Best Boxing Games with Realistic Gameplay 2021


It has been over a decade since the very first installment in the Fight Night series had been released by EA Sports. This has been a popular boxing game series, a top favorite for many gamers. There have been 5 installments released in this series, the last one being the Fight Night Champion.

We have picked the fourth one in the series – Fight Night Round 4. This one is our favorite due to the balanced gameplay it offers. It comes with some slick updates on its predecessor. But then again, all the other games in our list are equally impressive in terms of the gameplay they deliver. But Fight Night Round 4 won with a slight edge over the others we reviewed.

To see some of the latest games out for Xbox, PC and Playstation – check out our list.

Best Boxing Games (Reviews)

All the games we have reviewed, come with crisp graphics, feature real boxers, and come with play modes suitable for every level of expertise.

1. Editor’s Choice Fight Night Round 4 

Fight Night Round 4 - Playstation 3

No less than the real boxing, you have to make the most accurate calculative moves to prove yourself on the ring in Fight Night Round 4. Fight Night games have always created a name for themselves. With all the good reputation to live up to, this game did not disappoint the gamers nor the critics.

Platforms supported:

  • Xbox
  • Sony PS3
  • Windows mobile
  • Blackberry

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Released in 2009, this game came as a successor to the Fight Night Round 3 with some welcome additions and modifications.

But first check out some of this badass gameplay….

New features included:

  • The main talked about feature of the game was the physics-based controls incorporated in this version. Every punch and the impact thus could be produced true-to-life. Every supplementing minor detail like the movements in the ring, the blocks and punches were all tweaked from the previous version.
  • Both single and multiplayer modes are supported.
  • Not overall violent so great for kids who like boxing.
  • The featured boxers in the game are Mike Tyson and Muhammad Ali. There are additional boxer packs available for download featuring over 45 licensed boxers.
  • The addition of real boxers comes with the inclusion of real boxing styles too.
  • Career mode found in the previous versions has been replaced by the Legacy mode. This is a sleek training mode where even the most amateur players can play a series of mini-games and fine tune their techniques before facing their actual rivals on the ring in the multiplayer mode. This mode allows you to choose fights, choose opponents and take part in fights. This would eventually also consist of the player continuously expressing his skills and moving up in his rank.
  • In the ring, in real life boxing, shorter players have certain advantages like being faster sometimes and taller players have their own advantages. Even such finer characteristics of boxing have been included in this game. You can choose players according to the type of opponent you might face and the way you wish to face them.
  • Downloadable content including new gear, training gym, accessories, boxer packs were all made available weeks after the game was released. There is a lot of content to download and make your gameplay more interesting.

Overall, the gameplay, features, stunning graphics and the hyped about physics based engine all perform well. The mini-games in the legacy mode might appear a bit too monotonous for the professionals sometimes. Other than that, we could find nothing much to complain about this game.

Top Picks for Best Boxing Game 

Game Platform Modes
UFC 2 Sony PS4, Xbox One Single and multi-player
UFC Undisputed 3 Sony PS3, Xbox 360 Single and multi-player

Fight Night Round 3

Smartphone, Sony PS2, PS3, PlayStation Portable, Xbox and Xbox 360

Single and multi-player

2. EA Sports UFC 2 

EA Sports UFC 2 - Xbox One

Among the ones in our list, this is the newest one. Based on the Ultimate Fighting Championship, succeeding the 2014 game UFC, this one was released first in 2016. The gameplay has been crafted to stay as close to the real UFC games as possible.

There are more than 250 players to choose from including many female fighters. There is the regular gameplay fighting at the ring and the other modes like the team mode, career mode, practice mode and the others like most other boxing and mixed martial arts games.

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Check out these 25 killer knockouts and see how realistic the gameplay actually is.

There is a knockout mode where you can fight like the regular ring but win by making a knockout. Months after the release, this game has been positively received by gamers. Here some of the features of the game we loved:

  • The “knockout physics system” is accurate and smooth. This makes every hit, punch and block real and accurate. It is a visual treat watching the real punches delivered on the screen and the stunning reproduction of every little detail.
  • With the UFC 2, you can control even the finer aspects of your fighter’s body movements like the head and neck movements. This helps better in dodging a blow, defending, blocking and shielding.
  • Besides offering slick graphics, this game also comes with the largest list of fighters and legendary players to choose from for your matches which makes the gameplay even more real and interesting.

Unless you are not a big fan of MMA, unless you are looking for some real arcade style modes, this game would definitely be a treat to play and watch too!

3. UFC Undisputed 3 

UFC Undisputed 3 [Japan Import]

EA Sports released the UFC Undisputed 3 following the UFC Undisputed which came in 2010. With few enhancements and additions in the gameplay, this game too received a warm welcome much like its predecessor.

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We particularly liked the Pride mode included in this version. Here you can compete in the Pride environment. Besides being governed by the Japanese MMA rules, you would also see famous official announcers and lots more in this new mode.Here are some more features we love about the game:

  • The movements in this game have been fine tuned to be more realistic with the help of motion capture.
  • The UFC Undisputed 3 also has a new improved stamina system. This would reduce your stamina at every cut and would also require you to fully rest to restore your stamina. This is again backed up by true-to-life details including the recovery between each round.
  • Finishing the fight is also not the same anymore. You have some new options to gain over the opponent and finish the game thanks to the submission system which has been included.
  • The list of UFC champions you can choose from is pretty long- over 150. You can choose them from Bantamweight and Featherweight categories.
  • There minor improvements in the controls though not evident in the first move, might get noticeable with the smoother gameplay, accurate punches and better defenses delivered.

For hardcore MMA fans who love the UFC games, this one has a lot to deliver.

4. Fight Night Round 3 

Fight Night Round 3 - Playstation 3

We never get bored of the Fight Night games do we?! Talk about boxing games and the Fight Night somehow finds its place on the list. That’s why we have another one in this series in our review after our most favorite one, the Round 4.

Improving a lot from the Round 2, this one came with some new punches included. Have you tried the ravaging Super Punch and seen the ripples on the fighter’s face?! There are some more such interesting impact punches and details added that would satisfy several boxing fanatics.

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  • You can choose and craft your fighting styles and compare it against that of the renowned players- cool isn’t it?
  • This one came with a “Career Mode” where you fight small games, keep improving your ranks and thus improve your probability to take part in sponsored fights, or even get featured on the ESPN for that matter!
  • Many also like the ESPN classic fights in the game.
  • There are 27 boxers to choose from. The list is not the longest, yes! But keeping in mind that it was released a decade ago, this was indeed a good number.
  • Talking about the year of release, it is hard to believe that it has been more than a decade since the Round 3 came in as it has not its impact on still.

Boxing Games Buying Guide 

Here are some of the factors we look for in the boxing games when we choose the best ones:

  • Characterization and personalization of the game
  • Availability of efficient training sessions to prepare for the real tournaments
  • Variety of game modes
  • Game engine and type of controls offered.

How Boxing Games Have Changed

Do you love video games? Do you love boxing? Or do you love both? Then you are at the right place. What do we have in store for you? We have reviewed the best boxing games on the market.

There was a time when video games were all about arcades and puzzles and the likes. Street Fighter days truly were golden days for gamers, weren’t they? There are several such games that have not lost their charm though it has been decades since they have been released.

This is because these are not just about the fun and entertainment they offer. They take time to attain mastery over. They need the right skills and fighting techniques.

Taking the fighting games to the next level, we have boxing games that are as good as the real boxing games. PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo and other gaming consoles have changed the way we play video games. With the incorporation of motion sensors, improved high-definition graphics, we have some of the most addictive games with the best gameplay.

Now coming back to boxing games- how are boxing games today? They are close to the real time boxing with more accurate gaming engines and incredibly realistic action.

But yes, the HD graphics make them as good as real. A lot of games require players to have high quality gaming projector and advanced graphic systems, this reviews covers both kinds. We have considered the boxing games that come with real gameplay that allows you to fine tune your punches and develop your own style like you would in the actual ring.

How We Chose

We have on board some of the best gamers and game testers. We know that you play boxing games like a real boxer. We spend hours hunting for the best boxing games on the market. We then pick out the ones that come with smooth consistent gameplay.

We further narrow down by choosing the ones that offer the best gameplay. We know and we love boxing. So we have only settled down with those which offer the perfect virtual boxing experience. You don’t have to wear any boxing trunks to play them, either!

We checked a number of user review and discussion forums, critics’ analysis reports we also played them ourselves for hours. We left no stones unturned to shortlist the best boxing games that are sure to impress you in every aspect.

The best part about these games is that, even for the real boxers, these games can pose as a virtual platform to design and devise their fighting styles and strategies. No need to grab a pair of boxing gloves under 100 to practice your skills. 

We started out by picking a list of 10 best boxing games.

With all the research and review, we have come up with the 4 best ones including the one that particularly impressed us in a lot of aspects.

Final thoughts:

Wrapping up, there are a lot of games particularly for boxing and those that feature Mixed Martial arts. There are those that are designed to resemble the famous real world championships drawing the rules and gameplay from them directly.

If you’re gonna live stream any boxing games make sure to use a VPN, which you wouldn’t need when watching a boxing workout DVD, for example. Some of these games can help you develop your skills, and don’t hesitate to train in your basement with the best boxing heavy bag that you can get. 

No matter what your fighting style is if you wish to rest your eyes from all the gun shooting and MOBA games, the 4 games we have laid before you are sure to get you to the edge of your seat into some real boxing mode without putting on your boxing gloves or your boxing shorts.