Building your strength and resistance comes from a lot of commitment, and if you don’t get enough practice or have no way of going to the gym or studio every day, this can be difficult. If you’re looking to make the most of your endeavors and develop your skills, you should probably search for the best boxing bag at home. Based on the research that we have done by browsing through hundreds of models, it seems that the first model you should consider in this category is the Ringside 100-pound Powerhide Boxing Punching Heavy Bag. It’s made of durable material which makes it capable of standing the test of time. This one can definitely put up with a lot of abuse over time. If it’s no longer available, you should look at the features that the Meister 100lb Filled Heavy Bag for Boxing can offer you. 

Best Boxing Bags (Reviews)

Getting a good boxing bag nowadays can be relatively challenging. There are lots of products available for sale out there, and you need to make sure that their features match your needs and preferences, as well as your strength and physical attributes, too. Here are some models that we’ve noticed are actually worth bearing in mind. 

1. Ringside 100-pound Powerhide Boxing Punching Heavy Bag

Ringside 100-pound Powerhide Boxing Punching Heavy Bag (Soft Filled)

This model is among the most popular ones that we have come across, but that shouldn’t come as a surprise. It has a soft 2-inch foam liner that makes it possible for you to feel comfortable even when you hit it with as much force as possible. Also, this one makes a good choice for both beginners and professional boxers.

No matter whether you’re looking to elevate your boxing, MMA, or Muay Thai skills, the Ringside model should definitely be able to satisfy your requirements. It’s soft filled to 100 pounds and it measures 14 inches by 42 inches. It also comes with a heavy duty chain (swivel included) and a D-ring on the bottom.

Therefore, installation isn’t really going to be a nuisance with this model, which might help you save over one hundred and fifty at some marketplaces that also offer expert assembly. 

Besides, since it is made of durable powerhide, you aren’t going to have to worry about getting this heavy bag damaged ahead of time. Last, but not least, Ringside is among the top boxing bag brands currently available. 

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2. Meister 100lb Filled Heavy Bag for Boxing, MMA & Muay Thai

Meister 100lb Filled Heavy Bag for Boxing, MMA & Muay Thai - 60" Professional Kicking & Punching Bag - Black

While it might not make a good choice for those of you who are searching for cheap boxing bags, this model by Meister is another that you should bear in mind. Unlike some of the others that we have come across, this one measures 60 inches in length and 12 inches in width, allowing you to practice all sorts of hits and moves from punches to elbows and knees.

Since it boasts a thick military-grade textured vinyl construction, this bag has the perfect striking surface. The vinyl is also very rugged, which means that it speaks to the needs of those that are looking for a highly durable boxing bag. It’s so good at what it’s supposed to do that it can even be used in gyms, not just for home use.

The bag comes with integrated heavy duty hanger straps complete with D-rings, which means that hanging it from the ceiling isn’t going to be too much of a headache. Believe it or not, this one even comes with a reusable outer case that you can use in case you move or want to store it away. 

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3. Everlast 70-pound Poly Canvas Heavy Bag

Everlast 70-Pound MMA Poly Canvas Heavy Bag (Black)

If you are in the market for a lighter boxing bag, you should start with this one. Many reviews of boxing bags in fact recommend it for its quality and dependability, but since it has a weight of just 70 lbs, it definitely speaks to the needs of beginning and amateur boxers. 

The heavy duty nylon straps that it is outfitted with provide plenty of safety and security, so you can rest assured that you aren’t going to go through an accident while kicking this bag. It also includes a chain whose height is adjustable, so installing it from your ceiling couldn’t get easier.

The bag is on the smaller side compared to some other models since it measures around 53 inches in height and it has a diameter of 13.5 inches. 

The quality of the product is definitely something worth writing home about since it is made with a high-quality synthetic polycanvas. Its construction ensures durability, so you will be able to sell it when you want to replace it with a heavier one, for example. 

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4. Best Choice Products 52lb Hanging Bag

Best Choice Products 52lb Hanging Heavy Punching Bag for Fitness, Training, Boxing w/Wall-Mount Rack, Pull Up Bar

If what you are looking to do is work on your core and train your shoulders, triceps, and biceps, you should consider this model, as well. It is one of the lightest ones that we were able to find, so it definitely addresses the requirements of those who don’t want to injure themselves. 

The best thing about the model is that it comes with a wall-mounted rack that includes a pullup bar. This means that you can train your upper back and forearms, as well, not just the muscle groups that you would stimulated when hitting the boxing bag. Thanks to the hanging feature, you can install this unit pretty much anywhere in your house.

What’s also worth noting about this unit is that it comes with a durable plastic cover and it is constructed of shock-absorbent iron sand. Therefore, it is more than capable of withstanding a lot of abuse, allowing you to make the most of it for the years to come. 

The weight capacity of the model is estimated to be 264 lbs and it measures just 32 inches in height and 12 inches in diameter. Despite being very budget-friendly and quite small, it’s received plenty of favorable customer reviews. 

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5. Flexzion Boxing Bag for Adults

Flexzion Heavy Punching Bag 39" MMA Boxing Kickboxing Workout Training Exercise Practice Gear Empty with Rotating Chains for Adults Men Women in Army Green

If you are on a budget and you aren’t looking to spend more than fifty bucks on a more than decent boxing bag, you should probably have a look at this model by Flexzion. It does come unfilled, so you will have to use your own filling, but that’s not a drawback for anyone who has already owned a heavy bag in the past. 

The bag measures 11.8 inches in diameter and 39 inches in length (without the chains). The maximum recommended weight for the model is 66 lbs, so it is a bit on the smaller and lighter side of things. However, the fact that it comes with a 360-degree rotating chain and swivel definitely increase the value it can offer you.

The manufacturing company recommends this model for boxing practice, martial arts, kickboxing, as well as general fitness. No matter whether you intend to get it for your gym or for home use, it can definitely prove to be an excellent workout tool. Plus, it can surely help you blow off some steam after a perhaps frustrating day at work. 

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6. Ringside Large Leather Boxing Heavy Bag

Ringside Large Leather Boxing Punching Heavy Bag

If you have nothing against spending a pretty penny on a bag that can stand the test of time and meet and even exceed your expectations, be sure to consider this one, as well. It’s on the larger side of things and it weighs a whopping 125 to 130 lbs. It measures 16 inches by 48 inches, so it’s not huge, but it can definitely get the job done.

As is the case with many of the other models that we have showcased here, it is accompanied by a chain and swivel. What’s cool about this option, however, is the fact that it is filled with soft shredded textile, which means that it provides a comfortable hitting surface.

The material on the surface of the bag isn’t rough at all, at least judging by the feedback that this unit has received over time. Most customers think that it’s vinyl, although we weren’t able to find any information in this sense. 

As for durability, it seems that not something you should feel concerned about since there have been people using this bag for the past three years. 

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7. Lastworld Heavy Duty Vinyl Boxing Punching Bag

Lastworld Heavy Duty Vynl Boxing Puching Bag Black

This is another unfilled alternative that you might want to keep in mind, either because you have had a boxing bag that has become damaged and you were left with the filling or because you’d rather fill it up with whichever filling you might have available. 

The Lastworld alternative is 51 inches long with chains and 41 inches without chains. The diameter is 17 inches. As you might have noticed, it’s not the most sizable boxing bag ever to have seen the light of day, but it does make a perfect workout tool, especially for beginners.

The best thing about this unit is that it has a vinyl surface, which means that it is comfortable to hit and it also does a good job when it comes to meeting your expectations in terms of durability. The extra heavy duty stitching is another aspect to take into account as it also makes the bag quite rugged.

What are actual boxers saying about this product? Well, some say that it is much better than they expected it to be. It’s strong and well made and the fact that it comes unfilled has allowed some people to fill it up with used carpet for the shape and cat litter and wood shavings for the weight. 

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Boxing Bag Buying Guide

It can be more or less difficult to get the right type of boxing bag, especially since they seem to be so similar. The right amount of research can assist you in identifying the key features of the perfect boxing bag, so that you can go through the available options and choose the one that are worthy of your consideration.

The guide that we have compiled below will give you some pointers as to what you are supposed to look for in such a product.

Pure Boxing Kids 25lb Canvas Heavy Bag Kit with Gloves and Jump Rope

The type

There are several types of boxing bags available for sale nowadays and being aware of the strengths and drawbacks of every one can allow you to focus your attention on the model that you really require. 

Round heavy bags are circular or they can look like a teardrop. They can be utilized to hone some types of body punches. Banana heavy bags are slimmer and longer compared to standard bags and they are made for training low kicks and knee strikes. 

Double-end heavy bags have the shape of an hourglass. These are beneficial for athletes that are looking to train for competitive boxing. The shape of the bag is quite similar to that of a real opponent.

A quite popular alternative also available is the free standing boxing bag. These come with a stand so they can’t typically be mounted on the ceiling. They aren’t the best option for boxing, though, since with their assistance, you can practice low kicks used in mixed martial arts, Muay Thai, or kickboxing, for example.

Speed bags are another type, but they are mostly utilized for improving fast-paced punches. They can also be used for improving endurance, strength, as well as timing. 

GEMGO Punching Bag, Inflatable Punching Bag for Kids 160cm Training Bag Kickboxing Bag Heavy Inflatable Free-Standing Fitness Boxing Bag Punching Dummy for Children & Adult

Weight and other aspects

Picking the perfect weight shouldn’t be that difficult if you follow the rule according to which you should pick a bag that’s around half of your body weight. You can choose a heavier alternative if you are very experienced or you have powerful strikes that would make smaller bags wobble too much.

While the majority of the boxing bags that we have showcased in our selection come with chains and a swivel, you will have to make sure that you can install them so that they hang from the ceiling. If not, you’re going to have to look for an installation system or a stand.


When it comes to what the boxing bag is made from, there are two things that are important — the filling and the covering. The hitting surface can be made of a variety of materials nowadays from nevatear or canvas to real leather, poly leather, or vinyl. Leather is by far the best material since it’s also the most durable one.

However, leather does require a lot of maintenance, and we couldn’t help noticing that many leather boxing bags are expensive. While it’s true that leather covering doesn’t tear or crack if you take care of it, you might want to opt for canvas if you are on a budget. 

Ringside Large Leather Boxing Punching Heavy Bag

When it comes to the filling, there are several factors to keep in mind, too. These are the firmness, the comfort, the weight, but also the cost of the filling. It’s often a good idea to get a prefilled boxing bag, but once that one gets damaged, you will probably want to invest in an unfilled one. 

There are 4 main types of filling that you can consider: foam, water, sand, and textile material. Sand is used by boxers who want the most weight. Its drawback is that it changes its hardness over time, so it’s often combined with other types of material.

Foam is another kind of popular filling since it offers a consistent experience and the bottom of the bag doesn’t become too hard or stiff over time. Water-filled bags are also convenient as they can be replaced with ease. 

Textile fillings are great, as well, especially if you are looking to reduce the muscle strain on your wrists, shoulders, or elbows. The textile material is usually conforming and quite soft. It’s up to you to pick the right covering and filling, in the end. 

Flexzion Heavy Punching Bag 39" MMA Boxing Kickboxing Workout Training Exercise Practice Gear Empty with Rotating Chains for Adults Men Women in Army Green

Boxing Bags – Frequently Asked Questions

Are boxing bags waterproof?

It largely depends on the model that you will end up choosing. Some have really good-quality stitching and amazing material, too, but others lack the quality that might make them waterproof. Generally, vinyl and leather bags can be waterproof (or at least water-resistant) and canvas units aren’t waterproof.

The problem is that with bags that have a canvas cover and are filled with textile material, the likelihood of them being affected by mold or mildew can be quite high. If you want to keep your boxing bag in a potentially humid environment, it might be a better idea to invest in a vinyl or leather one. 

What are boxing bags filled with?

We’ve already discussed this in the buying guide, but to make it easier for you, we’ll note the fillings here, too.

  • Sand
  • Water
  • Textile 
  • Foam 

Sand is the worst of all of the options since it can sediment toward the lower part of the heavy bag. This means that you might risk injuring yourself if you hit this section. If you intend to fill the bag by yourself, it might be a good idea to use a mix of sand, foam, and textile material, for example, so that you prevent this issue. 

Water is extremely convenient but you need to make sure that you pick a high-quality bag because if one of the seams gets damaged, the bag will effectively burst open and cause a mess wherever you might have installed it. 

Best Choice Products 52lb Hanging Heavy Punching Bag for Fitness, Training, Boxing w/Wall-Mount Rack, Pull Up Bar

How much are boxing bags?

The price of these products varies largely depending on several factors. For example, if you get a boxing bag from a well-known brand such as Meister or Ringside, it’s quite likely for it to be pricier compared to one made by an unknown brand. 

The material that the bag is crafted from is another factor that can impact the price. Real leather bags are quite expensive, and it wouldn’t be unusual for you to have to spend around three or even four hundred dollars on one. Canvas bags are much more affordable by comparison, with some being priced at around seventy dollars.

Unfilled bags are cheaper than their filled counterparts, and some of them can be as cheap as thirty to forty dollars. 

How heavy are boxing bags?

Boxing bags have different weights, so you can purchase the one that you want and need depending on your own body weight. The rule of thumb in this case is to get one that’s about half of your body weight. However, if you are experienced, are quite strong, and you have used a heavier bag at the studio before, you could get a heavy one. 

The lightest boxing bags usually weigh in at around 30 pounds. The sky’s the limit when it comes to how heavy it can get, and we’ve seen some that are even heavier than 100 pounds. 

Can you keep a boxing bag outside?

You can keep a boxing bag indoors or outdoors, depending on where you have enough space and the conditions of that place, as well. The reason we’re mentioning the conditions is that the cover can get damaged if you leave the bag in a moist, dark, or unventilated place. It can even become moldy, for example. 

If you keep your boxing bag in the garage or on the patio in the warm season, it shouldn’t normally get damaged. If you intend to keep it in the garage, make sure that you have some source of ventilation. 

Meister 100lb Filled Heavy Bag for Boxing, MMA & Muay Thai - 60" Professional Kicking & Punching Bag - Black

Do boxing bags come filled?

It depends on the one you want to purchase, actually. Most of the models you will come across come filled, but there are some where you can just buy the outer covering and then fill it up with whatever material you have available.

The cost of the unfilled bags is considerably lower compared to that of filled boxing bags. 

Is using a boxing bag good exercise?

The short answer to this question is yes. Punching a boxing bag regularly can improve your aerobic fitness by challenging your cardiovascular and respiratory system. This helps you improve your stamina and endurance. Plus, transferring your body weight from one foot to the other greatly improves your coordination and stability.

Besides, hitting a boxing bag stimulates many of your muscle groups – in your shoulders, chest, arms, back, legs, and even in your waist. The more time you spend training with your boxing bag, the better your upper body strength will become. Eventually, you will be able to throw punches fast without being hurt.