Be Stylish and Clean. Our Favorite Rashguards Used by the Pros


If you want to be as comfortable as possible when you’re training MMA, you want to have the right gear. You’ll need proper gloves and a mouthguard, but you also want to consider which shorts and shirt you wear. A lot of people train in normal t-shirts, but even more people prefer to wear a rashguard. Based on our research, the first model to consider is the RVCA VA Sport Grappler Rash Guard. This option is comfortable, durable, and lightweight, and it will allow you to focus on your performance while training or fighting. If this one’s no longer available, check out the Tatami Rashguard, a great option for taller MMA fighters. 

Best MMA Rashguards (Reviews)

1. Editor’s Choice – RVCA VA Sport Grappler Rash Guard 

RVCA Big Boys' Short Sleeve Rashguard, Black/White, XL

As a mixed martial arts trainer/fighter or even someone who is into intense training or Brazilian Jujitsu, there are some clothing and gear that are absolutely essential. And when it comes to rash guards, our top choice pick goes to RVCA VA Sport Grappler S/S Rashguard.

The design and quality, two of the main criteria, which anyone should look at while buying rash guards is really good here.

Why the RCVA sport Grappler rash guard is our top pick

The modern versions of the rash guards are being made using the latest technology. And the RCVA is no exception. The grappler rash guards from RCVA are superior in construction and style. Their functionality is the ultimate feature that has made this product the top choice pick of rash guards.

With anti-bacterial properties, anti-odor and moisture wicking properties, this rash guard does the job best. Made from 92% polyester 8% elastane, these rash guards are made of a durable fabric and keep the sweat off your skin. As the rash guards are tight against your skin, rolling is more hygienic and easy.

This particular product is a short sleeve one. This again is a personal choice of having a preference for short sleeves or long sleeves. But all in all, this seems to be a great product. So, if you are looking for some really good quality product with great moisture wicking ability along with anti-odor qualities, then this product should be your choice.


  • Material is 92% polyester, 8% elastane
  • Has an anti-microbial, moisture wicking, and anti-odor quality.
  • Short sleeves with bonded raglan sleeves
  • Has a turned back cuff and hem for less chafe

A few questions answered

How can the fit be described?

The fit of this rash guard is good, with a nice feel to it. It is not ultra-tight.

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2. The Tatami Fightwear Rashguard (Great for Taller People)

Tatami Fightwear Rash Guard for Men Cyber Samurai Panda - Fitness Crossfit No-Gi MMA BJJ-l MMA Training Fitness Kick Boxing Gym Crossfit

If you have a longer body and all looking at an ideal fit, then the Tatami Spiral Rashguard should meet your requirements. Designed to suit longer bodies, this rash guard is perfect for those athletes who are tall and want to practice grappling.

The long sleeves and the four-panel construction of this rash guard enhance the durability and comfort factor. The material used to make is 80% polyester. The Tatami logos and graphics on the rash guard look fantastic.


  • Fits comfortably.
  • Material is 80% polyester to 20% spandex mix
  • Construction quality is good and lasts many training sessions

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3.  Fuji Freestyle IBJJF Approved Ranked Rashguards (Best Value) 

Fuji IBJJF Freestyle Short Sleeve Rash Guard, Purple, Medium

The Fuji Freestyle IBJJF Approved Ranked Rashguards are designed and constructed in such a way that they are ideal for training sessions and competitions. If your criteria to choose a rash guard are reinforced stitching and antimicrobial fabric with short sleeves then this should fit in quite easily.

Fuji IBJJF Freestyle Short Sleeve Rash Guard, Purple, Medium

Most of the users to whom we have spoken to, are all praises for this rash guard in terms of fit, comfort factor and look.


  • Good construction with reinforced stitching
  • Made of  Anti-microbial fabric
  • They are  IBJJF approved for No-Gi competition
  • The Fuji logos and graphics look great on the rashguard.

A few questions answered

Any special features of these rashguards?

These are IBJJF approved and hence are certainly topnotch.

How about the fabric?

The fabric is an anti-microbial fabric. This means that it does not attract any microbes. While training and rolling on the mat, sweat, dirt etc. increase the chances of infection. Having an anti-microbial garment helps in avoiding infections.

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4. Hypnotik Stereostar Rashguard 

Hypnotik Stereostar V2 S/S Rash Guard - Space Black - 4X-Large

If you want a slick design and rash guard that is built to last, with amazing 3D patterns, then the Hypnotik Stereostar Rashguard is one of the best ones that you can come across.

When you are buying a rash guard, there are certain aspects that should not be compromised. And construction, finish, and design are a few aspects that should not be ignored. The Hypnotik Stereostar Rashguard well built. The sublimated design ensures that the design stays perfectly for a long time without any peel offs.

Overall, this one has got a positive review from many of the users. The design and quality are immaculate. But, the design is available only in this color combination and not in other colors.

Hypnotik Stereostar V2 S/S Rash Guard - Space Black - 4X-Large


  • Made from 88%polyester and 12%spandex material.
  • The fabric is resilient with sublimated designs.
  • Has got advanced features such as antimicrobial fabric, increased moisture control, flatlock stitching etc.
  • Specifically designed to guard against scrapes, rashes, cuts etc.

A few questions answered

How does the polyester material help? Why is it good?

Polyester and spandex are flexible materials, which give elasticity to the fabric. Having rash guards made from these materials makes for a good fit with good flexibility and mobility.

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5. Hayabusa Haburi Long Sleeve Rashguard 

Hayabusa Haburi Long Sleeve Rashguard Shirt, Black, Small

The Hayabusa range of rash guards is again a popular choice, with its fully optimized compression. The professional athletic pattern gives great comfort and fit. The stitching and finish are good. If you need good craftsmanship, then opt for these rash guards.

They also have good thermo-regulating properties and are fully breathable. They take away the moisture and help in keeping the skin dry.

Not such a great drawback, but the neck of the Hayabusa Haburi rash guard is little tight fit.


  • Fully breathable and durable fabric.
  • Athletic pattern
  • Great construction and finish

A few questions answered

Why are rash guards not available is lighter colors?

It is preferable to wear rash guards in dark tones and colors. As part of training and other activities, it tends to attract dirt along with the sweat stains, which show up clearly as yellow stains on light colored rash guards.

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6. Scramble Ranked Rashguard v2.0 

SCRAMBLE BJJ Ranked Long Sleeve Rashguard - Large - Brown

If you need a minimalist design with some awesome features embedded into a rash guard, then according to popular choice, the Scramble rash guard v2.0 is the one.

With polyester blend material used to give more flexibility and the mixture of internal and external stitches for increased durability, this one is an attractive looking rash guard.


  • Made from polyester blend fabric
  • Has moisture wicking ability, keeping the skin dry at all times.
  • Superior stitch, design and comfort fit.

A few questions answered

Are these rash guards IBJJF approved?

Yes, they are.

How about the colors that the rash guards are available in?

The rash guards are available in mostly dark colors with sizes from small to 2XL

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7. FUJI High-Performance Compression Short Sleeve Shirt 

Sanabul Essentials Short Sleeve Compression Base Layer Rash Guard (X-Large, Blue)

If you want some good, high-performance compression wear for any kind of martial art, be it MMA or Jujitsu, then you should consider Fuji High-performance compression short sleeve shirt. It is good for all your training sessions and competition.

Again, this is close and tight fit. If you do not like a tight and close fit, then this particular rash guard is not for you.

Apart from the fit aspect, there are several advantages that these rash guards have. They have an anti-microbial fabric, which helps in keeping infections at bay. They are also IBJJF approved for competitions.  You can train harder and longer with a quicker recovery period.


    • Good construction and finish with reinforced stitching.
    • The fabric is anti-microbial fabric.
    • It is IBJJF approved.
    • The design and compression are tight fitting and good.

A few questions answered

Do they have any other special features like moisture management?

Yes, the Fuji high-performance compression short sleeve shirt/ rash guard has advanced moisture management and helps in keeping the body dry.

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MMA Rashguard Buying Guide

You will feel more comfortable during training if you’re using a rashguard instead of a t-shirt. T-shirts can stretch out when they are overworn. They can also get heavy with sweat which can make you uncomfortable and make it difficult to move.

Don’t be that guy with the sweaty disgusting tshirts in the gym. 

A rashguard helps protect your skin from potential infections like staph or ringworm. It also is a bit more comfortable than a cotton t-shirt because it can hug your body and allow you to move a little bit better. Rashguards are less restricting as long as they fit properly, and they can help you when you’re transitioning from standup to groundwork.

One of the best things about rashguards is that they are made of a quick-drying material. This helps keep you from overheating or getting too slick with sweat. You don’t want you or your opponent to be too sweaty that you are unable to grab a hold of each other. The rashguard will help you with that.

Rashguards come in a lot of different styles, so you’ll need to make sure that you are buying the right one. There are some that are very thick and are made to keep your body heat in. They are made for surfing or for playing sports in cold weather.

These rashguards are not the ones you want to buy, so when you’re searching make sure they aren’t too thick. If you use one that is made for cold weather, you can get overheated and uncomfortable while you’re training.

When you have the right rashguard, you can also wear it during grappling practice or during BJJ. Your rashguard can be versatile and useful, so if you have a good one that you like, you can use it often to be comfortable while you’re training MMA.

There are a few things you want to look for when you’re buying your own rashguards, and not just making sure they are the right kind. You want to be sure that you have exactly what you need for your personal comfort.

Things to consider when buying an MMA Rashguard

  1. Brand
  2. Size
  3. Sleeves
  4. Style
  • Brand

Some brands are just not made for MMA. You want to make sure that you are using a rashguard that is the right kind, so buy one that is either from an exclusive fight brand or from a brand that makes sporting gear that also makes fighting equipment (e.g. Under Armour, Adidas, etc.). Brand can also determine the price of your gear, so buy according to what you can afford. There are a lot of good brands that don’t necessarily cost an excessive amount money.

  • Size

The size of your rashguard will depend on how comfortable you are when you are training. Some people really like their tops to fit them tightly. This gives your opponent less chance to grab your top when you are grappling. It also may be more comfortable to have your fabric hug you instead of get in your way. However, some people prefer to have their rashguards a little bit more loose. This can be for mobility reasons, to feel less restricted or simply because they feel a tight top is not flattering. The size of your rashguard is dependent on how you feel when you are wearing it. You should be comfortable when you train.

  • Sleeves

Your sleeves will be another personal preference. Some people like long sleeves when training. Long sleeves offer more protection from infections like staph or ringworm, but shorter sleeves can keep you a little bit cooler. Whichever sleeve you feel more comfortable training in is the one you should buy. If you have no preference, go ahead and get a few of each to switch it up. Generally longer sleeve rashguards are great for BJJ.

  • Style

The most important thing to think about with style is how the logo or any detail is put onto the rashguard. Anything that is screen printed or pressed on could peel off when your top is wet with sweat or from pressing against the mats/cage. You don’t want pieces of plastic logo to come off when your training, and you also don’t want your rashguard to get ruined. You paid for the style you like because you like it. It’s better to get a logo and style that is designed into the shirt or the fabric is dyed so you don’t end up ruining your gear. Also, there are a lot of choices for style, so make sure that you get one that you like. You will find a lot of styles and colors in your budget.

Rashguards are gear that you can wear everyday. You should find a brand and style that you like and should buy a few so that you can wear them during your training. There are a lot of different kinds to go through, so we went ahead and picked out a few of our favorite brands to help you out.

Our Top MMA Rashguards for the Money

  • RVCA VA Sport Grappler S/S Rashguard
  • The Tatami Spiral Rashguard
  • Fuji Freestyle IBJJF Approved Ranked Rashguards
  • Hypnotik Stereostar Rashguard
  • Hayabusa Haburi Long sleeve Rashguard
  • Scramble Ranked Rashguard v2.0
  • FUJI High-Performance Compression Short Sleeve Shirt

Not all rashguards are the same. Subtle differences in the style, design and quality of the fabric used, make a huge impact. Dig in deeper into this review of the best MMA rashguards, and discover yourself these amazing facts.

Table showing the specifications of our choice picks of MMA rash guards.

Product NameMaterialAnti-BacterialSleeves
RVCA VA Sport Grappler 92% polyester 8% elastane Yes Short sleeves
Tatami Spiral Rashguard80% polyester to 20% spandex mix Yes Long Sleeves
Fuji Freestyle IBJJF ApprovedThinner, durable material Yes Short sleeves
Hypnotik Stereostar Rashguard88%polyester 12%spandex Yes Long Sleeves
Hayabusa Haburi88%polyester 12%spandex Yes Long Sleeves
Scramble Ranked RashguardPolyester Blend material Yes Long Sleeves
FUJI High-Performance Polyester Blend material Yes Short sleeves

Our Final Thoughts on Finding a Great MMA Rashguard

Your rashguard is important for your comfort when you are training. You will need to make sure that you have one that you like so that you can focus on your performance instead of whether or not your top is making you feel uncomfortable. You want to have the right rashguard, so when you are searching you need to check that you’re buying one that’s appropriate for fighting and not for surfing or for keeping body heat in. If you buy one that is too thick, then you can overheat while training.

You will then need to decide what is best for you personally. You should know if you like your rashguard to be tight-fitting or loose-fitting, then you can buy the appropriate size for you. You also will have to decide if you want long sleeves or short sleeves. And lastly, make sure you like the style and have a logo that won’t peel off.

If you find a rashguard you like, you should find a few so you can change them throughout the week. You should wash your gear after every training session to make sure you won’t get any infections and your gear won’t stink or grow mold. If you keep your gear in good shape and have ones you like, then you will feel comfortable and be able to improve.

If you follow this guide, then you’ll be able to find the right MMA rashguard for you.