Bad Boy Pro Series 3.0 Precision mitts kick ass. Not only are they light, compact and protection they are made durable and come at great value.

For anyone who has ever used focus mitts knows that they are one well of a workout. Not only are you forced towards constant output of energy, you’re dramatically improving your speed, accuracy and overall power. Hitting the bag is one thing, but when you have to deal with your trainer moving around all those things that you end up training individually come together to simulate sparring in the best way possible.

That’s exactly why professional fighters spend 70% of their time doing pad-work instead of actually sparring.

Best Focus Mitts (Reviews)

1. Editor’s Choice – Bad Boy Pro Series 3.0 (Best Value)

Bad Boy MMA Training Series Curved Focus Pads - Pair

It is super lightweight and padded to protect your hands without being too bulky. The concave shape and its small design lets you punch with increased accuracy. The mitts are durable, made with leather and have been designed with both the trainer and the trainee in mind.


  • A small target area for easy movement of the pad holder and improved accuracy of the striker
  • The curved or concave shape is perfect to give you a great surface for landing your punches
  • The compressed foam protects your hands from powerful blows and molds to your hand for a snug-fit
  • The palm grip control mound lets the pad holder have full control of the pad during strikes and prevents slippage
  • An inner moisture-wicking lining keeps your hand dry
  • Made of durable premium quality  leather for a long-lasting performance


  • Made with superior quality and durable engineered leather
  • The EVA foam is multi-layered and compressed for a perfect fit
  • Concave punching surface for a better striking area
  • Easy slip on and off design
  • A stay-dry lining for keeping the hands dry and cool

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Here is a quick look at some of the essential features of the Bad Boy Gloves.



Available in 2 colors. Black with either blue or green highlights

Curved face

WeightYes, 1.2 lbs.

Wrist lock

Yes. Full length adjustable Velcro

Padded fingers


Palm grip control mound

Fast slip on and off


Best Focus Mitts for Western and Thai Boxing

Features Cleto Reyes Curved Punch Mitts Venum Elite Neo Punch Mitts Cellular 2.0 Combat Sports Micro Pro Punch Mitts Hayabusa Pro Elevate Focus Mitts - Micro
Shape Ergonomic Ergonomic Rectangular
Colors Available in Red and white Available in black, white and three exciting new colors – Pink, yellow and orangeBlueBlack
10 x 7.5 x 6.5 inches 11 x 7 x 6 inches 8 x 6 1/2 x 1 ¾ inches 8 x 7 inches
Weight 1.2 pounds 3 pounds 10.4 ounces 1 pound
Material 100% leather Synthetic leather Synthetic leatheVinyl
Curved FaceYesYesYesYes
Finger-Cover YesYesYesYes
Interior-palm ball YesYesYesYes
Ventilation Air holes in finger cover A mesh finger cover Open ConstructionNone
FitComfortableAnatomically designed fit Comfortable Comfortable

2. Cleto Reyes Curved Punch Mitts 

Cleto Reyes Pantera Focus Mitts - Black/White

The curved punch mitts from Cleto Reyes, is a perfectly handcrafted pair of boxing focus pads that is sure to take quite a beating. Its lightweight and superior design makes it extremely comfortable for the wearer.


  • Made with 100% leather for durability
  • Handcrafted pair of focus mitts that are made in Mexico
  • Breathable mitts with ventilation holes in the finger shield
  • Interior punch balls for a secure and comfortable fit
  • Made with lightweight foam padding


  • Superior shock absorption due to the padded foam protects both the striker and the holder
  • The padding is lightweight to aid quick movements and reduces fatigue
  • A curved punching surface lets you find your sweet spot and help you deliver blows effortlessly
  • As it is made of 100% leather which lasts a really long time it gives you more value for your money
  • The fingers have individual compartments for comfortable wearing and a superior fit. It also prevents the pad from slipping from the hands
  • The air holes on top of the finger cover ensure that your hands stay well ventilated and dry at all times


  • Expensive – The price can be a bit expensive but gives your more value over time as they are durable
  • No finger paddingThe finger compartments are not padded like some other mitts in the segment

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3. Venum Elite Neo Punch Mitts Cellular 2.0 

Venum Elite Mini Punch Mitts - Neo Orange - One Size

If you are looking for a pair of good-looking and well-made punch mitts, then the Venum Elite Neo cellular mitts will be the right one for you. These come with a Cellular Technology that gives superior shock absorption and improves accuracy. They are made to fit well and have a curved surface for accurate striking. They also sound great when you hit them.


  • A curved design for a superior fit
  • Made with cellular technology that focuses on superior shock absorption
  • A cellular coating for a comfortable fit and to prevent slippage
  • A well-designed, handmade pair of thai boxing focus mitts


  • Thick padding protects both the striker and the wearer
  • A lightweight construction to aid in quick movements
  • A compact design that easily fits in your sports bag without taking too much space
  • The curved face makes for a great striking surface
  • It uses a unique cellular technology for superior shock absorption


  • Too thick – The mitts are a bit too thick initially and need some amount of breaking in

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4. Combat Sports Micro Pro Punch Mitts (Cheapest) 

Pro Impact Curved Focus Mitts Genuine Leather ($85 Value)

If you want a budget-friendly pair of mitts that does not compromise on quality, then the Micro Pro punch mitts by combat sports will be a great choice. It comes with an open-finger construction and ambidextrous finger compartments for a comfortable fit. It’s simple no fuss design and a curved surface lets you focus on your striking with ease while protecting yourself


  • Made of durable synthetic leather
  • An ambidextrous design for hassle-free use
  • Made of durable synthetic leather
  • A padded palm ball for a secure fit
  • Curved striking surface that improves accuracy


  • An extremely lightweight pair of pads weighing under a pound
  • A simple open-finger construction for sweat-free wearing
  • The curved surface lets you punch with precision
  • The grip is enhanced with a padded palm ball that secures the mitt and prevents slippage
  • It is made of high quality synthetic leather for a long lasting performance


  • No wrist straps – The pads do not come with any sort of mechanism to secure them on your wrists

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5. Hayabusa Pro Elevate Focus Pads (Best Quality) 

Contour Padded Target Punch Mitts (Pair) for MMA & Boxing

The Hayabusa Pro elevate focus mitts are perfect for both the striker and the wearer. It has been designed with an ergonomic shape to maximize comfort while wearing and take punches with ease. It is a complete pair of pads with wrist straps, palm grips, finger compartments and comes in a micro-size to be compact.


  • A micro-size design that improves accuracy of punches
  • The inner core sports an air dome design for shock absorption
  • The surface uses the Optistrike pro-concave technology for a great striking area
  • An adjustable hook and loop wrist closure for a secure fit
  • An inner palm grip with a non-slip surface that avoids slippage


  • Extremely lightweight ideal for fast movements
  • The size improves accuracy of the striker
  • The pads are well padded and come with an inner air dome for superior shock absorption
  • The inner palm grip, the wrist lock and the non-slip palm surface ensure a comfortable and a secure fit


  • Small size – The micro size fits well but may not be for those who are used to large pads

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Focus Mitts Buying Guide 

If you are into any kind of contact sports, you probably already know that proper protective gear is absolutely essential. Boxing, Muay Thai or any other combat sport like Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) use gear which in addition to offering protection also improve your combative skills.


One of the most important piece of gear after your gloves are well-designed focus pads. Also known by other names such as punch pads or punch mitts, they are a most essential part of your training.

Focus pads are not just a pair of pads that your thai boxing coach wears to protect himself. They protect the striker by providing the necessary cushioning to prevent injuries to the knuckles and joints. They also let you improve your striking accuracy and let you do much more.

To see what I mean just check out my man Pacquiao..

Read on to find out our reviews of our top pick and four other best choices to help you decide the right one for you.

We have put together all the information after hours of lab and field testing. We have inputs from customers and information collected from hundreds of online reviews. Due to our years of experience in testing, using and reviewing products, we are able to give you an in-depth idea of a product’s performance complete with all its features, pros and cons.

You don’t have to waste your precious time in sorting through the many products that are available on the market when you can get all of the information right here. We have a top pick to give you the very best and also four other choices to give you more options from our testing.

Why do you need focus mitts in the first place?

More often than not many people overlook the importance of a good pair of focus pads. This is because they think they are just a protective gear. They are also great fun for kids boxing as well or womens boxing classes

Here are the benefits and reasons why focus mitts are important in martial arts.

  • Portable – You can easily carry your mitts wherever you go as they easily fit into your sports bag.
  • No installation requiredUnlike punching bags there is no need to install your punch mitts. Just throw them on.
  • Space requirementDue to their small size, they can be used as an effective way to train even when space is a constraint
  • AccuracyUnlike punching bags, they can be moved around in different angles and help you improve your striking accuracy
  • LightPunch mitts are super lightweight when compared to a punching bag and offers just the right amount of resistance. So these are great for beginners and will protect their joints and knuckles until they progress to a punching bag.
  • Combative skills – Thai boxing Focus mitts improves your combative skills when you are the wearer. It lets you build on your reflex as you prepare to receive punches. You can greatly improve both your offensive and defensive skills.
  • DrillsThey can be used in a variety of drills to improve accuracy and speed
  • Burns fatMartial arts are increasingly becoming an alternate fitness solution. Being a pad holder not only helps you improve your combative skills it also lets you burn fat in the process and helps you stay fit. Many martial arts enthusiasts act as training partners for fitness reasons.

Final thoughts

Whether you are a contact sports coach or a training partner or just like to box just for fitness, a good pair of Focus gloves is absolutely essential. Our research has helped us find five of the best focus mitts out there in the market with a top pick for those who only want the best.

They’re great for building your reflexes, improving your combative skills and helping you improve the accuracy of your punches. Our recommendations give you quality mitts that are designed to give both the wearer and the striker a great training experience.