About Us

Picture of Gary Stevens

Hey everyone,

I’m Gary Stevens the guy who runs this site.  I created this website as a way of giving back to the martial arts community helping them select the best quality gear around.

Little bit about myself – I’ve been doing martial arts most of my life. As a kid in Russia my father taught my combat sambo and wrestling from the age of 6, when I was a little bit older we immigrated to America and there I started training boxing and MMA.  During this time I always kept true to my Sambo background and wrestling was definitely my favorite sport.

After my collegiate wrestling career I suffered a serious injury on my knee which required multiple surgeries.  Unfortunately I never regained the mobility and strength that I had in my younger days and instead started coaching.  I quickly realized that coaching was extremely rewarding and began to undertake full-time coaching roles.

At this time my wife, who is from China, helped me start a consulting business for American apparel companies looking to source Chinese made fabrics and garments.  Given my background in martial arts I became the main sourcing agent for many of the major martial arts brand that have come to dominate the market now.

I hope that this site helps people find and use the best quality gear because I truly believe that the most important aspect of long-term training is using quality gear that can protect you.