Shin Guards should be an essential part of your protective gear as they can save you a lot of trouble in the long run. A good pair of shin guards can cost quite a pretty penny, but we’ve noticed that there are budget-friendly options available today, as well. The first product that we recommend if you’re in the market for a decent option are the Venum 360 MMA Shinguards. Although they are a little more expensive compared to others, these are made from 100% premium synthetic leather as well as buffalo leather, which ensures durability over time. The padding consists of high-density foam and it is spread across the shin and instep. As you can expect, this detail ensures superior shock absorption. If this model isn’t available any longer, you should check out another pair of good MMA shin guards, the Combat Sports MMA Training Instep Shin Guards

Best MMA Shin Guards [Reviews] – Our Favorites

Whether you have no restrictions when it comes to how much you can spend on shin guards for MMA or on the contrary, you need to find reliable protection for as little money as possible, you’ve come to the right place. Check out the descriptions of the products below as we have noticed they are among the most dependable and they’ve also received a lot of appreciation from those that have given them a try. 

1. Venum 360 MMA Shinguards

Venum 360 MMA Shinguards, Black, Large

Venum MMA shin guards are known for offering a more than adequate degree of protection, especially when compared to what other brands can provide. These particular ones are made of a mix of buffalo leather and premium synthetic leather, which guarantees both durability over time and excellent performance.

You’ll be glad to know that in terms of safety, you really have nothing to worry about with this product. The high-density foam with extra padding across the instep and shin make it possible for you to benefit from amazing shock absorption. 

On top of everything, the model comes with a lightweight design, so you aren’t going to feel like the shin guards are weighing you down at any moment during the fight. They’ll, in fact, increase your speed and mobility. Putting them on and taking them off is very easy thanks to the Velcro straps boasted by the product. Most buyers love the fit and how they stay in place. 

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2. Combat Sports MMA Training Instep Shin Guards

Combat Sports MMA Training Instep Shin Guards

This choice is a little different compared to some of the others that we have come across. The shin guards are equipped with a sleeve made from neoprene and the role played by this part is that it hugs the leg and keeps the protector in position even during intense scrambles.

The pads have a rather dense foam that protects both the shin, as well as the instep during intense sparring sessions. You can train conveniently and safely, thanks to this item. Furthermore, you’ll be happy to know that it is made from rugged leather that ensures the durability of the striking surface.

What makes this unit stand out from the crowd is its budget-friendly price. As described by some of those that have provided feedback about it, it is a great option for beginners. There were cases where people have reported that they might start to show tearing in the stitching if you train really hard. 

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3. Meister MMA Elastic Cloth Shin & Instep Padded Guards

Meister MMA Elastic Cloth Shin & Instep Padded Guards (Pair) - Black - Small/Medium

Even though this option is another that doesn’t cost a pretty penny, you might find that they are good, dependable shin guards. You get one pair with every purchase, so you don’t have to order them twice. The model boasts a full elasticated body that hugs the feet and legs.

It’s also worth noting that these slide on with as little effort as possible, and they stay in the same place all throughout your workout. There is a hook and loop strap that ensures that the top of the guard is secured tightly. Best of all, the padding retains your own leg form as you use it time and again.

Based on the feedback offered by some of those that have given these padded guards a shot, it seems that they are a great purchase for anyone that’s casually into contact sports, whether they are beginners or experts. They work for kickboxing, as well, not just for MMA. Although they are pretty cheap MMA shin guards, they aren’t cheaply made. 

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4. RDX Shin Guard MMA Fighting Protective Gear

RDX Shin Guard MMA Fighting Boxing Training Protective Gear | Matte Black Convex Skin Leather Muay Thai Leg Protector | Great for Martial Arts, Sparring, Kickboxing, BJJ, Karate

This item is another that you should keep in mind if you’re in the market for the best shin guards for MMA. Having been made of a mix of leather, plastic, and nylon, the item can last for a more than decent amount of time. What’s cool about the guards is that their insteps are layered with shock-dispersing gel, which means that your shins are saved quite a bit of damage.

Furthermore, the model comes with effective foam padding, which ensures impact absorption that also works with the gel parts to minimize pain, as well as damage to your shins. Additionally, the model comes with a sweat-wicking, antimicrobial lining that keeps your skin dry and comfortable and that suctions moisture. 

Since virtually everyone is worried about how such an item fits when ordering it online, it’s a good thing that this one comes with easy-to-use hook-and-loop closures that secure the insteps without adding any bulk. 

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5. Title MMA Performance Grappling Shin Guards

TITLE MMA Performance Grappling Shin Guards, Black/Red, Regular

The Title MMA shin guards are made from rugged material, which means that they are going to be there, taking care of your most sensitive body areas, for a long, long while. The model comes with dual hook-and-loop closures that ensure a secure fit, and with the neoprene backing, you can rest assured that these aren’t going to get damaged after an intense fight or workout.

You might also want to know that the Title alternative comes with non-slip fabric on the shin and instep guard interior. The moisture-wicking capabilities of this choice are another detail worth writing home about as they’ll keep you dry and comfortable even you’re focusing on your performance.

The sleek design boasted by this option is another reason to give it a try as it makes for a smooth transition from stand-up training to training involving grappling. Based on the info that we’ve come across, this item is lightweight. 

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MMA Shin Guards Buying Guide 

The risk of personal injury in combat sports can be counterbalanced by having the right type of gear to protect yourself and also your partners. But as is the case with so many other kinds of protective equipment, there are several factors that you should base your decision on. We’ll look at all of these in the guide below.


Getting the right size, meaning one that actually works for your physical attributes, can be quite an adventure when ordering shin guards online. The first tip that we can give you is to check out the MMA shin guards size chart of the brand you are shopping from. Then, you can go on to reading some of the reviews. It’s best to avoid products that are produced by unknown manufacturing companies and that have received zero reviews. 


How long do you expect your shin guards to last? Getting Everlast MMA shin guards is a sure way of making sure that they don’t break down ahead of time, but you should also look at the materials that the item is crafted from. Synthetic leather and high-density foam is a good combination to look for. 

RDX Shin Guard MMA Fighting Boxing Training Protective Gear | Matte Black Convex Skin Leather Muay Thai Leg Protector | Great for Martial Arts, Sparring, Kickboxing, BJJ, Karate

However, the design of shin guards largely differs from one product to the next. Some will give you instep protection, as well, but others will just protect your shins. Elastic models are convenient, as well, but they’re less safe compared to full-size ones that cover your leg and foot. 


As you can expect, keeping your shin guards clean can be a matter of utmost importance. The material plays the defining part in this case. You should always try to stick to the manufacturer’s recommendations as this is the best way to get as much durability as possible.

RDX Shin Guard MMA Fighting Boxing Training Protective Gear | Matte Black Convex Skin Leather Muay Thai Leg Protector | Great for Martial Arts, Sparring, Kickboxing, BJJ, Karate

Keep in mind that choosing guards made of natural leather can be a bit of a headache as they require more attention, as well as some special cleaning products. Those made out of vinyl or synthetic leather are more convenient in this sense. 


Most of the models that we have stumbled upon come with one of two possible closures. You can either use velcro straps to get them to fit properly, or you can use one or several hook-and-loop closure systems. That’s what makes it quite easy for the wearer to put them on and take them off with as little effort as possible. 

Sock-type shin guards don’t have any type of closures (at least not typically).