Your MMA headgear and gloves are some of the most important pieces in your gear bag. They can keep you safe from harm when you spar or whenever you’re focused on your performance. After going through hundreds of reviews of MMA headgear, we came to the conclusion that the first that you should consider is the Sanabul Essential Professional Boxing MMA Kickboxing Head Gear. You can be fearless while wearing this as it boasts excellent impact-dura shock foam which is known to absorb kicks and punches so that you can keep on fighting. In case this particular unit is no longer available, we suggest having a look at our next favorite choice, the RDX Headgear for MMA Training

Best MMA Headgear [Reviews] – Our Favorites

Whether you’re in the market for MMA sparring headgear or MMA boxing headgear, you have come to the perfect place. We’ve put together a list of some of the most remarkable models currently available and have showcased them below. If you’re curious about their features, check them out. 

1. Sanabul Essential Professional Boxing MMA Kickboxing Head Gear

Sanabul Essential MMA Boxing Kickboxing Head Gear (Green, L/XL)

The cool thing about this choice is that it is quite lightweight. Despite its weight, though, it can protect you in a more than adequate manner. The Dura-shock impact protection foam boasted by this model can make it possible for you to benefit from excellent shock absorption, allowing you to focus on your performance.

The headgear is a little adjustable, but we would like to make it so much easier for you to pick the right size. That’s why we suggest you check the MMA headgear size chart made available by the manufacturing brand. The headgear is snug enough so as not to slip, but it’s still more than comfortable.

It doesn’t screw with your peripheral vision, and thanks to its design, it keeps you cool. You aren’t going to sweat as much while wearing the Sanabul alternative compared to how you would if you were to wear something different. Plus, it comes with a velcro strap and a lacing system, so it remains in the right place. 

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2. RDX Headgear for MMA Training – Head Guard with Removable Face Grill

RDX Headguard for Boxing, MMA Training - Head Guard with Removable Face Grill, Cheeks, Ear, Mouth Protection-Headgear for Muay Thai, Grappling, Sparring, Kickboxing, Karate, Taekwondo, Martial Arts

Looking for good MMA headgear that doesn’t cost a fortune? If that’s the case, we suggest you consider this model, as well. It comes with a shell-shock based tri-slab max-shock foam padding, which means you are going to be able to benefit from high-intensity shock absorption. 

As for customization, you’ll be happy to know that this guard comes with an adjustable hook and loop closure. Therefore, it’s going to remain where you’ve put it throughout your sparring session. The Maya Hide leather construction of this choice is another aspect worth writing home about as it guarantees durability over time.

In addition to everything, the model comes with a shock-absorbent gel tech that’s integrated into the padding. This means that you get plenty of safety and efficiency. Plus, the removable high-quality plastic-encased face-grill ensures even more protection. That’s done without even sacrificing visibility, so you can fend off the attack of your opponent with ease. 

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3. Everlast Everfresh Head Gear

Everlast Durahide Headgear (EA)

If your budget is even lower and you’re in the market for cheap MMA headgear, be sure to check out this Everlast choice, as well. What makes the difference between this unit and some of the others we have described is that it comes with cheek protectors which can provide optimal visibility, as well as excellent safety.

In terms of customization, you really have nothing to worry about with this model. In this sense, you’ll be glad to know that it is outfitted with adjustable closures, as well as an adjustable chin strap. It is available in black only, but that doesn’t seem to bother most of the ones that have bought it. 

Based on the feedback that we have encountered about this unit, it seems to pad very well and still offers plenty of peripheral vision. It can be used in most competition events, whereas some of its competitors can’t. That’s because others have limited vision and oftentimes offer less protection. 

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4. Venum Challenger 2.0 Headgear

Venum Challenger 2.0 Headgear, Black/White

The only issue with this particular alternative is that it comes in a one-size-fits-all design. Naturally, MMA practitioners are very different from one another, which is why this makes choosing the right size a little challenging. However, the headgear does have a series of advantages, and one of them is the fact that it is very lightweight.

In addition to that, it is equipped with triple-density contoured foam, so it can keep you protected thanks to the shock absorption it can provide. The flexible two-way velcro closure is another detail worth looking into, since it’s going to make it possible for the headgear to remain in one place. 

The Skintex leather construction guarantees durability, so there’s no need for you to worry about having to replace this unit ahead of time. Best of all, this headgear offers protection for your head, cheeks, as well as your ears and chin. Use Lysol to clean it with ease. 

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5. MaxxMMA Headgear Black

MaxxMMA Headgear Black L/XL Boxing MMA Training Kickboxing Sparring Karate Taekwondo

This unit by MaxxMMA comes in the L/XL size and it measures about 9.25” by 9.75”. The best thing about it is that it offers excellent visibility, so you have a way of defending yourself and striking your opponent as effectively as possible. There is multi-layered and shock-absorbing foam over the cheeks, forehead, chin, ears, as well as the back of the wearer’s head.

This makes it possible for the MMA fighter to benefit from amazing protection throughout the sparring session. From what we have gathered by checking out the reviews acquired by this product, it seems that it is easy to clean, durable, and it also fits well. 

One thing we would like to note is that people who are medium-sized have reported that they ordered this size and it fits well. Therefore, it might not fit the heads of individuals who are very tall. This item is for adults, not for children. 

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6. Hayabusa T3 MMA and Boxing Headgear

Hayabusa | T3 MMA and Boxing Headgear | Men and Women | Black/Grey | One Size

Hayabusa is a brand that practically needs no introduction whatsoever since it is one of those companies that has been making top-notch equipment for contact sports for a very long time. This unit is no different than the others, in the sense that it is a high-quality piece that’s worthy of your consideration.

The low profile design, along with the wide field of vision ensured by this product, make it something worth writing home about. Plus, it is outfitted with a T-Cross closure which prevents unwanted shifting and therefore makes it possible for the fit to be customized by each fighter. 

It’s also worth noting that the T3 model comes with a Crush Zone core for ultimate force dispersion and excellent shock absorption. You’re going to feel the protection and you are going to be able to focus on your performance instead of having to worry about whether you’re going to suffer an injury or not. 

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7. RDX Headguard for Boxing, MMA Training (CE Certified Approved)

RDX Cow Hide Leather Boxing MMA Headgear UFC Head Guard Sparring Helmet Protector Fighting (CE Certified Approved by SATRA),White,Large

While it is definitely not as budget-friendly as some of the other models that we have showcased here, this RDX model is another you should try out. It comes with full padding complete with super shock-absorbing closed cell and Gel-integrated G-core padding. 

Furthermore, the 4-way adjustable design offers you one of the most important benefits — it lets you customize it as per your physical needs and preferences. The adjustable chin strap closing and padded top are two other features you should take into account. Last, but not least, it’s worth noting that this unit offers you plenty of ventilation (which you need when you fight). 

The unobstructed view is great since you also have to see the moves of your opponent as you attempt to make a move. As per the reports we have found with regard to how this one performs in reality, it is very thick and it offers lots of padding and cushioning for an open face headguard. 

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MMA Headgear Buying Guide

Whether you’re looking for MMA headgear with face shield or not, you’ve come to the perfect place. We have created a comprehensive guide that’s been designed for those of you who have never purchased headgear before. Without further ado, here are the most important features you should look for when searching for the best MMA boxing headgear out there. 


The primary reason for purchasing headgear for MMA in the first place is benefitting from adequate protection. Thick headgear usually offers more protection, but it can impact both your dexterity, as well as your speed. Plus, thicker models always weigh more, so they can hang heavy on your neck, making them cumbersome. However, the layer of foam that the unit comes with matters a lot in preventing injuries.

Visibility and stability

The best MMA headgear needs to be stable on your head and has to be designed to let the wearer see freely. Oversized padding located on your headgear can affect your visibility, as well, even if the headgear remains in the same place. 

Hayabusa | T3 MMA and Boxing Headgear | Men and Women | Black/Grey | One Size

You could be susceptible to strikes that come from the lateral side, such as uppercuts, hooks, as well as leg kicks. Unfortunately, that’s why some fighters choose to forego wearing MMA headgear altogether. A good idea to find out whether the headgear you’re thinking of investing your cents in is worth it in terms of stability and visibility is to read as many user reviews as possible.

Material and quality

Genuine leather and reinforced stitching are clear signs of top-notch headgear for MMA. There are two types of padding you can choose between — gel padding and foam padding. Gel padding maintains its cushioning over time while foam padding can slowly lose its protection as time goes by. 

Laces, chin straps, or velcro

The type of closure also has a say when picking out MMA headgear for sale. For instance, the chin strap can either be velcro or can rely on a buckle. Buckle chinstraps are generally thought of as being more reliable compared to their velcro counterparts, since they don’t come loose as much. 

The top closure system is just as paramount as the chinstrap. A lace-up top can provide a lot more stability compared to a hook-and-loop system. If you are competing, choosing high-quality straps in your MMA headgear is very important. If they come loose while you compete, you could be at risk of suffering an injury or having your visibility affected. 

RDX Cow Hide Leather Boxing MMA Headgear UFC Head Guard Sparring Helmet Protector Fighting (CE Certified Approved by SATRA),White,Large


Look for CE or the USA Boxing certification if you want to rest assured that you are investing your money in something that’s truly worth it. 

Why should you wear MMA headgear?

You could sustain bruising or cuts if you don’t wear headgear. If you have a job and you’re not just an MMA fighter (which is highly likely), you probably want to look presentable or just normal. Sustaining an injury in an MMA competition while not wearing headgear will almost surely lead to you being hurt. 

Moreover, protective headgear lowers the impact felt on the wearer’s brain, and it can help prevent concussions. Last, but not least, wearing headgear protects your chin and your nose. The nose is very fragile, although it might not look like it is. If you break it during a fight, you’ll bleed a lot and suffer from local congestion.