Groin Guard Reviews 2021 – Protect Your Babymakers!


If you’ve been trying to get a good groin guard but you haven’t had a lot of luck up until now, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve gone through hundreds of products to see which ones are truly worth considering. Based on our research, the first one that you should keep in mind is the Venum Competitor Groin Guard. This one is comfortable and capable of protecting you in the event of an impact, and it also gives you plenty of freedom of movement. If it is no longer in stock, check out our next favorite option, the Shock Doctor Core Supporter with BioFlex Cup (for men) and if you’re looking for something for women, the Lo-Bloo Aeroslim.

Best Groin Guard (Reviews)

1. Editor’s Choice: Venum Competitor Groin Guard and Support Series

Venum "Competitor Groinguard and Support (Silver Series), Black/Ice, Large

When we talk about the best groin guard, we are obviously hinting at a product that can effortlessly take the hardest of low blows and protect you in the worst of situations. The Venum Competitor Groin Guard and Support Series seems to be the closest to a description like that.

It has been specifically designed for highly demanding athletes that require extreme amount of protection during sparring and clinching. It has been tried and tested to offer maximum protection and comfort during all such sessions.

Featuring three layers of shock absorbers, it is equipped to handle the most grueling sessions in the ring. It has been anatomically designed to replicate the athlete’s body and movements. Although it provides a high level of protection, it does not compromise on mobility at all.

Its rubber gel shield absorbs shock and impact effectively while providing absolute comfort all through. You can wear the groin guard for longer stretches without feeling uncomfortable at all.


  • Absorbs shock and impact efficiently.
  • Helps you feel comfortable through longer sessions.
  • Provides unrestricted mobility.


  • There was nothing that we came across.

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The Products That We Have Reviewed

  1. Venum Competitor Groin Guard And Support Series
  2. Venom
  3. LO-BLOO Tough Female Groin Protector Cup
  4. Shock Doctor Core Supporter with BioFlex Cup
  5. LO-BLOO Thai Cup 2.0 Groin Guard Protection Mixed Martial Arts

2. Tough Female Groin Protector Cup- The Lo-Bloo Aeroslim

Lo Bloo Aeroslim professional female pelvic protection/groin guard/athletic cup for standing/riding sports - patented fitting system for 100% protection and mobility - soft lining

When you are a woman and want a kind of protection that goes beyond just being an average groin cup, you definitely need the Tough Female Groin Protector Cup by the Lo-Bloo Aeroslim. It will barely be noticeable but it will offer complete protection from all those sudden blows and jolts.

It has been tested over the years and each time it has proven to withstand the harshest of groin shots without giving in. It is way more convenient than your traditional cup because it is easier to slide on and retain its original position. Owing to its make, it is lighter and narrower and will not dog into your legs during intense training sessions.

As with traditional cups, you will constantly need to adjust the waist and leg straps which can get quite uncomfortable and distracting. With this ergonomic cup, adjusting the straps will never be easier! Once the cup is in place, it will not come loose and will give you all the protection that you need.

Since hygiene is of prime importance when you are using cups as groin guards, these have been designed keeping in mind easy maintenance even after intense training sessions.

We recommend this because this is a groin guard that has been built for maximum protection and comfort that no other traditional cup can offer you.


  • Superior protection.
  • Maximum comfort.
  • Zero adjustability required.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Lightweight.


  • This could be problematic to carry if you have larger thighs.

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3. Shock Doctor Core Supporter with BioFlex Cup

Shock Doctor Core Supporter BioFlex Cup, Adult , Large, White

If you thought mesh panel cups are not protective enough, then think again. This protective cup will mould effortlessly to your athletic shape and allow you to play without any discomfort. It has a four-way stretch mesh that makes it quite breathable and helps obtain the perfect fit.

Waistbands of groin guards tend to be uncomfortable and often disrupt your focus and stamina. This groin cup has a highly comfortable waistband that lets you play without any issues. It is shaped intelligently to provide protection in crucial areas without hindering comfort and airflow.

It has a secure and comfortable fit that keeps it close to your body and does not move unnecessarily. The unrestricted ventilation keeps your groin area cool and comfortable even if you are involved in longer sessions of training or sparring.

We recommend this because it moulds itself effortlessly as per your body’s shape and its mesh panel offers maximum ventilation to facilitate your training sessions.


  • Breathable fabric.
  • Comfortable waistband.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Fits securely.


  • Some users have not found the material as durable as it should be.

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4. Lo-Bloo Thai Cup 2.0 Groin Guard Protection

Lo Bloo Thai Cup 2.0 professional MMA cup /groin guard for close-contact sports (MMA, grappling, Brazilian jiu jitsu) -Athletic Cup patented fitting system - 100% protection and mobility + soft lining

Have you always wanted to feel feather light while performing inside the ring but failed each time? Your prayers have been answered in the form of the Lo-Bloo Thai Cup 2.0 Groin Guard protection that will effortlessly handle the most lethal of groin shots while giving you an unrestricted range of motion and unmatched comfort.

This cup is narrower and lighter than your traditional groin cup and will position itself securely to give you the most comfortable fit ever. It is so lightweight that you can continue wearing it for longer stretches of time without compromising on your comfort. It is so snug and light that no one will even notice you’re wearing a groin guard!

The best feature is the replacement guarantee and the 100% money back guarantee it comes along with that proves how confident the manufacturers are about their product. You can now deliver your kicks and blows without your groin guard getting displaced and you spending more time adjusting it than focusing on your gaming strategy.

We recommend this because it spells efficiency and comfort from all sides and is built to provide the athlete in you maximum protection and stability.


  • Long-lasting comfort.
  • Easily adjustable.
  • Lightweight.
  • Maximum protection.


  • This could be a tad bit uncomfortable while training with boxers or boxer briefs.

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What Are Groin Guards And Why Do You Need Them?

One of the most essential pieces of training equipment for a martial artist is a groin guard. There is nothing more painful than a low blow and the toughest of fighters will go down with a blow of that kind. The moment a blow lands as low as on your groin, your body will curl up in a fetal position and shut down completely.

We have seen a number of players who have had their testicles ruptured in MMA and trust us when we tell you that the blows were seriously injurious! So what could you possibly do to prevent these blows from injuring your vulnerable body parts? Read this article to find effective pointers that will assist you while you buy the best groin guard today!

Why us?

We have been doing the hands-on research about major pieces of fight gear required for MMA and our reviews are always detailed, reliable and well-sourced. We speak to real-life fighters, trainers and experts in the field of MMA before stitching the details together to form a review article. For this product at hand, we read through 450 reviews on Amazon to make sure that the end-product is an unbiased and legit product review article.

Comparative Table Of The Next 3 Choice Picks Of Groin guards

Product Dimensions(in inches)/WeightMaterialUse
Tough Female Groin Protector Cup6.5 x 5.2 x 1.2PolymerSparring
Shock Doctor Core Supporter With Bioflex Cup4 poundsMesh cupSparring and Training.
Lo-Bloo Thai Cup Groin Guard Protection7 x 2.9 x 1.4PolymerFootball, BMX riding and MMA

Groin Guard Buyers Guide

The two times you will need a groin guard in MMA are during sparring and clinching. Sparring partners could be unpredictable and it is best to carry your groin guard along to keep that surprise blow from toppling you over. Listed below are the factors to bear in mind while buying a groin guard.

  • Comfort

While some of the cheaper groin guards will offer adequate protection, they might largely compromise on the comfort factor. A comfortable guard is important because it is generally used for longer stretches. Reading reviews on the fit and comfort of groin guards will help ou to understand your type.

  • Size

The size of the groin guard completely depends on your waist size. Generally brands have sizing directions that will help you to choose. Avoid buying a size to big or else you have to keep adjusting the cup while training.

  • Protection

Impact resistance is of utmost importance. A groin guard that is durable and is made of tough materials is bound to offer superior protection so never compromise on the build of the guard.

  • Price

We would still say that buying a groin guard is like investing in your body. There are cheaper brands available that would do the work but could you possibly take chances? Definitely no, which is why buying an expensive, stronger and more durable brand is always advisable.

Final Thoughts

Now that we have listed the best products on the market, we hope that you can make the right choice by tallying your preferences with the buyer’s guide and the products reviewed. Groin guard is an absolute necessity if you want to keep yourself safe and protected from lethal groin shots. Our recommendation is to look at the features and the advantages rather than deciding by the price because it is after all a long-term investment.

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