Finding the best MMA gym bag nowadays can be a true challenge given the wide array of products that you should look at before making up your mind. We’ve analyzed hundreds of such items before putting together this post. We’ve looked at heaps of sales figures and consumer reports and we ended up concluding that a good MMA gym bag to consider would be the Hayabusa Ryoko Mesh Duffel Gear Bag. Although it’s slightly pricier compared to others, it offers great value for the money. It’s the perfect duffle bag for storing and carrying all of your equipment. Since it’s rather popular, you might find that it’s no longer available, in which case we recommend the Venum Trainer Lite Sport Bag

Best MMA Gym Bags (Reviews)

If you don’t want to waste any time doing your own research, we suggest you take a look at the models that we have showcased below. All of them have gathered favorable MMA gym bag reviews on the part of those that have given them a shot in the past. 

They’re durable, versatile, convenient, and roomy enough to accommodate all of (or most of) your MMA gear. Check them out below. 

1. Hayabusa Ryoko Mesh Duffel Gear Bag

Hayabusa Ryoko Mesh Duffel Gear Bag

Hayabusa makes some of the best MMA workout bags out there, but the brand also specializes in anything from boxing gloves to deodorizers, backpacks, BJJ Gis and a variety of other types of gear. 

You should consider this gear bag as it is made with tear-resistant mesh. This means that your gear is going to get plenty of breathability (for when it’s sweaty) and the duffel bag is going to stand the test of time.

The product is outfitted with dual water bottle pockets that you can rely on to keep your body hydrated. There is also a water-resistant pocket where you can keep your smartphone or any other electronics. 

The bag boasts a rigid base at the bottom and that’s why it can’t be folded or bent. This is what makes it possible for this gym bag for MMA gear to retain its form. As for the shoulder strap, you’ll be glad to know that you can remove it and you can carry the bag with the straps on the sides (as you would a backpack). 

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2. Venum Trainer Lite Sport Bag

Venum Trainer Lite Sport Bag - Black/Gold

This is another convenient model that you should bear in mind. It comes with a sizable main pocket that you can use for storing and carrying shin guards or gloves. It is also equipped with mesh panels which are known for delivering superior breathability. 

On top of everything, the bag comes with separate side pockets where you can store smaller items. As for the shoulder strap, it’s padded and comfortable, and you are also free to adjust its length as per your physical attributes or momentary needs and preferences.

The bag measures 680 by 330 by 260 mm, so it’s not the smallest in this line. Based on the info that we came across with regard to the Venum Trainer model, it weighs in at 3 pounds, so it’s not the heaviest, nor the lightest in the category.

Most of the individuals who have invested in this product say that it is perfect for MMA and a change of clothes. 

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3. Elite Sports Gym Duffle Bag for MMA

Boxing gym duffle Bag For MMA, BJJ, Jiu Jitsu gear, Elite Sports duffel athletic gym boxing bag (Gray, Small)

If you’re on the lookout for cheap MMA gym bags that offer plenty of value, you should check out the features of this one. It’s sizable enough to accommodate your gear no matter if you are a boxer or a MMA or BJJ practitioner. You can store and carry all of your gym equipment, but also other accessories, as well.

There’s even a gym bag shoe compartment included in its design and more than enough additional dedicated pockets. As for the quality of the construction, the bag is made of heavy-duty Cordura fabric that’s known for its resilience, durability, and overall strength. 

This means that you aren’t going to have to replace this gym bag ahead of time. Naturally, since it is available in a wide range of colors, you can pick the one that best suits your personal taste. Some of the brighter colors work for every occasion, not just the gym. 

The medium size measures 12 inches in width, 22 inches in length and 10.5 inches in height whereas the large MMA bag has a width of 12 inches, a length of 23.5 inches and a height of 10.5 inches. 

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4. Under Armour Undeniable Duffle 3.0 Gym Bag

Under Armour Undeniable Duffle 3.0 Gym Bag, Graphite (040)/Black, Medium

If you’re on an even tighter budget, you should consider this bag by Under Armour. After all, you should have heard of the brand by now since it makes a lot of sports and exercise equipment. This product is made of polyester, which means that it has a good chance of standing the test of time.

There is textile lining on the inside and it can protect your belongings a bit better. The zipper closure is convenient and from what we’ve gathered, the zipper isn’t going to break anytime soon. 

There is an 8-inch shoulder drop, too. Additionally, you might want to know that you can clean this gym bag in the washer, so you don’t have to go through too much effort to get it to look as if it were brand new. 

Other features you might want to be aware of is the fact that this bag comes with a large vented pocket for shoes or laundry, one mesh pocket, as well as a sizable zippered one for extra organization. Both the bottom and the side panels are abrasion-resistant. 

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5. Title Boxing Fighting Sports Tri-Tech Sport Bag

Title Boxing Fighting Sports Tri-Tech Sport Bag, Black

The last item on our list is this one by Title Boxing. It’s convenient and durable and it is constructed of durable hexagon ripstop, as well as ballistic nylon. It’s a little smaller when put side by side with some of its competitors. However, that doesn’t make it any less convenient.

The bag features a full-length C-shape zipper top opening and it comes with a fully removable and adjustable nylon shoulder strap. The strap is padded, so you needn’t worry about getting uncomfortable as you carry the MMA gym bag filled with your gear.

It’s also worth noting that the sport bag is outfitted with a removable inside nylon mesh zippered storage pouch that you can use as a washing machine bag if you want to separate the gym bag from the rest of your clothes. 

The bag measures 22 inches by 13 inches by 11 inches, so it’s not the largest in the category. Those who have reviewed it say that they can fit a full change of clothes, a large towel, drinks, a shaving kit, snacks, a wallet, keys, and a phone in it, as well as other equipment. 

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MMA Gym Bag Buying Guide

If you’ve ever wondered how you can get the perfect MMA gym bag for your needs and you’ve never taken the time to find out what the essential features of such an item would be, you’ve ended up in the right place. We’ve put together a comprehensive guide on the topic. Check it out below. 


As you might know if you’re not a newbie, MMA training calls for the use of quite a bit of gear. Sometimes, you just don’t want or have the time to go home in-between your training sessions.

That means that you should carry with you anything from shin guards and training apparel to gloves and a lot of other pieces of equipment.

Hayabusa Ryoko Mesh Duffel Gear Bag

Check out the size of some of the most popular MMA gym bags available for sale nowadays and look for reviews from MMA practitioners. Generally, when it comes to MMA gym bags, the bigger, the better. 

Ergonomic design

How do you plan on carrying your gear? Some duffle bags can be transformed into backpacks, and there are many fighters who want to carry their gear on their backs instead of just one shoulder or in one hand. 

If possible, get a bag that comes with a hand strap, a thick and padded shoulder strap, as well as two smaller straps for both of your shoulders. Be mindful and make sure that all of these straps are adjustable (in terms of length). 


We have noted that bigger is, in fact, better when it comes to MMA gym bags, but a lot of space is useless if it’s not separated properly. It would be ideal if you had a pocket for your valuables, one for your towel, another for a clean change of clothes, and a ventilated one for your used apparel, for example.

Venum Trainer Lite Sport Bag - Black/Gold

That doesn’t mean that you should get a bag that comes with as many compartments as possible since sometimes, they can get in your way if you want to get the most and use the bag for carrying other things. 

What about the materials?

You’ll notice that most of the MMA gym bags up for sale nowadays are made of polyester. If they’re not, they’re anyway made of some synthetic material such as nylon. These are all fabrics that are durable. 

If you want to get a model that can last for as long as possible, you should pick one made of ripstop denier, for example, and heavy-duty nylon. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to check out some reviews of MMA gym bags in this sense, either.