloves for sparring:

Ideally, in most cases, sparring gloves are 16oz or more. This rating is ideally preferred to train a boxer for the ring.

As against the conventional training gloves, sparring gloves come with extra cushioning for your hands. They are thus bigger too. This means that you receive extra protection during your training sessions. This is particularly required for beginner level boxers.

Couple Things to Consider

  • If you are training at home, with a bag, you might need a heavy bag, bag gloves, hand wraps etc.
  • But talking about actual training sessions keep the following in mind:
  • Bag gloves are only for training with the bag. If you have a good pair of sparring gloves, you can use it with a bag as well as while training with a partner
  • 16oz sparring gloves are mostly recommended for beginners
  • Sparring gloves offer protection for both the boxers. So make sure that your opponent is also using proper sparring gloves so that you don’t take any hard hits.

Top Sparring Gloves for Boxing

Model name Key features
Venum Challenger 2.0
  • Made of 100% PU
  • Elastic straps with Velcro
  • Fully attached thumb
HayabusaIkusa charged 16oz
  • Engineered leather
  • Patented design for better wrist support
Venum Elite
  • Skintexleather
  • Longer cuffs for better wrist protection
Ringside Gel shock
  • Durable leather body
  • Cuff is segmented to double up as an additional hand wrap- for better support at the wrist

Boxing Glove Size Chart

Final thoughts

When it comes to beginner level gloves, a protective design and the best padding is what would make the gloves stand out. Next, comes the durability and the cost factors. Gloves that one boxer loves might not be the best choice for someone else. So no matter how positive the reviews are for a product, you might have to try it personally to come to a conclusion. So do not jump in to invest a large sum on your first sparring gloves.

Also, if those turn out to be comfortable, you might not be ready to buy one every now and then. So when we take all these aspects into consideration, you might need well padded sparring gloves, which is durable and affordable too.

The Venum Contender is our top pick in these aspects.

The other ones on our list are close on competition. So you can be sure that you are going to buy nothing but the best available for the beginners. We hope that our review was useful to answer some of your questions and thus help you decide on which sparring gloves to buy.

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John is a devoted high level amateur MMA practitioner whose passion has been rooted in mixed martial arts including competing and teaching for the past 15 years. He founded US Combat Sports to help MMA practitioners of all levels find the right gear to improve their personal performance based on his experiences while also saving money in the process.


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