BJJ and MMA Rash Guards for Women 2021 – Our Top Picks!


As a woman training and competing Brazilian jiu jitsu, it’s easy to get frustrated when trying to buy gear that fits your properly. Things are getting better as more and more women are getting into bjj, but the truth is that most companies design their attire for men. It’s very easy for men to go out and buy new gis, rashguards and spats, but you might have a lot of trouble. You are not built as a man; your shoulders are narrower, hips and waist are smaller and bust is larger. Things built for men simply might not fit you. 

Based on our research, the first model that you should consider is the Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Hex Women’s Rashguard. This model has a perfect fit and it’s breathable and comfortable, so it lets you focus on your performance. If this one’s no longer available, check out our next favorite option, the Fuji Women’s Kimono Rash Guard.

Best BJJ Rash Guards for Women (Reviews)

1.Editor’s Choice: Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Hex Women’s Rashguard 

Gold BJJ Jiu Jitsu Rashguard - Camo Long Sleeve Rash Guard Compression Shirt for No-Gi, Gi, MMA (White Camo, S)

Coming in the perfect color of black with a blend of yellow, for that added touch of color, the Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Hex Women’s Rashguard is a near perfect one that has all the qualities that a good rash guard should have. If you want a four panel body with a more fitted fit, then this should be your choice. It is our top product pick for its design attributes and fitting.

With no side panels and a perfect blend of polyester and spandex, this rash guard is stretchable and comfortable. It is ideal to wear under your gi and also for no gi training. However, the sleeves are short. This is a point to be remembered while choosing the Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Hex Women’s Rashguard. Short sleeves rash guards are not for all. It is again a matter of preference whether to go in for short sleeves or long sleeves.


  • Polyester blend material
  • More fitted
  • No side panels
  • Has a silicone inner liner at the bottom hem.


  • Has a perfect fit
  • The silicone inner liner prevents the rash guard from riding up.
  • Can be worn under the gi and also for no-gi training


  • Sleeves are short.

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Check out the reviews of the other picks. If long sleeves are your preference, then there are many other rash guards, with some good quality attributes. Read along to know their features and pros and cons.

2. Fuji Women’s Kimono rash guard

Fuji Women's 2507 Kimono Rash Guard, Black/Gold, XX-Small


The look and the pattern of the Fuji Women’s Kimono rash guard are the first appealing factors for many users. When we spoke to many users, the first thing that they were impressed was the look and the perfect fit.

There are many who prefer white and for these users, this rash guard is a big hit. But for those who do not like white, then choosing other color is imperative, like the blue or black ones that are available.

With long sleeves and sublimated design, the design structure of this Kimono rash guard is very nice, with a tapered design.


  • Sublimated design
  • Tapered waist
  • Longer torso panel.


  • The longer torso panel is thebiggest advantage, as many tall athletes training in BJJ have found this to be areally awesome feature.
  • Available in many sizes


  • The size seems to be an issue for some users.

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3. Fuji Haiku Rashguard

Fuji Baseline Ranked Jiu Jitsu Rashguard,White,Medium


A very solid and beautiful rash guard from the stable of Fuji, this rash guard is a bit hit with all the women. Many users simply love the fell and the features of this rash guard. It is available from all sizes, right from 2XS to 2 XL. Therefore finding the right size should not be difficult, as there are many options available.

The Fuji Haiku rashguard has an extra-long length with a women’s cut. This is by far the best attribute that any user will appreciate. And if these are the things that you are looking at, then you should definitely try out the Fuji rash guard.


  • Long sleeves
  • Women’s cut
  • Extra- long length.
  • Slim waist
  • Beautiful stretchable fabric.


  • Well made with beautiful colors.


  • Again some users found that sizing was an issue.

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4. Hypnotik Boo YaWomen’s Rashguard

Hypnotik x Onnit Invitational 6 Rashguard - Pink - Medium


These rash guards are excellent in quality and design. The design simply screams for attention. If you like vibrant colors and designs on your rash guards, then you should try out the Hypnotik Boo Ya Women’s Rashguard.

Made from resilient and stretchable, polyester blend fabric, this rash guard wicks away moisture very efficiently.


  • Antimicrobial technology
  • Custom fit
  • Superior moisture wicking properties
  • Flatlock stitching


  • Beautiful and vibrant designs and colors
  • Have antimicrobial technology along with superior moisture wicking capability that keeps away bacteria.
  • Durable and guard against cuts, scrapes, rashes


  • Has a tendency to slide up easily.

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5. O’Neill Women’s Long-Sleeve Rashguard

O'Neill UV Sun Protection Womens Basic Skins Long Sleeve Crew Sun Shirt Rash Guard, Black, Medium


Available in a great range of colors and combinations, you should certainly try out the O’Neill Women’s Long-Sleeve Rash guards if you want some pretty good colors with avibrant look and long sleeves.


  • Made from polyester blend material
  • Crew neck design
  • Designed as a U.V. and Rash Protection Shirt


  • Simple and  durable
  • Provide U.V. and Rash Protection


  • There might be an issue with the sizing. Some users felt the sizes were not as mentioned.

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BJJ Rash Guards for Women – Buying Guide

Your rash guard is very important in your training and competition, especially as a woman. You don’t want to be rolling in a t-shirt for more reasons than men. Not only will you have to deal with a heavy cotton shirt that is saturated with sweat, but it can lift up and expose parts of you that you’re not necessarily comfortable showing, especially during bjj practice.

Not only do rash guards help keep everything in place when you’re grappling, but they also protect your skin against mat burn, gi burn and potential skin infections that can be passed from one person to another. A lot of bjj gyms require you to wear a rash guard during training, so it’s important to have a few of them, especially if you’re training often.

There are a few options for you to look to finding the right attire for you. A lot of rashguards exist out there, so you can find ones that aren’t necessarily made for bjj pretty easily. A lot of surfing companies make gear for women, but often these tops will be thicker to keep out the cold. If you’re not trying to lose weight, then you might be uncomfortably hot wearing this. However, a lot of people prefer them and find them to be easier to find, cheaper and work just as well as bjj rash guards.

Surfers rashguards don’t work well for BJJ. They are too thick. 

But what if you just want to look cool and wear a stylish top that is made for bjj and shows off your sport? This is especially something to consider during no-gi class when your rash guard is visible to everyone. And this is where you’ll have to look for a rash guard that fits you properly. A top made for men can be too long in the sleeves, too loose in the shoulders and back and too tight in the chest.

There are rash guards however, that are made to work just for your body type, but there are still a lot of things to consider when shopping around.

What to consider when buying a bjj rash guard

  • Thickness – If you are planning on cutting weight or losing pounds when you are training, and you want to do everything you possibly can for that, then you should consider buying a thicker rash guard. You can get them specifically for BJJ, but any rash guard that is made for surfing or outdoor sports will be made of a thicker material. If you don’t want to sweat that much or simply are wearing a rashguard because you’re protecting your skin from burns and skin conditions, then you don’t necessarily have to buy one that is very thick.
  • StitchingDuring BJJ, your rash guard will take a lot of damage, so it’s important to have good stitching that won’t rip open. You want to look for flatlock stitching with four or five threads. This ensures that the top you’re wearing won’t rip at the seams and come apart, wasting the money you put into it.
  • BrandThis can be particularly important for women’s rashguards. Some brands make rashguards for women, and some only make a unisex one. If you don’t find that a unisex top fits you, then you’ll need a brand that caters to women as well. Different companies make rash guards for different things. They come in different prices, different thicknesses and different designs. More popular brands will cost more, but they might also last you a little bit longer. Also, if you want a different style rash guard than for BJJ simply because you’re more comfortable in it, then go ahead and buy a brand that promotes for surfing or football or whichever style you prefer.
  • Sleeves – Your sleeves will be another personal preference. Some people like long sleeves when training. Long sleeves offer more protection from infections like staph or ringworm, and they also keep more of your gi off of your skin, which means that you can focus more on your training and worry less about burns and irritation. However, if you are buying a unisex gi, you could find long sleeves to be a bit too long so they get in your way. Shorter sleeves can keep you a little bit cooler, and could also be a better fit. Whichever sleeve you feel more comfortable training in is the one you should buy. If you have no preference, go ahead and get a few of each to switch it up.
  • Style – Before you get a cool and flashy style, make sure that if you’re going to compete that you have a few rash guards that are regulation for competition. The next most important thing to think about with style is how the logo or any detail is put onto the rashguard. Anything that is screen printed or pressed on could peel off when your top is wet with sweat or from contact during grappling. If you paid for a style you like, then you don’t want your rashguard to get ruined. It’s better to get a logo and style that is designed into the shirt or the fabric is dyed so you don’t end up ruining your gear. Also, there are a lot of choices for style, so make sure that you get one that you like. You will find a lot of styles and colors in your budget.

Finding an IBJJF Approved Rashguard

The IBJJF is notoriously picky about its regulations regarding uniforms. That also includes no gi stuff. You can find more here. If you’re planning on competing in bigger tournaments it’s worth checking out.

ibjjf rules for no gi

There are a lot of products out there, and a lot of them aren’t going to work for you the way you need them to. We searched for the best rash guards for women that we could find and reviewed them for you to help make your shopping experience a bit easier.

Equip Yourself with the Best BJJ Rash Guards for Women

Top pick of the best BJJ rashguards for women

Rash guards have a very functional usage and hence form an essential part of the Brazilian Jiu-jitsu gear. After having spoken to many users, we have zeroed in on theGracie Jiu-JitsuHex Women’s Rashguard as our top pick.


With so many brands available in the market, it is sometimes a herculean task to find that right gear that is suitable for you. But, you simply do not have the time to go through each and every piece of BJJ gear available. And here is where our review on the best BJJ Rash Guards for Women comes in handy, hopefully!

We have compared some of the best rash guards that have some really cool attributes. Go on and read the review.

If you like to see the features and characteristics at a glance, take a look at the table below. And if you are a hardcore fan of reading detailed reviews, along with specifications and other such stuff, head on to the detailed review section.

Table showing the different brands of BJJ rashguards for women

Product/ Brand
MaterialSleevesTop Features
Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Hex Women’s RashguardPolyester blendShort sleeves•More fitted
•No side panels
•Has a silicone inner liner at the bottom hem.
Fuji Women’s Kimono rash guardDurable materialLong sleeves•Sublimated material
•Longer torso panel
Fuji Haiku Rash guardHigh quality durable fabricLong sleeves•Women’s cut
•Extra- long length.
•Slim waist
•Beautiful stretchable fabric.
Hypnotik Boo Ya Women’s Rash guardPolyester BlendLong Sleeves•Antimicrobial technology
•Custom fit
•Superior moisture wicking properties
O’Neill Women’s Long-Sleeve Rash guardPolyesterLong sleeves•Crew neck design
•Designed as a U.V. and Rash Protection Shirt

The products that we have reviewed

Some of the products/brands that we have chosen as our choicest picks of rash guards for women are:

  • Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Hex Women’s Rashguard
  • Fuji Women’s Kimono rash guard
  • Fuji Haiku Rashguard
  • Hypnotik Boo YaWomen’sRashguard
  • O’Neill Women’s Long-Sleeve Rashguard


Frequently asked questions about women’s rash guards

  • What is the importance of rash guards?

Rash guards have their own set of advantages that makes them very functional. They typically help in the following:

  • Prevent rashes
  • Injury prevention
  • Moisture control

           Due to these aspects, rash guards are certainly an important piece of gear.

  • Do rash guards prevent mat burn?

Yes, they help in preventing mat burn.  Mat burn is generally caused on the exposed parts of the skin. Rash guards help in protecting the chest, back and arms from friction-induced mat burn.  Though hands and feet cannot be covered, the other sensitive areas of the body are easily protected by wearing rash guards.

  • How are rash guards different from T-shirts?

Even though some trainers wear T-shirts, it is definitely a great advantage to wear a rash guard. It is very easy for your opponent to grab your t-shirt. But the same thing cannot be achieved by your opponent if you wear a rash guard. This is because T-shirts are loose and can be easily tangled. But the rash guards are atight fit and it is difficult for your opponent to grab easily.

  • Do rash guards tear?

Generally, rash guards are made with stretchable and durable fabric. Hence the chances of tearing are very minimal.

  • What are four important things to consider while choosing a BJJ rash guard?

When you want to choose the right apparel or gear, you should always look into 4 aspects.  These aspects are:

  • Durability
  • Size
  • Colors
  • Price

Size is the most important aspect, which we are sure, you will also agree. The fit should always be correct. And with rash guards, having a proper fit is essential, as the comfort factor mostly depends on the right size. Moisture wicking, which is the most important thing achieved by the rash guards, can be done effectively, only if you wear the right size. Rash guards must not be too tight or loose. They have to be the right tight fit. Colors should be chosen wisely. A white rash guard, even though looks god, has a tendency to become dirty and discolored quite fast.

And of course, the durability and pricing are the other two factors that you should consider while picking your rash guard. They have to be durable with the right quality and the right price so that you are happy with your purchase.

Our Final Thoughts for Womens BJJ and MMA Rashguards

Not all rashguards are made equal, so as a woman you can have a difficult time trying to find something that works best for you. But if you look in the right places and try on a few different styles and brands, then you’ll find one that is right for you.

If you want to buy a rash guard that is made for men (or unisex), then you need to make sure that you can get a size that isn’t too loose in the shoulders, too long in the arms or body and is tight enough in the hips and waist so that you don’t feel like it is moving around or slipping when you’re grappling.

When you find one that fits you properly, you still should check that the stitching won’t open up when you’re training, the thickness is appropriate for you, that you like the style and the brand and that you’re comfortable in the sleeves. Wearing a rash guard is very important, so take your time and find ones that you like.

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