4 Science Backed Knee Support Systems for MMA and BJJ

Science Backed Knee Support Review

1. Editor’s Choice Shock Doctor Knee Compression Wrap

Combat sports and martial arts require some amount of tossing and turning, which ultimately have an impact on the knees. Here in plays the role of a good knee brace in protecting your vital joints.

After speaking to many users and reviewing a good number of knee supports available, we have chosen our top pick of knee support for MMA as the Shock Doctor Knee Compression Wrap. The benefit that this knee brace gives is very superior.


We have reviewed many knee braces that give support to the knees and those that are worn by many martial arts trainers.

If you are someone who likes to look at the specifications and compare products then the following table is just for you. Here, we have compared some of the best picks in knee supports.

ProductMaterials usedSizeSpecial Features
Shock Doctor Knee Compression WrapNeoprene, PolyesterOne size that can be easily adjustable to fit everyone.Multi – strap closure system.
Adjustable compression.
Shock Doctor Knee Stabilizer with flexible support staysNeoprene, Polyester, Nylon, Rubber.Small to 2XLAnatomical design
Integrated flexible side stabilizers
Shock Doctor Knee Support with Dual HingesNeoprene, LycraSmall to 2XLLateral dual hinges give more stability, protection
Anatomical pre-curved design
Cliff Keen Air Brace Knee PadNeoprene, RubberSmall to 2XLTriple pad protection
Unique, sealed rubber tubes dissipate shock efficiently
Shock Doctor Ultra Knee Brace with Bilateral HingesNeoprene, LycraSmall to 3XLBilateral support hinges
Anatomical pre-curved design
Four-way stretch Lycra mesh

The products that we have reviewed

We have chosen the following products as our choice picks after a very careful selection based on several parameters.

  • Shock Doctor Knee Compression Wrap
  • Shock Doctor Knee Stabilizer with flexible support stays
  • Shock Doctor Knee Support with Dual Hinges
  • Cliff Keen Air Brace Knee Pad
  • Shock Doctor  Ultra Knee Brace with Bilateral Hinges

Here is a review of our pick of products. If a comparison table is not your cup of tea, then go ahead and read the product specifications, special features, pros and cons in our detailed reviews.

Why we love the Shock Doctor Knee Compression Wrap 

Shock Doctor Knee Compression Wrap Review

Shock Doctor is abrand that is very well known for manufacturing some of the best knee braces or support systems. It is by far one of the best athletic support companies in the world. And going by the popularity of the knee braces, you can certainly understand the standing of this brand with respect to their products.

This product can be described as an ultimate wrap, which provides great knee support. The knee joint is compressed firmly with this Compression wrap from Shock Doctor. The recovery period is faster and this knee brace provides added stability and alignment.  


  • Premium Z-grip adjustable straps.
  • Moisture wicking and therapeutic warmth healing.
  • Has an integrated technology to reduce odor causing bacteria.
  • Dual center strap design
  • Lycra binding for comfort and durability.


  • Ideal for use in minor pain, sprains, and strains.
  • The knee support compression provides soft tissue support, joint alignment, therapeutic warmth and blood flow.
  • The compression system is adjustable with a four strap compression system.
  • Easy to use.


  • Has a tendency to slide down if the fit is not adjusted properly.

2. Shock Doctor Knee Stabilizer with Flexible Support Stays

Shock Doctor Knee Stabilizer with flexible support stays Review

Our next choice is also a Shock Doctor product. This one is the Shock Doctor Knee Stabilizer with flexible support stays. As with all Shock Doctor products, this one is also filled with many innovative technologies that provide great comfort and support to the knees.

The design is pre-curved and anatomical, with consistent compression. This knee support has good construction, made with the best materials and is very durable.

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    • Have integrated flexible side stabilizer stays
    • Pre-curved design
    • The airflow vents that are present are N-Texairflow vents.  
    • Has a four-way stretch Lycra mesh at back of theknee.
    • Easy grip pulls with finger tabs.
    • The padded patella buttress provides better stability and protection to the knee cap.


  • It is a great knee cap stabilizer.
  • Great quality construction with good materials used.
  • Has a nice snug and tight fit.
  • It is sturdy and provides the right comfort.
  • The different straps help in giving the right amount of compression.
  • Moisture wicking and therapeutic warmth healing technology present.


  • It takes some time to get used to the different straps. Hence putting on and taking off takes some time initially.
  • Sizing should be more consistent.

3. Shock Doctor Knee Support with Dual Hinges

Shock Doctor Knee Support with Dual Hinges Review

The lateral dual hinges present in this model of the Shock Doctor Knee Support provide good stability and protection to the knees. The conical upper straps give consistent compression.

This knee support provides Level 2 protection. Like all Shock doctor products, these knee braces also have good technological features that make them superior.

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  • Pre-curved anatomical design
  • Made from Neoprene, Lycra materials.
  • Has a premium stitching and finish.
  • Durable and long lasting.
  • N-Texairflow vents.


  • Comfortable and provides the right compression.
  • Durable.
  • Convenient finger tabs for easy pulling
  • Lightweight
  • Provides good lateral support to the knee.
  • It is latex free.


  • Not quite strong for Jiu-jitsu or any grappling sports. But very suitable for light movements.
  • Chances of skin rash are present.

4. Cliff Keen Air Brace Knee Pad

Cliff Keen Air Brace Knee Pad Review

The Cliff Keen range of Knee supports is again very popular among the different users. These are tried and tested models which really provide the best support and knee protection that is required for any sport.

MMA or for that matter, any combat sports involves a lot of kicks, grapples, and takedowns, rolling, tossing, turning, lifting your opponent etc. all these tend to have a great pressure and impact on the knee joints. Hence protecting them by wearing good knee supports is always advised.

These Cliff Keen Air Brace knee supports have a great construction quality and optimum design features. In fact, this knee brace is also patented and gives maximum protection and stability.

It has unique sealed rubber tubes which dissipate shock four ways. The triple pad design gives great comfort to the knee and protects it very well.


  • Have unique, sealed rubber tubes.
  • Slim design
  • Triple pad design


    • Patented
    • Gives great protection and stability
    • Developed by orthopedic surgeons, engineers, and coaches after thorough research.
    • Stabilizes knee cap and protects collateral ligaments
    • Gives complete mobility


  • Size is again an issue here. Finding the right fit takes some time.

5. Shock Doctor Ultra Knee Brace with Bilateral Hinges

Shock Doctor Ultra Knee Brace with Bilateral Hinges Review

The bilateral hinges offer optimum support. These knee supports have hyperextension stops as well as impact absorbing base pads. These increase the stability and performance. So, if you are looking at these above features and the brand name of Shock Doctor, then the Shock Doctor Ultra Knee Brace with Bilateral Hinges will be a good fit for you.

The strap system present here is anX-strap system, with tempered aluminum stability. The design and construction are generally good. Many users have found great benefit in using this product. The Lycra mesh at the back of the knee gives this knee support more breathability.

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    • Design is anatomical and pre-curved design
    • Has a four-way stretch Lycra mesh at back of knee
    • Has patella support finishing
    • Premium construction and materials used.
    • Good stitching assembly and finish.
    • Provides maximum protection- Level 3 protection.
    • Has an integrated technology to reduce odor.


  • Very comfortable fit.
  • Easy grip pull.
  • Good design and fit.
  • Provides superior protection.
  • Built for rigorous activities and is long lasting.
  • Fewer odors due to integrated technology that reduces odors.


  • The hinges tend to squeak.
  • They are a bit bulky in size.
  • Finding the right size is sometimes a task.

A few questions answered

What is the best size to opt for?

The construction of the knee braces is generally small.  Hence when you are choosing a knee support, remember this fact and choose your size accordingly. If your size is larger, opt for bigger sizes.

Should you give importance to the materials used?

Yes, most certainly. The materials used are very important deciding factors. If you are allergic to any materials, then it may cause rashes.

What is the best knee brace?

The best knee brace depends entirely on your needs. The level of protection you need, the activity levels, your condition of the knees are all factors that play an important role in choosing the right knee support. Another option if you don’t want to spend the money on a full knee support system is to just get a knee sleeve, like the ones seen here at Garage Gym Builder

Any precautions to take?

Knee supports are not substitutes for medical care. If there is pain or injury, seeking medical help is vital. Only after medical consultation, it is advisable to wear knee supports and braces.

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