Body Shot! Protect Your Body With Our 3 Best Body Protectors


Our top pick of the best boxing body protector is the Contender Fight Sports Heavy Hitter Body Protector. The Contender brand of boxing gear and equipment is quite good and of great quality.

We would certainly recommend this to coaches, who are into boxing and mixed martial arts as well. So, if you are a coach, looking for some awesome protection, then the Contender Fight Sports Heavy Hitter Body Protector would be the right choice for you. Its amazing features and durable quality will make it last long. Now, taking full power punches from others will not put you in danger of getting bruised.

Best Body Protectors (Reviews)

1. Editor’s Choice Contender Fight Sports Heavy Hitter Body Protector (Best Value)

Contender Fight Sports Heavy Hitter Boxing Body Protector

The construction of this product is great and is made with synthetic leather. More importantly, the foam that comes with the protector is dense and provides good shock absorption. This is a protector that is designed for a martial arts or boxing coach to use as a tool for body punch routines. This one can absorb the constant impact and punches, during the coaching.

Let’s take a look at the features:

  • Made of synthetic leather
  • Comes with thick foam padding
  • Has nylon straps with buckles.

The advantages of the Contender Fight Sports Heavy Hitter Body Protector are:

  • Very good construction
  • The dense foam padding absorbs the shocks very well
  • It is a huge belly pad, ideal for a dedicated coach.
  • The straps are adjustable and make it very easy to use and put on
  • The dispersal of the force is good.
  • It is an excellent piece for coaching and does exactly what it is designed for.
  • It is priced very attractively.

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Best Body Protectors for the Money

Brand/Model Material used
Special features and advantages
Contender Fight Sports Heavy Hitter Body Protector
Synthetic Leather

Comes with thick foam padding, which absorbs shocks very well.
Has nylon straps with buckles.
Huge body protector, ideal for a dedicated coach
Very good construction
Ringside Gel Super Body Protector Synthetic Leather Gel shock padding
Absorbs the shocks and punches well
Title Classic Body Protector All Leather cover Pre-curved anatomical design
Multi-layered foam padding
Leather cover
Padded shoulder straps
Moisture wicking inner lining
Combat Sports Dome Air Tech Belly Pad Synthetic leather Comes with a Dome air technology
Has a buckle strap closure
Great quality
Easy to put on and take off

2. Ringside Gel Super Belly Pad 

Ringside Gel Shock Super Boxing Body Protector

After our top pick, we choose the Ringside Gel Super Body Protector, as our next best choice. If you want a great product that gives you good protection, then this product is amazing. The upper torso is completely covered. And the supreme gel shock padding helps in proper shock dispersal.

It is made with synthetic leather that is durable. The construction is good and hence is a good equipment for trainers and coaches as it offers good protection.


  • Made of synthetic leather
  • Adjustable shoulder straps.
  • Gel shock padding


  • Lightweight
  • Absorbs the shocks and punches well
  • Durable


  • There is not much padding on the sides.
  • The straps are extra-long.

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3. Title Classic Body Protector 

TITLE Classic Advanced Body Shield, Red/Black, Large

This is one lightweight body protector that is available in the market. And with the good protection that it provides, it surely is a good choice. If you are looking for a lightweight and protective training body protector, then the Title Classic Body Protector is the one for you.

The design features are great with a pre-curved anatomical design. The form and design make it a good fit for all users. This product has multiple layers of foam padding which makes it capable of absorbing the strikes, punches as well as kicks.

The other added feature is the moisture wicking inner lining, which makes it stay dry for a longer time.


  • Anatomical design
  • Multi-layered foam padding
  • Leather cover
  • Padded shoulder straps
  • Moisture wicking inner lining


  • Padding is thick and good
  • Adjustable shoulder straps
  • Very comfortable to wear and holds up well
  • Inner moisture wicking lining keeps it dry
  • Very durable
  • Lightweight


  • The padding in the sides is less
  • Appears bulky for some

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4. Combat Sports Dome Air Tech Belly Pad 

Combat Sports Dome Air Tech MMA Belly Pad

A light and durable belly pad, we pick the Combat Sports Dome Air Tech Belly Pad as our third choice. The dome air technology used in the Combat Sports Dome Air Tech Belly Pad is great and disperses the shock impact very effectively.

The construction is nice and durable with synthetic leather. It is a generic belly pad that comes with a buckle strap enclosure.


  • Made of synthetic leather
  • Comes with a Dome air technology
  • Has a buckle strap closure


  • Affordable
  • Great quality
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Highly durable
  • The dome air technology distributes the impact of the strikes well.
  • A generic belly pad god for boxing and martial arts


  • The Velcro belt is not of good quality

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Introduction to Body Protectors and Why You Need Them

Boxing and other forms of mixed martial arts (MMA), like Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Taekwondo etc., require some of the best training equipment and gear. These being combat sports, there is definitely a good amount of body contact in the form of strikes, punches, and hits. And hence it is very imperative for all those involved in these combat sports to have the right gear and equipment. Investing in the correct gear will help you a lot in the long run.

Gyms and especially coaches and trainers should go in for the right protective gear, called the body protectors. Just as, boxing gloves are essential ones for boxing/training, these pads are essential for coaches, to help dissipate the shocks from the hits and punches.

Even though this kind of equipment is the most underrated piece of gear, it is the quintessential piece of equipment that a pad holder and a coach should have. The body protectors enable the coach or the pad holder to absorb or disburse the shocks effectively.

The strikes and punches which are aimed at the midsection the upper torso, have a great impact on the body. If not protected adequately, the hits and punches can be quite hard and damaging at times too.

A skilled coach, on the other hand, knows to take in adequate protection to train the students perfectly well. Any combination that requires knee strikes, hits and punches, in a training session, should have the trainer protected adequately with the body protector.

We have reviewed some of the top brands of belly pads that are useful. Check out these reviews which can help you make the right decision.

Our trustworthiness and review process

We are hardcore fans of MMA and boxing. Armed with great research and information on the different types of combat sports, we are also into testing and manufacturing of some of the MMA gear and equipment.

The various products that we review from time to time are tried and tested by us. We spend hours researching them, taking feedbacks from professionals and other users of the equipment. We also go through the hundreds of products listed on Amazon and other important sites.

If you think trying to find the right product is a difficult task, think again!

We make choosing the best product a seemingly easy task for you! Our in-depth reviews of each product highlight the features as well as the best points and the disadvantages that are associated with each product.  

Body Protector Buying Guide

There are a few essential features. Let’s take a look at these features.

A belly pad or a body protector is basically designed to absorb the impact of the strikes and punches, especially on the torso and mid-section of the body. And hence, the first important feature that you should look into is that these should have adequate padding around the midsection. Otherwise, the whole purpose is lost.

The protector should be well designed with the right stuff. It should be able to provide the padding and comfort that you, as a trainer will require.  Hence, the durability and the construction should be top notch. They should last for a good time to come and should be able to take in all the punches, hits and strikes without causing harm or injury.

Some of the other features are:

  1. Cushion Areas
  2. Buckle strap Vs Velcro enclosure

Cushion areas – The body protectors are generally padded to provide good comfort and shock absorbency. However, the area that takes the brunt of kicking and striking should be heavily padded, and this is the middle of the belly pads. The sides should be padded in order to protect the ribs and kidney.

Buckle strap Vs Velcro enclosure – Some body protectors come with a Velcro strap, while some come with a buckle strap. Both the features have their pros and cons. While the Velcro attachment is easy to put on and take off, it tends to wear out very quickly. On the other hand, the buckle strap attachment is difficult to put on, but it sure lasts longer!

Apart from these features, you should also look into the quality of the material used in the construction. This feature affects the durability of the body protector. A body protector should last long. Even if a heavy hard hitter hits the padding, it should not give away. The impact also should be lessened because of the cushioned pads.

Final thoughts

Though the most less appreciated of boxing gear and equipment, the protector is an essential piece. It gives the boxing coach and trainer sufficient protection. And for the student, it makes it easy to punch and strike the right way, without worrying much about how hard the strikes or punches are. These body protectors and belly pads are designed to take the shock, with their effective shock disbursal mechanism.

The Contender Fight Sports Heavy Hitter Body Protector is a great product that can be used by boxing coaches. This is one product that can be used in other forms of martial arts too. Instead of the mitts, the belly pad is a good choice, as it gives the coach/trainer a better idea of the range of the student’s punches and hits.

The Title brand has a great anatomical design and fits the body perfectly. If you are looking for some dome air technology then the Combat Sports Dome Air Tech Belly Pad is the option that you can go in for.

All in all, these body protectors are very well designed and are very useful in the training and coaching sessions of boxing and many other forms of martial arts, such as kickboxing, Muay Thai, taekwondo etc.

The feeling of wearing a protector and then training in boxing or the other forms of mixed martial arts is a completely different and secure feeling. If you are a trainer, we would advise you to get these protectors to make your training sessions even more efficient.

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