Move Like a Butterfly! Our Best 3 Boxing Shoes Used by Pros 2021


If you’re in the market for the best boxing shoes that are comfortable, convenient, and don’t cost a pretty penny, it’s a good thing you’re reading this article. We have done a lot of research and the Ringside Diablo Boxing Shoes is our number one pick for the right boxing shoes. Ringside has been in the business of making Boxing gear for over thirty years and the quality of their gear speaks for their experience. Ringside offers high quality boxing gear at competitive prices that are suitable from beginners to professionals. You can trust Ringside’s long history of providing great boxing shoes to some of the top athletes. I’ve personally used these shoes for a number of years and have even given them as a gift to me kids before.

If this model is no longer available, do check out the Title Lo-Top Boxing Shoes as we have found this model to be just as good.

Best Boxing Shoes (Reviews)

Whether you are a fitness enthusiast or a casual boxer or even a professional coach, the right kind of boxing gear can make all the difference between feeling rejuvenated after a session and feeling worn out.

If you are totally new to boxing or want to try it for fitness, you would most probably use your existing running gear. Though this seems like the logical thing to do, sports gear designed for running or walking or even other mixed martial arts (MMA) are not suitable for Boxing. This is because, boxing involves a different kind of footwork and requires an entirely different range of mobility than MMA or other sports.

To sum it up – boxing shoes allow you to grip and pivot like you’re doing training barefeet. Regular running shoes force you to train at an elevated level making the potential for ankle and knee injuries higher.

Thankfully, these problems can be overcome by carefully choosing the right kind of boxing shoes.

How We Decide

Before going into details of our top pick, let us tell you that our every recommendation comes only after putting in a lot of research.

In addition to interviews from professionals, our research also includes reviews from actual users to give you unbiased information. With both the pros and cons listed, it becomes easy for you to decide for yourself if the product is the right one for you.

1. Ringside Diablo Boxing Shoes 

Ringside Diablo Wrestling Boxing Shoes

Ringside Diablo shoes will protect your ankles and feet while not compromising speed and agility. It is made with ultra-lightweight materials to ensure speed. With enough ankle support and a design that also allows for a great deal of mobility, the Diablo is represents great value for what it offers.


  • A patented vinyl leather finish for a professional look
  • Smaller sizes come with high-top ankles for a better ankle support and larger sizes come with low-top ankles for better fluidity
  • Available in a wide size range of 2 – 13 to suit everyone
  • Breathable nylon mesh provides the necessary air flow
  • Anti-slip rubber outer-soles for a superior grip


  • Speed – As the shoes provide great foot support and are lightweight, the speed of your footwork will increase drastically
  • Snug-fitThe shoes not only fit right they also fit and mould comfortably around your feet with their snug-fit
  • Women sizesThe shoes come in women-friendly sizes and also come in a choice of hot pink for all the ladies out there.
  • Budget-friendlyThese shoes are great for both casual boxers and professionals as they have a very affordable price tag
  • StylishNo more boring shoes as these shoes combine function and style into one pair of awesome-looking boxing shoes

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Here is quick table with some essential details

Available Sizes 2-13
Colors 8 different colors with a couple of neon options
Size guide Women’s shoes run two sizes smaller
Available styles High-top and low-top ankles

Don’t just take our word for it. Here is why it is absolutely necessary to wear the right kind of shoes when boxing or training.

CategoriesTITLE Lo-Top Boxing Shoes Adidas Box Hog 2 Boxing Shoes - SS17 TITLE Box-Star Incite Elite Boxing Shoes
Available Sizes 6-13 9.5 – 12.5 5-13
Material Synthetic Leather Fabric Synthetic Leather
Style Low-Top Low-top (High-top on smaller sizes) Low-Top
Brand Title AdidasTitle
UseCasual Boxing, Training and Coaching Professional, Coaching, Training and Casual boxing Training, Coaching and Casual boxing
Colors4 different colors and 8 different color combinations Black 4 colors

2. TITLE Lo-Top Boxing Shoes 

Title Predator II Boxing Shoes, Black/Black, 11.5

If your boxing style requires something that will boost your speed, then the Title Lo-top boxing shoes are a great choice. It is extremely light and designed especially for speed. Lo-Topshoes are just right to give you enough ankle strength without compromising on mobility.


  • The shoes are made of synthetic leather and filled with tight-weave nylon for a superior fit
  • The soles are made with polyurethane and have been shaped especially to aid quick footwork
  • Embroidered monogram for a stylish yet professional look


  • The Title Lo-Top boxing shoes are perfect for casual boxing as they have been designed especially for boxing
  • You get a great pair of boxing shoes for their price point
  • The shoes have a great fit owing to the materials used and feel very comfortable
  • The shoes are not only comfortable but look extremely stylish and well-made


  • Sole issues – The inner soles of the shoes tend to come undone but this is not something that super-glue cannot take care of.

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3. Adidas Box Hog 2 Boxing Shoes – SS17 – (Best Value) 

adidas Box Hog 2 Mens Boxing Trainer Shoe Boot Black/White - US 9.5

If you are one that finds comfort in buying a pair of boxing shoes from a popular brand, the Adidas Box Hog 2 boxing shoes will be the right one for you. Being a complete fabric shoe, it feels light as air and fits nice and snug over your feet with its synthetic suede overlays.

The lightweight factor is maintained throughout its construction and it comes with a light midfoot to let you move quickly. The outsoles give you all the traction and grip that you will need when you want to deliver powerful blows. The fit is something you will instantly fall in love with.


  • Made of an open-mesh fabric for an all-rounded ventilation and breathability
  • The synthetic suede overlays on the mesh ensure a snug-fit
  • The low profile EVA midsole gives the heels soft comfort and a light mid-foot
  • Textured gum rubber outsole for superior traction and floor grip
  • Cheaper affordable pair of shoes


  • Super-light –A complete fabric shoe made of a thick layer of open mesh makes it the lightest boxing shoe for a super-fast footwork
  • Great brandAdidas has been a popular player in the field of sports and hence the quality and superior craftsmanship is something that you get by default
  • DurableTo make the fabric shoe more durable, it has synthetic suede overlays on the mesh


  • Wear and tear – As it is made of fabric, it tends to wear out more easily than their leather counterparts

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4. TITLE Box-Star Incite Elite Boxing Shoes

Title Box-Star Incite Elite Boxing Shoes, Blue/White, 13

If you want a great pair of professional looking boxing shoes, then the Box-Star Incite Elite Boxing shoes from Title is the one for you. It is a lightweight shoe to aid you in quick footwork. Well-supported feet can help you perform better and longer in the ring. This shoe is high on comfort and support with a full length mid-sole, a mesh tongue and arc supports.


  • Made of synthetic lightweight leather
  • Double nylon mesh interweave for breathability
  • A full-length mid-sole adds support to the entire foot and the ankles too
  • A zig-zag patterned poly rubber outer sole gives superior grip
  • A thoughtful elastic band to hold the lace ends in place
  • A mesh tongue and arch supports ensures the shoes are high on comfort


  • Ankle-support – The ankle support comes from both the high-top ankles and the full-length double lasted mid-sole
  • Great-fit – The sizes are accurate and also have a great fit
  • Super-grip – The poly-rubber zig zag out-soles ensure that your toes get all the grip they need on the floor while delivering blows
  • Durable –These shoes will last you a good amount of time as they are made with durable materials


  • Stiff- The shoes can be stiff when new and will take quite a bit of time to break in

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How to choose your boxing shoes?

Here is a quick list of the things you should look for before buying your boxing shoes

  1. Shoe fit and size
  2. Shoe material
  3. Ventilation and breathability
  4. Shoe shape and style

The benefits of using Boxing shoes

A very important part of boxing is the footwork. The speed at which you move from side-to-side, forward or backward can help avoid strikes or find openings that you can take advantage of. While it is true that a good boxer should work on his foot movement not everyone is able to do it as efficiently as they would like to.

Many think it is fine to use a pair of trainers or other sports shoes while training. This is an absolute faux pas as running shoes tend to have thick soles and give you unnecessary spring. You won’t feel your feet on the ground or be able to place them flat.

Boxing shoes give you the necessary pivoting to make your punches count. Below we explain the benefits of using boxing shoes and how it can help you with your footwork and more.


  • Lightweight – Unlike regular shoes, boxing shoes are made from lightweight materials. They are also made with breathable materials so that your feet don’t feel sweaty. A combination of lightweight and breathable materials prevent the shoes from bearing down. A good pair of boxing shoes should almost make you feel as if you are wearing no shoes.
  • Anti-slipWhile on the ring you want enough traction but not too much that it impedes your movement. Boxing shoes come with anti-slip outsoles that give you a good floor grip and avoids slipping.
  • StylesBoxing shoes come in different styles to suit the different requirements of a boxer. A ow-top helps in more mobility while a High-Top gives ankle support and obviates the need to wear separate ankle straps.


Final thoughts

We are sure that after reading our reviews you would realize how important wearing a good pair of boxing shoes is. Whether you are interested in learning the sport or are a casual boxer or one who is looking for the perfect pair for your training, there is one that will fit every need.

Every product has been reviewed after carefully testing them for durability, performance and quality. We hope that our top pick and the three best choices will help you find the one that is perfect for you.