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You might think that your Brazilian jiu jitsu belt is the one piece of gear that you don’t really have to think about. You can buy one from your gym or from any shop. Maybe you’ll get a belt when you sign up for classes or get promoted. There isn’t much to consider, right? If you want the best BJJ belt, you should consider the Fuji BJJ Gi Belt as it is durable, comfortable, and perfectly capable of meeting your expectations. If it’s no longer available, check out another good option, the Hypnotik Jiu Jitsu Belt

Best BJJ Belts (Reviews)

Here is a review of the different brands of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu manufacturers who make some of the best BJJ Gi belts.

List of products:

  • Fuji BJJ Gi Belt
  • Hypnotik Jiu Jitsu Belt
  • Tatami BJJ rank Gi Belt
  • ProForce Jiu-Jitsu Belt

1. Editor’s Choice: Fuji BJJ Gi Belt



Fuji BJJ Belt, White, A3 The first thing that strikes you when you look at the Fuji BJJ Gi Belt is that it is different. You may not even want to consider it or even give it a glance. But then, not doing so will result in you missing out the best BJJ Gi belt.

This belt has deceiving looks. You will get to know the best features only after you use it. And if you want to hold the knot that you carefully put on your belt, then this belt achieves it to perfection. Because of the slightly thinner material, this belt has the capacity to hold the knot better. This results in making it more comfortable for you. The belt never gets untied and you can go on with your training sessions in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, without any interruptions.

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It is built to last. The durability factor of the Fuji BJJ Gi Belt is awesome. This is again the foremost feature that many users look into. In our detailed research on the Brazilian Jiu-jitsu products and gear, we have come across certain elements that users always give preference. And these elements are durability, quality, and affordability.

The Fuji BJJ Gi Belt has all these elements that many users look into. We are sure that you will love this product once you use it.

Take a look at the features of this amazing Gi belt.


  • Made from 100 % cotton
  • Specially designed for Brazilian Jiu-jitsu
  • The material is highly durable.
  • Available in sizes A1 to A6
  • They come in the five traditional rank colors.

In conclusion, it is a great allround belt, which is fully IBJJF legal.  Though on the higher side of the price indicator, it is a long lasting belt that will give you your money’s worth.

Fuji BJJ Belt, White, A3
985 Reviews
Fuji BJJ Belt, White, A3
  • Vivid Color
  • Durable Material
  • High Quality Cotton

Some questions answered

  • Is the belt rubberized or is it just made of cotton?

The Fuji BJJ Gi belt is not rubberized. It is made of stiff, durable and high-quality cotton material.

  • Are these very thick belts or thin belts?

These are sturdy and thin belts. They appear somewhat stiff in the initial days. After usage, they tend to loosen up.

Our review of the next choice picks

After comparing many brands of BJJ Gi belts, we have chosen the following three products as the next choice picks. Take a look at the comprehensive analysis of each product.

Our questions answered section, at the end of each review, should help you clarify any doubts that you have. We know that before buying a product, a thorough evaluation is very essential. We are here to give you the best reviews and also arm you with the best information that helps you in choosing the right product.

2. Hypnotik Jiu Jitsu Belt

Hypnotik Jiu Jitsu Gi Belt Brown A5

A lightweight belt that is easy to roll on, the Hypnotik Jiu Jitsu Belt is among the top best BJJ Gi belts. If you like the Hypnotik brand of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu apparel, then you must definitely check out their range of Gi belts too.

They are good quality belts that are constructed beautifully. Each belt features the Hypnotik logo and comes in 4cm width and 0.5 cm thickness.

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  • Available in Sizes A1 to A5
  • Good overall construction quality
  • Each belt has the Hypnotic logo
  • Each belt has roughly 0.5 cm thickness.

As with all types of Hypnotik BJJ gear, the Gi belts too are of fantastic make. The belt ends stick out to the sides rather than hanging down.

Some questions answered

  • What is the length of the Gi belt?

The HypnotikGi belts are available in different sizes. It starts from A1 and the last size available is the A5 size.

The length of the belt is as follows:

  • A1: 108 inches
  • A2: 111 inches
  • A3: 115 inches
  • A4: 121 inches
  • Which is the ideal size that one should opt for?

That is a seemingly tricky question, as size is of paramount importance. As a general rule, it is best to pick the belt size which is same as the BJJ Gi size.

3. Tatami BJJ rank Gi Belt


Tatami Fightwear Adult BJJ Rank Belt - A1 - Purple

The Tatami BJJ rank Gi belts are available in all the colors of the ranks of BJJ. The Tatami brand is a well-known brand which makes some high-quality gear. If you like the Tatami brand then you should check out their BJJ Gi belts as well.

The Gi belts are made ofhigh-quality cotton material and very sturdy. Tatami has earned a good name with the products that they produce and the good quality that they maintain. The affordability factor of these belts is a major plus point of these belts. They are easy on the pocket and also have great construction quality.

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  • Available in sizes A1 to A4
  • Available in all rank colors
  • Width of the belt is 4cm and thickness is 0.5 cm
  • Thick and sturdy

Most of the users reported being quite happy with this product, mainly because of its sturdy built. Except for a few minor issues with sizing, there is nothing much to complain about these belts. They are awesome. You should definitely check them out.

Some questions answered

  • What is the special care required to be taken to maintain the Gi belts in good condition?

The foremost thing that you should do is to wash it in cold water. Washing the belts helps you get rid of the germs that may have accumulated because of all the grappling and rolling on the mat. Washing it regularly makes it not only neat in appearance, but it is also hygienic.

4. ProForce Jiu-Jitsu Belt

ProForce Jiu-Jitsu Belts by Pro Force

Our last choice pick is the ProForce Jiu-Jitsu Belt. This is also made of 100 % cotton material. If you are looking at some really thick Gi belts to go with your Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Gi, then try out the ProForce Jiu-Jitsu Belt. It is thick and sturdy in comparison with the other models.

Furthermore, this belt comes with a 100% cotton material with high-quality construction and 6 rows of stitching.


  • Made with 100% cotton material
  • Thick and sturdy
  • Available in sizes A1 to A5
  • Width of the belt is 1-3/4″

Since this is a belt which is very thick, it may not be suitable for all. Some users have apparently found the belt to be too thick and heavy. In the end, it is again a matter of personal choice. But, this is a brand worth checking out.

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Some questions answered

  • What is the length of the belts?

The lengths of the belts in different sizes are mentioned below:

  • A1: 103 inches
  • A2: 111 inches
  • A3: 117 inches
  • A4: 126 inches
  • A5: 137 inches

BJJ Belt Buying Guide

Here are some questions you’re likely to ask yourself when shopping for a good BJJ belt.

What if the belt you get is too big or too small? What if the material doesn’t tie well or hold your gi jacket closed well? What if the material isn’t high quality and it comes untied too often during training? What if the one you had gets bleached, ruined, broken or even worse, lost? Then you’ll have to buy a new one, and you might want to put some thought into what you’re buying.

Your belt is an important piece of your gear, and you should never train or compete without it. It serves several purposes by showing your rank and keeping your attire on your body. It allows you to have a complete jiu jitsu outfit, and you need it to show where you stand among your teammates and opponents.

There are a lot of things that can go wrong with your belt, so you need to make sure that you are taking care of them before you begin training. This means that you should first and foremost know how to tie your belt. You might think that your belt doesn’t hold properly, but in reality you might just not be tying it well.

You also want to make sure that you keep your belt taken care of. Make sure you don’t wash it with bleach or anything harsh. This will keep the color from fading too quickly and the belt from fraying at the ends. Keep your belt wrapped up or tied around you gi, and try not to throw it around so it doesn’t get caught on anything or torn. And most importantly, keep it in a safe place. It can be very frustrating to lose your belt and have to buy a new one, especially if you’re about to head into a competition. If you keep your belt in the same place, then you’ll know that it is safe and is out of reach of anything that could damage it.

If you take care of your belt, it should last you a long time. But regardless, you will eventually need to buy a new one at some point in time during your bjj career. You might be given a belt that doesn’t work for you or maybe your dog will get a hold of it. So when you begin looking for your own belt, there are some things you’ll want to specifically look for.

Things to consider when buying a bjj belt

  • Color

Of course you’re not going to buy a brown belt when your rank is only blue, but you still need to make sure the color of your belt is what it should be. You don’t want people to confuse your purple belt for a blue belt or your brown belt for a black belt, especially if you are going to compete. If the color of your belt is not clear, then you will often be required to change your belt for competition, and that can be distracting. A lot of athletes are very attached to their belts and wouldn’t want to wear a belt they’ve never used before in a tournament.

  • Thickness

Belts come in varying thicknesses, so you want to find one that is comfortable for you. If your belt is too thick, then it can be difficult to tie or can have a big knot in front of you that gets in your way. If it is too thin, then it could come undone easily or slip around your waist. You want a belt that is thick enough to hold your jacket closed and sit securely on your body, but thin enough that you can easily tie it and have it hold without getting in your way.

  • Quality

The quality of materials used will determine how long your belt will last. You don’t want a belt that will easily fray and fall apart, so make sure you’re willing to spend enough to have a belt that will last you. Better quality belts will also have proper stitching that will keep the edges from falling apart after even hundreds of hours of grappling. If you have a belt made with poor quality, not only can it fall apart, but it might not stay tied on you very well which can be distracting.

  • Size

Know your size before you buy a belt. Don’t buy an A1 belt if you wear an A3 gi. Make sure it fits around you properly without being too short or too long. You don’t want it to barely fit around your waist where you’re unable to tie it well enough to stay on, and you don’t want to have long tails that can get tangled up while you’re rolling.

There are a lot of belts out there, and you should have one that is the best for you. We have been rolling for a long time and have been able to pick some of our favorite belts to help you choose which ones we think will fit you the best and last you the longest. Here are our best Brazilian jiu jitsu belts you can buy.

Top Pick of the Best BJJ Gi Belts

Picking a Brazilian Jiu-jitsu belt is unlike picking up an ordinary belt. Your search for the right BJJ Gi belts has ended here. We have chosen the Fuji BJJ Gi belt as our top product. It is built with great quality and the durability that the Fuji BJJ Gi belt offers is impeccable.

And hence it is our top product from the many BJJ Gi belts that we have reviewed.


If you think that a BJJ Gi belt is just a belt made of fabric and anything is fine, then you are mistaken. All of them are not equal. A lot goes into the material used, the quality of construction, durability and even the affordability factor. Many of the users to whom we had spoken to, indicated that quality and durability along with affordability where some of the influencing factors for choosing the right BJJ Gi Belt.

In our review of the Best BJJ Gi belts, we have reviewed and compared some of the prominent products from renowned brands.

Take a look at the following table that highlights the products as well as some of the important features and specifications. At a glance, this table will help you know the best features.

If you like to dig into details, then head over to our detailed analysis of these products.

Table comparing the Best BJJ Gi belts

Fuji BJJ Belt, White, A3
Vivid Color; Durable Material; High Quality Cotton
Hypnotik Jiu Jitsu Gi Belt Brown A5
4cm wide and 0.5 cm thick; Hypnotik logo; A1: 108 inches; A2: 111 inches; A3: 115 inches
Tatami Fightwear Adult BJJ Rank Belt - A1 - Purple
Built to the highest standards; Made from 100% high quality cotton; The belts are 4cm wide and 0.5 cm thick
Pro Force ProForce Jiu-Jitsu Belts
Made of 100% cotton.; 1-3/4" wide.; 6 rows of stitching.


Your belt is an essential part of your bjj gear, and you cannot go without it. You should make sure that you keep your belt in good condition and always know where it is. A lot of athletes keep their belts the entire time they are at their rank, and they become very attached to them, so losing or ruining a belt could be devastating.

When you’re buying a new belt, make sure that you are buying the right color. You don’t want to buy a belt from a company that doesn’t do a good job of differentiating one color from the other, because not only could it result in confusion, you could be required to change your belt during competition to one you’re not familiar with.

You also want to make sure that you buy a good quality belt of the right size. This ensures that your belt will stay in place without falling off or being too long, and it won’t fall apart on you after you use it for a long time. You should expect to have your belt for at least a year, so buy one that is sure to last you a minimum of this time.

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