Save Your Ankles! 3 Of My Favorite Ankle Wraps Used by Thai Pros


Our top pick of the Best Thai Ankle wrap goes to the Venum brand. Anyone who has tried them, knows. This brand maintains its quality as well as the durability of the product.

The Venum Foot Grip is perfectly designed and manufactured with the right material, offering optimal ankle protection. It improves ground bearing, it gives you good stability, and it allows you to remain comfortable, yet fully protected. It also has excellent mat traction. If you find it to be unavailable, check out the Bad Boy MMA Foot Grips, instead. 

Best Ankle Wraps (Reviews)

1. Editor’s Pick Venum Foot Grip KontactEvo 

Venum "Kontact Evo Foot Grip, Medium/Large, Black

These ankle wraps rank first in quality. With excellent gripping and durability, they offer the best protection. Their smooth interior lining, along with the flat seams give optimum comfort. The embossed grip ensures that there is a good grip of the mat, with enhanced mat traction and velocity.

Ankle wraps are supposed to offer more support and balance, both during training and fighting. These wraps from Venum give just the same. And hence they are our top pick.

Pros of the Venum Ankle wrap

  • They give you enhanced footwork and agility.
  • Improves ground bearing.
  • Provide excellent mat traction.
  • Give you good stability and getting the powerful kick will no longer be an issue.
  • They give a perfect coverage of the ankle, malleolus, Achilles tendon and instep, thereby reducing minor injuries.
  • The Neoprene fabric is of great quality and shapes your ankle and decreases the risk of sprain.
  • These also have optimal sweat escape management, as they absorb sweat and reduce the risk of slipping.
  • Come in different sizes – small, medium-large, large-extra-large

Product features at a glance:

  • Slip-on design
  • Neoprene fabric
  • Embossed 3D grip
  • Flat seams
  • Smooth interior lining

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A small table showing the size chart for the Venum ankle wraps

Size Circumference of the ankle Shoes Size (US)
Small Less than 7.9″ 6-9
Medium – Large 7.9 – 9″ 9.5-11.5
Large to Extra Large Greater than 9.5″ 12+


Our Top Ankle Wraps for Thai Boxing and MMA

Bad Boy MMAAll SizesMade of durable Neoprene fabric
Excellent design features.
Rubber traction for better grip
Shock Doctor Ankle SleeveAll SizesSuperior elastic sleeve design.
Has two elastic multi-directional wrap straps
Has a breathable elastic mesh
Comes with a premium Z-Grip strap
Shock Doctor Ankle SleeveAll SizesLow profile quick-fit slip on sleeve design
Over-lock binding stitch for comfort and long lasting wear
No-slip silicone gripper pattern under foot

2. Bad Boy MMA Foot Grips 

Kagogo Taekwondo Training Boxing Foot Protector Gear Martial Arts Fight Boxing Punch Bag Sparring MMA UFC Thi For Men Women Kids Children (Black, Large)

This pair of ankle wraps gives you the best ever traction possible. If you are looking for something great looking that gives you an edge then go in for the Bad Boy MMA foot grips.


  • Made with Neoprene fabric that is very durable
  • Extremely good looking with excellent design features.
  • Rubber traction for better grip
  • And of course, the logo on the ankle wrap.


  • They are very durable because of the material used to manufacture.
  • They give good traction.
  • Awesome looking ankle wraps.


  • There are some issues with the sizing chart.
  • The quality of the ankle wraps sometimes is not quite up to the mark.

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3. Shock Doctor Ankle Sleeve with Compression Wrap Support 

Shock Doctor Compression Knit Ankle Sleeve with Gel Support, Black/Grey, Adult-Large

If you are looking for some great agility and support, then the Shock Doctor Ankle Sleeve with compression wrap support is the one for you. A superior design that can fit both left and right ankle, this ankle wrap also come with a breathable elastic mesh.


  • Superior elastic sleeve design.
  • Comes with two elastic multi-directional wrap straps
  • Has a breathable elastic mesh
  • Comes with a premium Z-Grip strap

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  • The multi-directional wrap straps provide very good compression support that can be adjusted easily.
  • The fit is perfect as it conforms to the ankle shape.
  • A perfect ankle support that helps to get back into action.
  • It is designed to fit either left or right ankle.
  • Has an open heel.


  • This product may cause allergic reation as it was made of natural rubber
  • This can not replace medical care.

4. Shock Doctor Ankle Sleeve with Compression Fit 

Shock Doctor Ankle Sleeve with Compression Wrap Support (White, X-Large)

The Shock Doctor Ankle Sleeve with Compression Fit is a low profile ankle wrap that has a slip-on design, making it very easy to wear. Made with N-tex compression neoprene fabric, this ankle wrap offers superior moisture wicking compression.

If you want good comfort with long-lasting wear, then we would definitely ask you to go with the Shock Doctor Ankle Sleeve with Compression Fit. Though not to be used as a substitute for medical care, it is better to seek professional medical help in case of injury. This ankle wrap gives you the level 1 performance, with good compression and alignment healing.

If you need some light support for minor pain or sprains, then a daily use of this wrap provides some really good support.

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  • Comfortable low profile quick-fit slip on sleeve design
  • Over-lock binding stitch for comfort and long lasting wear
  • No-slip silicone gripper pattern under foot
  • Made with N-Tex compression neoprene


  • Gives you good support.
  • Universal fit
  • Great design and fabric


  • This is meant for level 1 performance, which is suitable for minor sprains.

Why Ankle Wraps and Guards?

You will certainly agree with us that a good boxing gear and equipment is the foremost priority while undertaking any training, especially with boxing. Be it any form of boxing like regular boxing or kickboxing or Thai boxing, adequate and right protection is an essential need.

Otherwise, without the proper gear, all those training sessions in boxing will end with frequent injuries. The repetition nature of combat sports requires adequate protection.

So, here we are with our review on the Best ThaiBoxing Ankle Wraps.

If you’re a combat sport n00b, you are most likely to have a fall or five, and each time it is not going to be pretty; and you might end up in the emergency room. Ending up there might have more to do with your trainer than it will with you, but, taking care of yourself is more important than gloating about an injury.

MMA is a self-defense sport that can be damaging if the right protective gear is not used. We always suggest going in for the best equipment to be cautious and also to train effectively.

According to research, we found that combat athletes are more prone to injuries and sprains. Sprains occur when the ligament is stretched beyond normal limitations. These ligaments hold the bone and the ankle joint in place. This is one risk factor in Muay Thai boxing. But this risk factor can be mitigated with the help of ankle wraps that provide increased injury protection.

How We Review

All the information on Muay Thai and the different gear and equipment come after hours and hours of research. As someone who has trained for years I understand what works and doesn’t. 

You can trust us that you are getting an in-depth review of each product. Not only reviews, we also believe in you having good clarity on martial arts and all things involved with MMA.

We also have answered a few questions that help you know the importance of protective gear in boxing.

Given below is a comprehensive guide to the different Muay Thai gear that is useful for training.

We have also elaborated the need for angle wraps in Muay Thai Boxing.

Read along and get some knowledge on aspects that you have not known before.

A guide to the different essential Muay Thai gear and equipment

A commonly asked question by many people new to martial arts or any form of mixed martial arts is “What kind of gear do I actually need?

Here is a guide to the different gear that we deem essential:

  1. Boxing Gloves
  2. Hand wraps
  3. Quality Mouthguard
  4. A strong and flexible cup 😉
  5. MMA gloves
  6. Shin guards
  7. Ankle wraps
  8. Jump ropes
  9. Thai pads and mitts
  10. Rash guards
  11. Fight shorts
  12. Headgear

There are different brands which manufacture the various types of equipment. Each has its own specialty. 

Why Should Buy Muay Thai Ankle Wraps

Muay Thai Ankle Wraps are very helpful. Some of the top reasons for you to buy this gear are listed below:

  • They give supreme support to the ankles.
  • They prevent ankles from rolling over.
  • They keep the ankles warm.
  • The traction required on the mat is provided by these ankle wraps.
  • And when land a kick with your fit, they absorb the sting.

Final Thoughts

When looking for a good pair of ankle wraps for use in Muay Thai Boxing, ensure that they are the right fit. Without a proper fit, the ankle wraps to serve the purpose of protection and support. When the size is small, they tend to cut off the circulation, making your foot feel numb.

Choose the right fit and always have an additional pair of ankle wraps. The kind of comfort and support they give is enormous. And you wouldn’t want to give that a miss.

And the ankle wraps look super cool.

Among all the products that we reviewed, we seriously felt that the Venum ankle wraps pack a punch, delivering everything that they promised. Right from the material quality, ease of use and durability, it is one great piece of protective gear.