Be Nice to Your Brain – 3 Recommended Mouthguards for Pro Boxers


If you want the ultimate in protection and you’re searching for the best boxing mouthguard out there, then we recommend the Shock Doctor Gel Max Convertible Mouthguard. It comes with a unique gel liner for a superior fit and with a heavy duty frame to take maximum damage while protecting your brain, jaw and teeth. If this model is no longer available, be sure to look at the features of Venum Challenger Mouthguard, instead. 

Best Boxing Mouthguards (Reviews)

As someone who has used shock doctor products for years, I can attest to their superior quality and most importantly – their unique custom fitting mold technology.

For anyone who doesn’t know adjusting a shock doctor mouthguard just requires boiling it once and then biting down on it to create a custom mold that gives you a much better fitting mouthguard.  

1. Shock Doctor Gel Max Convertible Mouthguard (Best Value)

Shock Doctor Gel Max Convertible Mouth Guard, Blue/Black, Adult


  1. The exoskeleton  is made of heavy duty rubber for the best protection from even the highest impact
  2. The place where you teeth sit are lined with a gel layer for a custom fit
  3. Multiple layers of materials including the heavy duty rubber frame give maximum protection to your mouth
  4. A convertible tether that can be attached

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  • Best brand – Shock Doctor is the number one brand in mouthguards and has been making them for over 20 years. These are highly reliable must-have mouthguards

Here is a quick look at some essential features


Adult and youth sizes


Available in 10 exciting colors


Multilayer construction made of heavy-duty rubber

Our Top Picks for Boxing Mouthguards

FactorsVenum Challenger MouthguardShock doctor Nano Double MouthguardDamage Control Battle Flag Mouthguard Shock doctor Double Braces Mouthguard

Adult and Youth Adult and Youth Adult and Youth Adult and Youth
ColorMulti Colors Multi Colors Multi Colors Blue and pink

Breathing ChannelsYes
Can be used with braces?No



FitSelf-Fitting Self-Fitting Self-Fitting Insta-Fit

If you want to protect your teeth then the Venum challenger mouthguard is a great option. This is a hard impact mouthguard that comes with gel for maximum comfort and a heavy duty rubber frame.

2. Venum Challenger Mouthguard 

Venum "Challenger" Mouthguard, Red Devil


  • It uses the Next Fit gel technology for a superior fit
  • A high density rubber frame distributes the shock and avoids injury
  • A superior design ensures that you are able to breathe freely while wearing the mouthguard


  • Moldable–The mouthguard is moldable by boiling to give you the best fit
  • Compact–It has been designed to be compact yet fit comfortably well
  • BreathableThis mouthguard lets you breathe easily and is perfect for sparring and grappling

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  • Small gum shields – The gum shields may feel a little small for some people

3. Shock Doctor Nano Double Mouthguard 

Shock Doctor Nano Double Mouth Guard, WHITE, Adult

With the Shock Doctor nano double mouthguard you get twice the amount of protection. It not only accommodates the upper teeth but also protects the lower teeth thereby giving twice the amount of shock absorption.


  • A double arch design for maximum dispersion of impact
  • Tri-bite stabilising features helps with the proper alignment of the upper and lower jaw
  • It comes with a Gel Fit liner that ensures a perfect and snug fit every time
  • Free of toxic materials such as BPA, latex and phthalates

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  • Dual protection –You get twice as much protection as both the upper and lower teeth are encased
  • Superior-fitThe gel liner and tri-bite stabilisers ensure that you get the best possible fit.
  • ComfortableThe shape of the mouthguard and the gel liners maximise comfort
  • Non-toxicThe mouthguard is not only made of superior quality materials but is also made with non-toxic materials


  • Not braces compatible – Unlike some other mouthguards this one cannot be used if you wear braces

4. Damage Control Battle Flag Mouthguard

Damage Control Mouthguards Battle Flag Mouthguard, Black/White

The next recommended product looks great and also ensures safety. Its ability to withstand high impact will protect you from high impact, chipped teeth and ripped gums. Its custom mold works like a custom mouthguard offering great protection.


  • Made with high impact Polyshok material that has 150% more shock absorption capacity
  • A dentist approved design gives a snug fit
  • Designed for better breathability during use

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  • Superior shock absorption – The mouthguard is made of Polyshok material which is able to withstand shock 150% more than other mouthguards
  • Custom fitYou can make the mouthguard fit as per your convenience as it can be Mildred by the ‘boil and bite’ method
  • BreathableThe design of the mouth guard allows you to breathe easily and even let you talk freely during training
  • Good-looks – The mouthguard not only feels great but also looks great


  • Large – The mouthguard is a bit bulky

5. Shock Doctor Double Braces Mouthguard (Good for Braces and Kids) 

Shock Doctor Double Braces Mouth Guard - Upper and Lower Teeth Protection - Mouthguard No Boil / Instant Fit - For Youth, Teenager, Kids and Adults. Mouth Piece OSFA. Tether Strap Included

Mouthguards can be impossible to wear if you have braces. But the Shock Doctor double braces mouthguard has been designed specifically to be worn with braces making it the perfect mouthguard for kids boxing


  • Instafit technology for a superior fit that is specifically designed for boxers using braces
  • Unique orthodox channels have been designed to accommodate braces
  • Channels in the middle of the mouthguard which facilitates easy breathing
  • The entire mouthguard is made with 100% medical grade silicone making it safe

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  • Braces-friendly –All parts of the mouthguard have been designed specifically for use with braces
  • Strap-optionIt comes with the option of either using it with or without straps
  • Breathable As braces can further affect breathing, the mouthguard comes with special ventilation channels for better breathability.
  • Auto-AdjustingIt adjusts to teeth positions for a comfortable fit


  • Removal – You need to be very careful while removing the mouthguard to avoid your braces from coming off or damage to the mouthguard itself

What You Need to Know About Mouthguard Protection

Studies show that the wearing a mouthguard can significantly reduce the amount of trauma on your brain. The mechanism for this is fairly simple. Impact on your jaw/neck or face will reverberate to your brain causing your brain to be pushed up against the skull causing trauma. A mouthguard avoids this by absorbing the impact and not having your teeth break into hundreds of little pieces (which is what would happen if you didn’t have one).

This is why it is important to wear a good boxing mouthguard. A quality boxing mouthguard not only protects your teeth from damage but also absorbs shock and distributes it evenly thereby reducing the impact.

To make it easier for you, we have reviewed some of the best boxing mouthguards with all the necessary information to help you pick the right one for you.

We believe that high impact combat sports should only be done wearing the best of protective gear.

The review is thus a complete resource with all the information in one place including the pros and cons of a product. And because we have included honest reviews from customers you can be sure that you only get completely unbiased information about every product.

How to choose your boxing mouthguard

Though a mouthguard looks like a simple piece of rubber, there are many other things that go into making it a great mouth guard. Here is what you need to know.

  1. Pre-made/boil and bite/custom made mouthguards for the desired fit
  2. High or low impact depending on the intensity of impact
  3. Single arch/Dual arch or dual protection for braces
  4. Thickness and flexibility of the materials used

Why You Can’t Just Use Any Mouthguard

Types of mouthguards:

  1. Low-impact – This is for low-impact sports like Soccer and basketball.
  2. High impact –These are for combat sports like Boxing, Muay Thai and MMA (Mixed Martial Arts)

When you’re hit the impact travels from your jaw to your entire skull. This can cause serious jaw fractures or even brain concussions in extreme cases. This is another reason why getting quality headgear and the correct sparring gloves is important. 

A mouthguard acts as a shock absorber and basically distributes the impact so that there is no single point that takes all the impact.

Also your teeth can slam together causing chipping or complete breakage. A mouthguard protects you from all of the above. But is it very essential to choose one that is specifically designed for combat sports.

Final Thoughts High Quality Protective Mouth-wear

Even if you are only training or coaching, wearing a good quality mouthguard will save you from costly dental visits and keep your million dollar smile intact. While injuries like a chipped or a broken tooth can be fixed with a visit to your dentist, some other injuries can have long term effects on your health.

Custom mouthguards can be made by your dentist but they can be very expensive. There are many top brands in the market that make high quality mouthguards to give you the best in protection, comfort and fit.

We have handpicked five of the best boxing mouthguards on the market after enough research to help you get nothing but only the best protection while training.