Finding the best boxing trunks these days can take you a lot of time and effort, especially since there are so many models that you ought to consider. Luckily for you, we did all of that research for you so that you can pick the most comfortable, durable, and well-performing one for your needs. From what we have gathered, it seems that the first pair that you should bear in mind is the Anthem Athletics Classic Boxing Trunks Shorts. These boast an elastic closure, they’re lightweight and tear-resistant, and they can be cleaned in the washing machine. They’re stretchy and comfortable and will enable you to focus on your boxing performance. If they’re no longer available, check out the Ringside Pro-Style Boxing Trunks, instead. 

Best Boxing Trunks (Reviews)

Whether you’re looking for men’s or women’s boxing trunks, you’ve ended up in the perfect place. We’ve collected some of the most critically acclaimed models in this line so that you don’t have to waste a lot of time sifting the wheat from the chaff. Check them all out below.

1. Anthem Athletics Classic Boxing Trunks

Anthem Athletics Classic Boxing Trunks Shorts - Black - Large

The traditional cut and design of these boxing trunks is what makes them so popular with fighters. They are comfortable and durable, and they can even be cleaned using the washing machine. Besides, the elastic closure that they are outfitted with makes it possible for you to feel at ease at all times throughout the match.

The material is ultra high-grade, tear-resistant, and also lightweight, and the design won’t make it cumbersome for you to make a move on your opponent at just the right time. 

Anthem Athletics Classic Boxing Trunks Shorts - Black - Large

Plus, the boxing trunks are equipped with a waistband that comes with no drawstring and they are knee length for optimal comfort and fit.

Over eighty percent of those that have invested in this model say that it fits as expected. It’s actually gathered a lot of critical acclaim, but you can’t get in touch with the manufacturing brand so as to get custom boxing trunks. You will have to match your size with the sizing chart available. 

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2. Ringside Pro-Style Boxing Trunks

Ringside Pro-Style Boxing Trunks

The Ringside boxing trunks also take the cake when it comes to comfort, at least based on the consumer reports that they have gathered in this sense. While the waistband of the shorts is elastic, these ones also come with an internal drawstring for quick and convenient fit modifications.

The super thick satin fabrication guarantees both durability and comfort. Since the manufacturing company hasn’t been particularly helpful with providing a lot of information about these, there have been some boxers noting that they did encounter sizing issues. 

Some expected it to be a little longer and cover their knees completely, but these trunks are actually pretty short. They can be used for a variety of combat sports, for this reason, including kickboxing and mixed martial arts. Needless to say, you can also wear them when you work out.

All in all, this product seems to offer pretty good value for the money, which is why it has been described as a pair of quality short boxing trunks. 

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3. Title American Flag Boxing Trunks

Title American Flag Boxing Trunks, X-Large

If you are feeling a little patriotic, you should definitely consider these Title boxing trunks. 

They’re a little less affordable compared to some of the other models in this line, but their design definitely makes up for this apparent drawback. They are made of 100% satin nylon, so they feel great to the touch and they can also keep you relatively cool.

Title American Flag Boxing Trunks, X-Large

On top of everything, the model is equipped with a 4-inch international-style waistband complete with a snug elastic lining. The extra-long leg slits are definitely worth writing home about, too, since they will provide you with the freedom of movement that you will need in the ring.

Most of the reviews acquired by this model are favorable. The folks who have invested in the product say that the satin feels silky smooth and shiny and that the waistband is snug, yet comfortable. The trunks offer enough space on the inside, but they are not baggy. 

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4. Tuff Sport Retro Boxing Shorts

TUFF Sport Retro Muay Thai Boxing Shorts Martial Arts Clothing Training Gym Trunks Classic Slim Cut, Tuf-mrs204-red, Small

If you’d like to get some really cool boxing trunks, the ones by TUFF should undoubtedly be right up your alley. They are on the shorter side of things, though, and we wanted to mention this right off the bat so that you don’t expect them to be otherwise. 

There are multiple combinations that you can pick from. Moreover, the shorts are made with a unique sublimation printing technology that allows them to preserve their looks over time and even when they are worn daily. 

Having been made from quality microfiber fabric, the trunks feel nice on your skin and also don’t retain that much moisture. They are advertised as lightweight, quick-dry, and sweat-free, so they will keep you feeling at ease while you are in the ring. 

You can have your pick from white boxing trunks, black and gold boxing trunks, or green boxing trunks — there are several color combos available. 

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5. Adidas Base Punch Men’s Boxing Shorts

adidas Base Punch Men's Boxing Shorts, Blue, L

The Adidas boxing trunks have been praised time and again for how comfortable they can be, especially when you are focusing on your boxing performance in the ring. The classic styling of the shorts, along with the quality of the fabrics used in their construction, are the two main factors that recommend them.

The technical design is another aspect worth writing home about as it definitely provides plenty of comfort. There are four colors available — black, blue, red, and white, so feel free to pick the one that best matches your personal preferences.

adidas Base Punch Men's Boxing Shorts, Blue, L

The Climacool micro-mesh fabric allows the fabric to breathe so as to keep you cool and dry while you are in action. The material is very lightweight. Additionally, the full cut enables you to move freely. 

The vast majority of the individuals who have reviewed this product seem to have nothing but good things to say about it. It’s been described as good-quality and comfortable. 

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6. Everlast Standard Bottom of Knee Boxing Trunks

Everlast Standard Bottom of Knee Boxing Trunks - Medium - Black

If you’re keen on getting a pair of Everlast boxing trunks, and it’s quite likely that you are since the brand makes some of the best boxing gear available for sale these days, this one might make a good choice for your needs. 

The model is available in sizes that range from small to XXL and its standard length is 24 inches (from the bottom to the knee). The boxing trunks are made with high-quality satin, which means that they look and feel good, and that they can also keep you more or less cool as you are in the ring.

What’s also pretty neat is that they fit a wider leg opening, which means that you will benefit from excellent freedom of movement. The adjusted inseam, as well as the high leg slits also take the cake when it comes to giving you increased mobility when you are competing or training.

As for the four-inch waistband, you will be glad to know that it’s been designed to ensure a snug fit around your protective cup. 

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7. Rival Traditional Cut Dazzle Boxing Trunks

Rival Traditional Cut Dazzle Boxing Trunks - Medium - Blue/White

These Rival boxing trunks are made of 100% polyester, so at least in terms of durability, they have a pretty good chance of standing the test of time. If you are a beginning boxer, it’s quite likely that you don’t want to invest in very expensive boxing gear, at least for a while.

If that’s so, the Rival model should fit the bill. Besides, it comes with an extra long leg slit on each side, so that you get to benefit from plenty of freedom of movement. 

Rival Traditional Cut Dazzle Boxing Trunks - Medium - Blue/White

The Rival logo is embossed in several locations such as on the front of the trunks and on the sides. We might argue that these can be good boxing trunks for people who need a pair quickly and effectively and who want to feel comfortable even in the ring. 

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Boxing Trunks Buying Guide

If none of the boxing trunks for sale that you might have come across seem to meet your expectations, it’s a good thing that you are reading this post. We’ve done a lot of research on this topic and we’ve come up with a list of some of the most important factors to keep in mind when shopping for adult or youth boxing trunks. 

1. Materials

The fabrics that your boxing trunks are manufactured of matter quite a lot both when it comes to comfort and when it comes to durability. Even though satin looks amazing, it doesn’t stretch at all, so it might restrict your moves in the ring. It can be very comfortable, however, especially if you are an experienced boxer.

Many boxing trunks reviews will recommend opting for a polyester model especially because it has a natural flex to it. If you see any trunks with cotton in them and you have problems with you skin, it’s quite likely that that model is the most skin-friendly one you can get your hands on.

Rocky Balboa Apollo Movie Boxing American Flag Shorts (Medium)

2. Freedom of movement

Your boxing trunks don’t have to be too tight, neither too large. They have to fit just right and they need to provide you with enough flexibility.

Flexibility through the waist matters a lot and it also makes sure that your skin integrity remains okay. Ideally, even cheap boxing trunks should come with some stretch panels so that they allow you to move properly. If they do come with this feature, you aren’t going to have to worry about restricted movement or ripped seams. 

Title Edge Boxing Trunks, Red/White, Large

3. What about adjustability?

There are several ways in which the manufacturing company can make sure that you are able to customize the fit of the boxing trunks. These are an elastic waist, velcro and drawstring, elastic and a drawstring, and a hook and loop closure.

An elastic waist is the standard option and is relied upon by many boxers out there. If you manage to get the right size, it will do a good enough job at keeping the trunks in place. If a drawstring is added to the elastic waist, it’s even better. This would mean that while they would fit very well, you could use the drawstring for minor adjustments.

Title Edge Boxing Trunks, Red/White, Large

Velcro can be another common closure present in boxing trunks. It’s durable and more or less secure. The problem with it is that it’s quite scratchy, so if it gets in contact with your skin, it can irritate it and it can even cause skin damage. Most brands make sure that their velcro components are well covered, but accidents can always happen. As with an elastic waist, this one, too, can be paired with a drawstring for more security.

Hook and loop closures are less popular with boxing trunks. They are convenient, though, as they can be used to quickly loosen or tighten your boxing trunks as per your needs. 

Title Boxing Aerovent Elite Amateur Boxing Set (Original), Black/White, Large

4. Size

It’s pretty obvious that the boxing trunks have to fit as best as possible. Also consider the age of the boxer when shopping for such a product, especially if you are looking to get a gift for someone else. Kids’ boxing trunks are sized differently, and so are those made for teenagers.

There are significant differences in terms of pro boxing trunks for men and women. In any case, if you’re getting a pair for yourself, make sure that you measure your body and then match the measurements to the size chart made available by the manufacturer. The sizes can vary from one brand to the next, unfortunately. 

CLETO REYES Boxing Trunks for Man (Medium, Mexico)

5. Recommendations

You can extract a lot of useful information from the reviews of boxing trunks that a model has gathered over time. Other boxers can let you know if they have encountered any issues with sizing, the quality of the stitching and materials, or anything else. Devote some time to doing your own research, as inconvenient and tedious as it might seem to be. 


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