Getting a good Muay Thai belly pad can be more or less challenging these days. There are many products out there, and to make sure that you make the right decision, you have to browse through a lot of reviews and reports. Well, we’ve done a lot of research on the topic and after going through hundreds of models, we concluded that the one to consider first is the Combat Sports Dome Air Tech MMA Belly Pad. This unit is a highly effective option that is fully capable of absorbing and dispersing the impact of kicks and punches. The DAT (Dome Air Technology) boasted by this choice is its best feature as it prevents heavy impact. If this particular model doesn’t seem to be in stock any longer, we suggest checking out our next favorite option, the Ring to Cage MMA Muay Thai Belly Pad

Best MMA Muay Thai Belly Pads [Reviews]

The best belly pad for Muay Thai can protect you when you need it the most. Whether you’re training or competing, you need a belly pad to make sure that your most important organs remain safe and sound. Let’s have a look at some Muay Thai belly pads that are entirely worthy of your consideration since they can keep you very safe. 

1. Combat Sports Dome Air Tech MMA Belly Pad

Combat Sports Dome Air Tech MMA Belly Pad

If you have been tossing and turning about getting the right Muay Thai stomach pad, this one should be among the first options that you keep in mind. The model is outfitted with the Dome Air Technology, which means that it is fully capable of absorbing and dispersing the impact of all sorts of kicks. 

The synthetic leather construction of the unit guarantees that it stands the test of time. Furthermore, you might want to know that this particular model is equipped with a buckle strap closure, so you can fasten it to your body with ease. Some of the people who have given it a shot say that it’s lighter compared to its Fairtex and TopKing counterparts.

There also seems to be more padding in this one, mostly because of the hollowed out section that it boasts. The general opinion on it is that it fits well and it’s capable of handling some heavy punches. 

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2. Ring to Cage MMA Muay Thai Belly Pad

Ring to Cage MMA Muay Thai Belly Pad

This well-designed product is another that you should bear in mind, since it is made specifically with heavy hitters in mind. It is one of the most effective shock-absorbing belly pads currently available, and like the Combat Sports option we have also showcased in our selection, it also comes with the Dome Air Technology. 

As such, it’s more than capable of absorbing and dispersing the impact of kicks, punches, as well as knee strikes. It’s also made to allow mobility when sparring, which is another benefit to take into consideration. 

As for the construction, you’ll be happy to know that this one comes with many layers of shock-absorbing foam padding placed on three stress points. There’s no velcro strap closure on the back. It comes with a heavy-duty buckle made out of metal, as well as a triple layer strap. Like other models out there, this one is lightweight and crafted from rugged synthetic leather. 

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3. Contender Fight Sports Heavy Hitter Body Protector

Contender Fight Sports Heavy Hitter Boxing Body Protector

If you want to go beyond getting the best Muay Thai belly pad available for sale nowadays, you should consider this body protector. It lets coaches to seamlessly incorporate punches into mitt routines. The best thing about it is that it is manufactured using synthetic leather and it’s outfitted with heavy-duty nylon straps. The leather is durable, as well as easy to clean.

There are quick-release buckles that you can easily put on and take off, and these make using the protector a breeze. Although some people have noted that this one feels a little flimsy after they put it on, others note that this is not true and that it is thick and definitely solid. Unless you’re being attacked by someone extremely powerful, you aren’t going to feel anything.

Naturally, due to its construction, capabilities, and design, this one does cost a pretty penny. It is an investment, though, since it’s also going to last for as long as possible. 

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4. RDX Boxing Belly Pad

RDX Boxing Belly Pad Rib Shield Chest Guard MMA Body Protector Martial Arts Armour Taekwondo Training

If you have been searching for cheap Muay Thai belly pads, but you still want to get one that’s decent enough to prevent you from getting injured, consider this one by RDX. Given that it is specially manufactured using high-quality Maya hide leather, it guarantees resilience, as well as excellent performance.

The abdominal guard is also built using EVA-lution foam padding, which has impact-interrupting and shock-absorbing capabilities. It basically guards your belly by delivering excellent impact absorption. The EVA padding makes it possible for the force to be absorbed and dispersed in a timely fashion, allowing you to recover from a hard hit in a timely fashion. 

Having been manufactured using nylon seams, you have nothing to worry about when it comes to the durability of this product. It won’t fray, split, or tear, so it’s going to last for a good deal of time. As for putting it on and taking it off, that can be done easily since it comes with quick easy hook-and-loop attachments. 

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5. Fairtex BPV2 Lightweight Belly Pad

Fairtex BPV2 Light-Weight Belly Pad Muay Thai Trainers Protective Guard Thai Boxing MMA Kickboxing Gear Black or White (Black)

The Fairtex Muay Thai belly pad is among the most expensive ones that we have found, but the truth is that so many martial arts professionals have praised it that we simply had to have a look and see what it’s worth. It weighs in at just 2 pounds, so it’s quite lightweight. It measures 19 by 12.5 by 9 inches, so it should fit most fighters.

What’s truly neat about this product is that it is constructed with real 100% leather and outfitted with double layers of high-impact foam. Therefore, it can protect you like no other product in this particular line. It is also designed to be comfortable, so you’ll remain at ease no matter the number and power of the hits of the one that’s practicing with you. 

Described as the perfect option for front kicks and body punches, this unit boasts a new layer of padding and reinforced plastic inside so that its weight is cut and it’s more durable. 

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Muay Thai Belly Pad Buying Guide

Even though you might feel tempted to go out there and look for some cheap Muay Thai belly pads, we couldn’t help noticing that most of the highly affordable models aren’t that good. Let’s look at some of the features that you should pay attention to when you’re shopping for belly protectors. 

  1. Design

As you might have noticed, belly pads can be actual stomach pads, which obviously protect your abdomen and that’s it, or they can be full-sized body protectors where you get protection on other parts of your body, as well. These can keep you safe in other areas, such as your chest, your ribs, or your sides. The bigger the protector, the bulkier it is, so do keep that in mind.

Ring to Cage MMA Muay Thai Belly Pad

  1. Cushion areas

Most belly pads have three areas that are heavily cushioned. These absorb the impact of the hits. But the whole pad can have some type of cushioning. What’s important in this case is for the middle part of the pad to be the heaviest padded area. 

Some models take it one step further and they come with two small circular areas on the side, and these are designed to protect your kidneys and ribs. These smaller areas can have target zones which give the student a target where they can throw a hook or knee to the side.  

  1. Closure system

We aren’t going to delve into this section too much since we have a question that we have answered below. Basically, the options you have available when it comes to the closure are velcro, hook and loop, actual buckles, as well as quick-release buckles. Each comes with advantages and disadvantages. Velcro is the least reliable of all, so if you are looking for a mix of safety and durability in your pad, do try to avoid it.

Hook and loop closures are lightweight and convenient, and they’re also more durable compared to velcro. Quick release buckles are good, too, but they could get damaged since they have plastic components. Metal buckles are more complicated, but they winners in terms of how they can stand the test of time. 

  1. Size and weight

The bigger, the better, or at least that’s what some people say. But in this case, if you get a belly pad that’s too big for your physical attributes, it’s not going to fit properly. It might even wobble around, which means that it’s not going to be all that safe. Get the right size, and base your decision on some of the reviews that the unit has received.

Contender Fight Sports Heavy Hitter Boxing Body Protector

As for the weight, an overly heavy belly pad can be cumbersome and uncomfortable, which means that your overall performance is going to be affected. For training alone, you could get a hefty belly pad since all you’ll have to do is stand there and be hit by the person you are training. 

  1. Material

The surface of the belly pad also has a say when it comes to keeping you protected. Leather is extremely durable and offers excellent performance, but it’s quite heavier compared to synthetic blends. Since the added weight can make your pad slide down, it will definitely weigh you down. Leather is also quite tricky when it comes to cleaning and maintenance.

Synthetic leather choices are lighter, and they also stay up more easily. Such a pad isn’t going to drag you down (not too much, in any case). Plus, synthetic blends are quite easy to care for. All that you have to do is to clean the surface with some mild soap and water, or use an antibacterial cleaner. It won’t get damaged as easily as real leather, but it’s worth noting that synthetic blends don’t tend to last as long as their leather counterparts. 

Frequently asked questions about Muay Thai belly pads

  1. Does a belly pad only protect your stomach?

That’s a pretty good question. The answer is that it all depends on the model. As you might have noticed if you’ve gone through our product selection, we also chose a more generous body protector. That one can also protect your ribs, not just your stomach. Some pads offer coverage to the chest, back, and even your sides. Others are somewhat more minimalistic and they offer smaller areas of protection across your stomach and hips.


Full coverage is a great idea, but it can also hinder movement. Therefore, it’s a benefit and a disadvantage at the same time. On the other hand, less coverage might not be capable of protecting you just as well. 

  1. What dangers am I exposing myself to if I don’t use a belly pad?

High impact sports can be really dangerous. Protecting yourself should be one of your priorities, whether you’re joining a competition or just training. If you are not wearing protection, any misplaced kick or punch can cause burns, bruising, or abrasions. It can also cause nerve damage or one or several broken bones. While most fractures can be repaired, nerve damage usually lasts for a lifetime. 

RDX Boxing Belly Pad Rib Shield Chest Guard MMA Body Protector Martial Arts Armour Taekwondo Training

Organ damage is the most important risk you are exposing yourself to if you don’t wear a Muay Thai belly pad. If you are hit with significant force, you might suffer damage in your liver or kidneys. 

  1. What type of closure system should I choose?

There are many options when it comes to the closure system that your belly pad can come with. Velcro is a choice for fighters who are looking to put the protector on and take it off with ease and in a timely fashion.

But the problem with velcro is that it’s not particularly durable. It can get hair, fuzz, or many types of other items (including string) stuck in the grip. Most belly pads have a lower life span if they come with a velcro closure.

Quick-release buckles are another option. Once again, they are great for fighters who appreciate simplicity.

They are more durable compared to velcro, but they are made of plastic. While they are lightweight and convenient, they are known to break a lot easier compared to buckles, for instance.

Real buckles are great if you’re looking for a mix of durability and safety. They are usually made of metal, so you don’t have to worry about producing irreparable damage. Their drawback is that they are heavier compared to their counterparts. 

Last, but not least, another type of closure system you can consider is the hook and loop. This one is a little tricky as some fighters might find the system challenging to fasten. Hook and loop closures are lightweight and secure, so they’re the best of both worlds.