Best Muay Thai Shin Guards to Keep Your Legs in One Piece 2021


No matter what level athlete you are, if you are training Muay Thai, then you will need a proper pair of shin guards. They are important for protection while you train, and they allow you to push past the boundaries that your legs could handle on their own. With proper shin guards, you can develop strength in your kick and also gradually learn how to strengthen your shins both while you’re attacking and defending.

If you have been searching for the best Muay Thai shin guards out there and you haven’t had a lot of luck up until now, you’re in the right place. Based on our research, the first model that you should consider is the Hayabusa Tokushu Regenesis Striking Shin Guards. These are easy to maintain and washable, abrasion-resistant, also capable of standing the test of time. They’re secure and offer you excellent stability, and also comfort. If they’re no longer available, check out the Venum Elite Standup Shin Guards, as they’re almost just as good!

Best Muay Thai Shin Guards (Reviews)

There are a few types of shin guards, so it will depend on what you personally want for your training. You will have to choose if you want to buy a product that offers you more protection or one that is lighter in weight. Usually, for a beginner, you will want to start out with a bigger pair so that you can keep your legs, ankles and feet behind thicker padding until your body adjusts to the onslaught of kicks, steps and grabs that you’re sure to encounter.

1. Hayabusa Tokushu Regenesis Striking Shin Guards

Hayabusa Tokushu Regenesis Striking Muay Thai Shin Guards (Black/Grey, M)

If you have been looking for a pair of shin guards to amplify your performance during high-intensity trainings, then the Hayabusa Tokushu Regenesis striking shin guard is your best bet.

While being light in weight and easy to carry around, it offers 20% protective coverage than what its competitors can claim to offer. If you are a regular at MMA, Muay Thai, Karate and Tae Kwon Do, you will highly benefit from the use of this product.

Any high intensity training that requires a high level of protect will benefit from the usage of these shin guards. I’ve asked new and existing users and they seem to love the latest version of the shin guards.

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What with extra wide foot loops, new I-strap system and calve protective strip, they feel that the shin guard is securely fastened to your foot. If you have had a bad time in the past using low-quality shin guards that have done nothing to keep your shin protected, you are likely to be pleasantly surprised with this.

If you are the kind that believes in precision and power coupled with protection and prevention of injuries, you’ll really feel the difference with the Hayabusa Shin Guards.


  • New I-strap system prevents rotation of the calves and helps in delivering top level performance.
  • Vylar-2 engineered leather makes it crack-resistant and enhances longevity.
  • Inner lining features non-slip technology for safety and easy mobility.
  • Extra wide foot loops for more stability and protection.


  • Surface is easy to maintain and is washable.
  • There is almost zero probability of cracking or discoloration.
  • Abrasion resistance is enhanced by 400% and it is 29% stronger than your regular leather.
  • More secure fit due to sweat-resistance and better stability.


  • The calf straps are not long enough, so could be an issue with some.

Questions that you might want to ask

  • What are the additional features of this shin guard?

The new strap system in place is the latest feature that results in enhanced power and performance.

  • How does it enhance mobility?

Owing to the fact that its inner lining is equipped with non-slip technology, the shin guards are definitely meant for better mobility.

  • What do customers like the most about it?

The significant enhancement is abrasion resistance is loved by new and existing customers.

2. Venum Elite Standup Shin Guards 

Venum Elite Standup Shinguards, Matte/Black, Medium

As good as its name gets, these shin guards are specifically designed for thai boxing or mma sparring. What comes across as one of its best features is how it keeps in mind the anatomy of the body and emphasizes on key areas like the shin bone and the instep. While offering incredible striking surface, it has been found to give you a greater degree of protection.

What most users liked the best about the product are the 2 large Velcro Straps as well as the elastic bands under your feet and heel that offer a customized fit.

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If shock absorption is your prime criteria for a shin guard, this one here features high density foam along with additional padding to enhance the intensity of shock absorption.

100% handmade Skintex leather makes for enhanced longevity and better fit, comfort and precision. With the kind of price it is available at, you might as well call it a steal.


  • Made of 100% Skintex leather.
  • Better shock absorption owing to high density foam padding.
  • 2 Velcro straps for a customized fit.
  • Light weight design.


  • Unrestricted and enhanced mobility and speed.
  • Enhanced shock absorption abilities.
  • Larger Velcro straps ensure better fit.
  • Handmade and durable.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Convenient to put on and take off.


  • Might not be comfortable for smaller sizes.

Questions that you might want to ask

  • What is the best feature of this shin guard?

The high density foam along with enhanced padding has been liked the most by the buyers.

  • How durable are these shin guards?

Handmade from 100% skintex leather, these shin guards are bound to have a long shelf life.

3. Bad Boy Pro Series 3.0 Thai Shin Guards bad boy shin guards

The kick boxer or the trainer in you will always look for the best shin guards available in the most affordable range. Unless you have a budget that can stretch to unlimited numbers, you will keep looking for the one product that suits you the most without burning a hole in your pocket, the Bay Boy Series 3 Shin Protectors offer just that. 

With high-density foam padding to ensure maximum protection from a checked kick, these shin guards could be your favorite training companions. Not only are your chances of injury reduced but your performance is also greatly enhanced.

If you have always had a problem in keeping your shin guards in place and giving your best shot with them, then the dual Velcro strapping system is bound to give you miraculous results.


  • High-quality engineered leather.
  • Sweat-resistant lining.
  • Dual Velcro strapping.
  • Instep and shin protection.
  • EVA foam for added comfort.


  • Better positioning of your feet owing to the complete instep and shin protection.
  • Inner lining wicks away perspiration and moisture to keep your feet more stable.
  • Premium quality leather enhances longevity.


  • Might not be as supportive and protective as striking shin guards.

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Questions that you might want to ask

  • How good is its durability factor?

Made of high-quality engineered leather, these shin guards are bound to be durable and utterly comfortable.

  • Are these shin guards supportive of the weather?

With its sweat-resistant lining, these shin guards will keep the sweat and moisture at bay.

4. Hayabusa Ikusha Charged Shin Guards

Hayabusa Shin Guards | T3 Muay Thai and Kickboxing | Men and Women | Black/Red | Large

The Hayabusa’s popular Ikusa line of shin guards has give us yet another product to compete with the number one spot. For anyone who has used any Hayabusa products, you’ll know that their brand always brings superior quality and design to the table.

The inner material of these shin guards is where the changes have really been made. Having spoken to 12 out of 17 users, everyone seems to appreciate the smooth satin lining that not only makes it a comfortable product to wear but also looks great.

These guards ensures that it slips over your foot effortlessly while its neoprene backing reaches the top of your calf for added protection. With a second elastic strap that fits around the back of your foot, this shin guard seems to hold your foot in a much better position.

In comparison to other grappling shin guards, this one does take a huge leap by providing enough padding on the foot covers that make kicking harder as comfortable as it can get. Who would’ve thought that these super light shin guards could amp up your kicking abilities to this extent? However, this does not guarantee your safety on the occasion of deliberately kicking an opponent’s knee; you might as well have a hard time recovering.

Not quite the cheapest shin guard in town, this will your be favorite if you are serious about your training instead of simply getting a couple of shots in.


  • Designed for combat training of all kinds; MMA, kickboxing, Muay Thai etc.
  • Design is breathable for utmost comfort.
  • Top-quality perforated neoprene design.
  • Unique closure system.
  • Perfect fit to ensure zero shifting.
  • Mobility is optimized with the second elastic strap.
  • Smooth satin inner lining.


  • Great protection offered to the foot.
  • Durable and comfortable materials on the inside as well as on the outside.
  • Fits precisely to ensure enhanced mobility.
  • Enhanced safety.


  • Putting on the strap could be slightly confusing initially.
  • Protection offered is not as superior as a striking shin guard.

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Questions that you might want to ask

  • What is the best use of these shin guards?

These shin guards are best suited for combat training of all kinds like the MMA, kickboxing etc.

  • What added features do these shin guards have?

The second elastic strap and the complete coverage of the calf are additions to this latest version of Ikusha line of shin guards.

5. Venum Kontact Evo Shin Guards 

Venum "Kontact Evo" Shin Guards, Medium/Large, Black

If you want shin guards that flex and form along with the natural motion of your shin, then you have come to the right place. Nothing could really match up to the flexibility of this shin guard because of how it fits around the contours of your legs during intense sessions.

Owing to the fact that they fit onto your feet as per the structure, your mobility is also likely to be enhanced. We have read multiple reviews for the same and 70% of users have labeled this shin guard as a second layer of skin on your feet. They have thoroughly appreciated the superior protection it has to offer in attack as well as defense.

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When you are taken down or sprawling, the 3D embossed foot grips of the Venom Kontact Evo shin guards will enhance your stability. If you’re wanting to get stronger and more dynamic kicks, this could be your best bet.


  • Improved and reinforced foam for key area protection.
  • Neoprene fabric provides boosted effect.
  • 3D embossed foot grip minimizes friction and maximizes mat traction.
  • Open areas and mesh panels for sweat escape.


  • Your shin’s natural movement will give you the best results.
  • Better mobility owing to the 3D foot grips.
  • Better breathability owing to the mesh panels.
  • More durable and comfortable fabric.


  • Your shins need to be conditioned enough to be able to adjust to these shin guards.


  • How does it enhance breathability?

The open areas and the mesh panels that these shin guards features ensure that sweat escapes efficiently and there is better moisture control.

  • What do customers like the best about the product?

70% users have claimed that the best feature of the product is its ability to flex and form as per the natural motion of your instep and shins.

  • What are its targeted areas of protection?

For any competitor, the most important areas that need protection would be the shin and the instep. These are the areas that are mostly protected by these shin guards.

Muay Thai Shin Guards Buying Guide 

  1. Size
  2. Weight
  3. Ankle and Foot Protection
  4. Price
  5. Appearance
  • Size

You will have a variety of sizes to choose from when you are buying your new shin guards, and what you pick will depend on a few things. Firstly, do you want a bigger pair that covers more of your leg to offer more protection? Or do you want a smaller pair that will allow for more movement? Also make sure you buy a pair that fits you properly. Ill-fitting equipment can lead to distraction and injury.

  • Weight

Much like size, you will have to think about what you want your shin guards to do for you. If you want more protection, you will want a heavier pair, but if you want to move easier than you will want a lighter pair.

  • Ankle and Foot Protection

Shin guards that allow for more movement will have less foot and ankle protection than those that are more heavily padded or have specific foot/ankle guards. If you have weaker feet or ankles, then you’ll want to start out smart and buy guards that are going to keep you safe. As you progress and build up strength, then you can purchase a product that will be less restrictive on your foot and ankles. Getting great quality gear is especially important for kids boxing

  • Price

This is a big thing to consider because shin guards can be expensive depending on brand, quality and size. You have to think before you buy them about how often they will be used, how long they will last and how you plan on using them. If you are going to use them very often and you want them to last a long time, then you want to go for a better quality and pay a little bit more to ensure that they last. If you only want to try out Muay Thai for a short time or you know that you’ll want to change brands/types soon, then go for a cheaper pair and don’t worry about destroying them or putting them away after a short time.

  • Appearance

Let’s face it, appearance is important. Muay Thai gear is often flashy and cool, and so why shouldn’t your shin guards be just as cool? If you want something loud and with bright colors, then go ahead and buy them. If you want something more muted and quiet, then those are available too. Make sure you get something you like or that you think matches your style.

As long as you keep these things in mind when getting yourself new shin guards, then you will be sure to get yourself a pair that works well for you, but we also gave some thought about which ones we thought were the best on the market to help you in your search. We considered all of the requirements for Muay Thai shin guards while reviewing them, so you’ll be able to choose based on your personal needs and without having to do a lot of guesswork. Here is our list of the best Muay Thai shin guards we could find

Best Kickboxing and Thai Boxing Shin Guards for the Money

Hayabusa Tokushu Regensis Striking

Venum Elite Standup Neo

Bad Boy Pro
Hayabusa Ikusa Venum Kontact
Vylar-2 engineered leather

Nappa/Skintex leather

Engineered leather

Neoprene fabric

Neoprene fabric

High-intensity training
Top-level performances in training
Injury-prone training sessions
Top-level performances in training
High-intensity training

Sweat and Bacterial ResistantSweat and Bacterial ResistantSweat and Bacterial ResistantSweat and Bacterial ResistantSweat and Bacterial Resistant

As you become more and more advanced, then it will simply depend on your own personal preference.

Do you like a lighter guard that offers less protection? These are available. They will allow you to move quicker and with more agility, however they will have a thinner amount of padding that will often either leave weak spots (around the ankles, feet or knees) or simply just have less protection over all.

There are a lot of things to consider when buying a new pair of shin guards. You have to know what you want to use them for, how often, and how they will best work to help you improve your Muay Thai game.

Our Final Thoughts on Top Muay Thai and Kickboxing Shin Guards

Buying your new gear for Muay Thai is very important. Your shin guards, gloves and even handwraps are essential for helping you improve your skills and develop strength while training and sparring. So when you’re buying your Muay Thai shin guards, you want to make sure that you get the best product for what you need. You have a lot of things to consider before you buy them, so know what you’re looking for before you make any decisions.

While you’re searching, keep in mind your own level. If you are a beginner, then buy accordingly. If you are more advanced, then you can choose which shin guards match your fighting style. If you want a pair of shin guards that offer more protection, then buy ones that are heavier and fuller to keep your legs safe while sparring. If you want to have faster movement and striking, then buy shin guards that are lighter and allow for that.

Also make sure you are aware of how much they will be used, how long you want them to last and of course how much you like the style. All of these things matter when you are buying your gear, and you will be much happier with your purchase if you buy shin guards that are best suited to you.

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