If you have been scouring the Internet in search of the best boxing gloves under 100 but you’ve failed to find something that suits your expectations and requirements, you’ve ended up in the perfect place. We’ve looked at hundreds of models before putting together this post. Based on the many reviews that we have gone through, it seems that the first gloves that you ought to consider are the Venum Elite Boxing Gloves. These are well-made, convenient, and durable, and they come with a reinforced palm that ensures excellent impact absorption. If they’re no longer available, we suggest that you consider another pair of top boxing gloves under 100, the Trideer Pro Grade Boxing Gloves.   

Best Boxing Gloves Under 100 (Reviews)

Whether you’re in the market for the best sparring gloves under 100 or one that you can use for heavy bag work, you should take a look at the selection that we made below. From what we have noticed, the following models are among the most critically acclaimed ones out there, with many boxers saying that they are worth every cent and even more. 

1. Venum Elite Boxing Gloves

Venum Elite Boxing Gloves, Black/Red/Grey, 16-Ounce

Venum is one of the best-known names in the industry of manufacturing gear specifically made for contact sports. It’s true that in the past couple of years, the brand has been experiencing some issues with the quality of the products, but from what we have noticed, this model doesn’t seem to be in that problematic category. 

The gloves are made with 100% Skintex leather that’s handmade in Thailand. You might want to know that they can offer you more than adequate protection and shock absorption thanks to the triple density foam used in their construction, along with their reinforced palms. 

The anatomical design of the glove is another aspect worth writing home as it comes with an attached thumb. It also boasts a sizable velcro enclosure and an elastic one, as well. We couldn’t help noticing that some of the individuals who have reviewed the gloves say that they are actually better than its Fairtex and Hayabusa counterparts. 

Some boxers note that the Elite model is far better than the Contender or Challenger model made by the same brand. Despite them being quite affordable, there have been fighters who have used them for over one year. 

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2. Trideer Pro Grade Boxing Gloves

Trideer Pro Grade Boxing Gloves, Kickboxing Bagwork Gel Sparring Training Gloves, Muay Thai Style Punching Bag Mitts, Fight Gloves Men & Women(Black & White, 16 oz)

If you’re in the market for a pair of good boxing gloves under 100 but you’d actually prefer to spend less than fifty, this one should fit the bill. While it might be true that Trideer isn’t as well-known as some other brands in the industry, it does seem to make pretty decent accessories and gear for fighters. 

The gloves have a faux leather construction and are well stitched for enhanced durability. They are somewhat wider than some of their competitors, so they can offer more stability to your wrist. Apparently, this feature makes it easier for you to throw punches. 

The multi-density foam boasted by this product is another thing worth writing home about as it allows you to benefit from excellent shock absorption. Furthermore, the mesh section is breathable and capable of keeping your hands dry even when you fight for a longer amount of time. 

In case you’re having second thoughts about giving these gloves a shot, we’ll put your mind at ease by telling you that they are backed by a 30-day no hassle return policy. 

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3. Everlast Pro Style Training Gloves

Everlast 1200014 Pro Style Training Gloves (Black, 14 oz.)

If you have been checking out reviews of boxing gloves under 100 for a while and you have failed to find a pair that actually suits your needs, you might want to have a look at this model. The gloves are made from rugged and long-lasting synthetic leather, which is why they have a good chance of standing the test of time.

Unlike some of the other products that we have showcased here, these are actually made in the United States. There is a dense double layer of foam that provides you with an extra amount of protection, and the full padding both on the front and the back of the wrist enables you to punch correctly.

The gloves are made of 80% polyurethane and 20% polyester, and while some boxers might argue that going for gloves made of natural leather is a better idea, the latter can be too expensive for a beginning boxer. 

What is truly surprising about these boxing gloves is the amount of appreciation that they have gathered over time. Both female and male boxers seem to love them and speak highly of their features, and there are people who have been using the same pair for over a year without experiencing any issues. 

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4. Ringside Apex Boxing Training Gloves

Ringside Apex Boxing Training Bag Gloves

Even though they are slightly more expensive compared to some of the other choices that we have showcased here, the Ringside gloves are definitely worthy of your consideration. They come with a tapered wrap-around closure that ensures that your wrist support will be on par at all times. 

The full hook and loop closure that they are equipped with also makes it possible for you to put them on and take them off in a matter of seconds. The IMF technology used in their construction is far better compared to layered foam. These gloves are clear winners in terms of durability, as well as protection.

What’s also worth noting is that they boast a Stay-Dry lining that makes it possible for you to keep your hands dry as you continue training. The lining also comes with microbial protection, and since there are ventilation holes in the mesh palm and thumb, all the sweat is wicked away quickly. 

Some of the boxers who have given them a go say that they are perfect for sparring and bag work, but that they tend to run a little small. As such, it might be a good idea to check out the sizing chart of the manufacturing brand before placing your order. 

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5. Title Boxing Viper Training Gloves

Title Boxing Viper Training Gloves, Grey/Black, 16 oz

If you have nothing against investing a little more in a pair that you might end up considering the best 16oz boxing gloves under 100, then you should check out this model. They are capable of excellent performance and they will also last for a long while. 

The model boasts a rugged snakeskin configuration, engineered suede leather, as well as belly skin for an incredible training glove overall. You might also want to know that there is multi-layered inner foam padding complete with a less dense shock-absorbing layer on the bottom and a medium-density one on the outer layer. 

The padding means that you will benefit from amazing shock absorption and you’ll also protect your opponent, to an extent. As for the closure, this model is outfitted with an angled wrap-around wrist strap. 

Additionally, the hand liner that can be found on the inside has moisture-wicking capabilities, which means that it keeps the boxer’s hands dry and reasonably cool. 

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Cheap Boxing Gloves – Buying Guide 

Getting a pair of boxing gloves that doesn’t cost a fortune and that is quite decent, too, can be a pretty big challenge that many boxers have to face nowadays. Fear not — we’ve put together a short yet comprehensive guide below and in it, you’ll find the most important aspects that you should take into account. Read on to learn how to make an informed decision.

Picking the right size

Size is extremely important when it comes to boxing gloves for beginners. Gloves are usually displayed in ounces and some of the common sizes range from 10oz (smallest) to 16oz. However, there are 18oz and 20oz gloves, as well, and they are traditionally used for sparring. 10oz gloves are generally utilized for bag workouts. 

Title Boxing Viper Training Gloves, Grey/Black, 16 oz

The size is also correlated with the boxer’s body weight and hand circumference. For example, if you have a hand circumference of 8.5 to 9.5”, you should probably opt for 14oz gloves. In any case, before you decide on a particular pair, you should have a talk with your trainer at the studio. 

There are lots of videos on the Internet that can help you how to distinguish between the many sizes available out there and how you can find the perfect one for your purpose and physical attributes. 


We have already mentioned that boxing gloves can be split up into two major categories – training gloves and bag gloves. But most manufacturing companies will refer to them in general as being just boxing gloves. There is a difference between the two, however, although there are gloves for general training, as well.

Training gloves are multi-functional, which means that they can be used for a variety of purposes. They are cheaper and can be used for different types of boxing, as well, including Thai boxing. 

Title Boxing Viper Training Gloves, Grey/Black, 16 oz

Bag gloves, on the other hand, are specifically designed to be used for heavy bag work. These can be extremely helpful if you intend to train at home or you just aren’t going to be engaging in any sparring. Most bag gloves come with more padding than their training counterparts. 


Getting cheap boxing gloves that are made of leather is practically impossible as leather is extremely expensive. The most common types of materials used in boxing gloves are vinyl and leather, but there are lots of faux leather alternatives available, as well. Check out this RDX Boxing Glove Review for more info on that. 

Vinyl gloves are more affordable and they typically cost around forty to seventy bucks. Leather might make a better option in terms of durability and comfortable, but it costs a pretty penny. Leather actually molds to your hand over time, which means that the glove will fit you better. 

Ringside Apex Boxing Training Bag Gloves

Vinyl is also less breathable compared to leather, and this can make your hands too hot and too sweaty. If you want to get a pair that’s made of faux leather or vinyl, make sure that you get one that comes with mesh panels or holes for ventilation. 

Type of closure

Most boxing gloves used to be lace-up in the past, but with more and more boxers wanting to train alone these days, you’ll find that many models come with velcro closures nowadays.

Velcro has its advantages, but it can often be less durable and provide you with a less secure closure compared to lace up gloves.

For training purposes, we recommend using a velcro fastener, especially if you tend to train alone. In professional boxing, however, you should opt for lace-up gloves. They also look a lot better. 

What to avoid when shopping for boxing gloves

If you can afford it, avoid vinyl and choose leather. If you want to get handmade boxing gloves, expect to deal with a break-in period.

Your gloves should never hurt your hands or cause pain in any way — if they do, they’re not a good fit for you. Have a talk with your instructor before choosing your first pair of boxing gloves, if you can. 

Trideer Pro Grade Boxing Gloves, Kickboxing Bagwork Gel Sparring Training Gloves, Muay Thai Style Punching Bag Mitts, Fight Gloves Men & Women(Black & White, 16 oz)

The right type of glove should come with excellent cushioning capabilities, should never force your hand to shape in one way or the other, and it should also be comfortable enough to wear with hand wraps on.

The right glove also needs to fit your hand, wrist, as well as fingers perfectly, and it should also be able to stand the test of time. 

The typical durability that you can expect from boxing gloves that cost less than one hundred dollars is around one year, and that’s only if you have several pairs and rotate between them. There are several exceptions to the rule, of course, and we did our best at showcasing them in our selection.

When trying to tell whether the glove is going to last or not, it might be a good idea to check out some of the reviews that other boxers have written of the model you’re considering.