Safety First! Protect Your Kids With the Safest Tested Gloves


We all realize that martial arts and boxing can be dangerous, but those dangers can be greatly reduced with the proper equipment and training.  A pair of good gloves is the foundation for safe training, gloves that protect not only your child’s hands but also the body/face of his or her training partner’s.

We have reviewed a lot of kids gloves, including the absolute garbage often sold in most retail stores like Walmart. The Bad Boy Accelerate Youth Boxing Gloves are the best mixture of safety, value and durability. What makes this pair of gloves stand out is the way they’ve been designed to mold to different hand positions and to reduce unexpected injuries all at the same time. It has a number of additional features that we will discuss at length in this article.

Best Boxing Gloves for Kids (Reviews)

Nothing teaches values like discipline and difficulty of engaging in martial arts. For kids and teenagers it’s a real character builder. Just going in and doing something that is difficult everyday teaches children a lot.

Whether it is boxing or martial arts, safety is of prime importance and that begins with protecting their hands.

How We Decided

When it comes to your children, you would take nothing but the best. We understand that and our recommendations come from authentic sources while keeping in mind the level of protection that a child might need during contact sports. While making our comparisons and reviewing the products that came recommended from trusted sources, we also added our own pointers.

Our reviews are a mixture of existing user reviews and also interviewing multiple parents who have purchased and used different pairs of children’s gloves (including my own).

The Products That We Reviewed

  1. Bad Boy Accelerate Youth Boxing gloves
  2. Venum Contender Kids Boxing Gloves
  3. Hayabusa Sport Youth 8oz Training Gloves
  4. Ringside Youth Safety Sparring Gloves


1. Bad Boy Accelerate Youth Boxing (Best Value Kids Gloves)

Bad Boy Training Series Synthetic Leather Sparring Boxing Gloves Black/Blue - 10 oz

These sweet kids gloves have been designed to be extra tough to protect your kids hands and wrists. These gloves offer durability, exceptional value and longevity.

What I liked most about these gloves is the anatomical foam padding that molds to your child’s hand positioning. Also, this Eva foam padding is compressed to fully protect your the knuckles.

This lining is also highly breathable which means much less odor and bacteria.  This will help in evacuating moisture from the palms and keep them dry.

More breathability means less sanitizing the gloves as bacterial growth is inhibited. Moreover, these gloves are made of high quality leather that will keep them going for long.


  • High quality leather for long lasting performance.
  • Improves hand position.
  • Reduces risks of injury.
  • Lining is breathable that keeps sweat and bacteria away.


  • Can only be used for light training purposes.

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What should I look for in kid’s boxing gloves?

When it comes to buying boxing gloves for your kids, always ensure that the padding is thick enough to protect the knuckles. Another important consideration is how easily kids can take their gloves on and off.

What size and weight should I consider for my kid’s boxing gloves?

You would have noticed that kid’s boxing gloves tend to be larger than adult gloves but they are also lighter. What you need to understand that there is a major difference between glove size and glove weight. They might not necessary complement each other.

On an average, the glove weight of a child ranges from 6-20 ounces. Given below is a table that you can refer to for the size of the gloves.

Kid’s Gloves Chart And Hand Measurement

SizeHow Many InchesLength
Small6”15.5 cm
Medium6.5”16.5 cm
Large7”18 cm
Extra Large7.5”19 cm

What else do you need to remember?

Always make sure that the boxing gloves cover your kid’s fists completely. They should have adequate padding that offers protection and is yet light enough to offer free movement. Hand wraps are a must while using boxing gloves. This is why your boxing glove should have some space to accommodate them.

Boxing gloves tend to stretch a lot after a few initial sessions. Avoid buying boxing gloves that are way too comfortable because they will loosen up and make it difficult to use.

We advise you to buy two pairs of boxing gloves for your kids. They can use one for training and sparring sessions. They can use the other for matches and competitions.

Review Of The Next 3 Choice Picks Of Boxing Gloves For Your Kids

Brands Age Material Features
Venum Contender Kids Boxing Gloves Ideal for 4-8 years 100% synthetic leather
  • Curved shape ideal for smaller hands.
  • High-density foam padding.
  • Velcro closure.
  • Great resistance
  • Enhanced shock absorption.
Hayabusa Sport Youth 8oz Training gloves Constructed for 8-13 years 100% engineered leather
  • Triple-layered foam.
  • Great shock absorption.
  • Energy dispersion.
  • Enhanced wrist support.
  • Breathable inner lining.
Ringside Youth Safety sparring Gloves 10oz for 5-8 years12 oz for 9-12 years Leather construction
  • Provides ultimate protection.
  • Palm and thumb areas have ventilation holes.
  • These gloves have an attached thumb.
  • Designed to fit smaller and delicate hands.

2. Venum Contender Kids Boxing Gloves

Venum Contender Kids Boxing Gloves - Black/Red - 8oz, 8 oz

This pair of boxing gloves is a great runner up. It is made of premium quality leather and  that is what explains its durability. These gloves are anatomically curved to retain the natural alignment of small and delicate hands.

The multi-density foam padding ensures enhanced shock absorption. The anatomic curve serves another purpose. It not only makes the gloves extremely comfortable but also helps deliver great punches.

The Velcro closure system ensures a secure and safe fit and the attached thumb reduces the risks of accidental thumb injuries.

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  • High-quality leather makes it durable.
  • Great shock absorption owing to the foam padding.
  • Comfortable.
  • Velcro closure ensures a secure fit.


  • Could do with a breathable inner lining.

3. Hayabusa Sport Youth 8oz Training Gloves

Hayabusa Boxing S4 Training Gloves White Medium 14oz

The Hayabusa Sport Youth Gloves look awesome and work great. If it weren’t for the price,this would probably be my top pick for gloves.

Despite its light weight, it has advanced safety features to offer while also looking  awesome. It has triple-layered foam that can not only absorb shock effectively but also disperse the energy.

The hook and loop elastic strap is fully adjustable. This is a great feature since it will allow your child to put on and take the gloves off effortlessly. Moreover, it also restricts too much of wrist movement and in turn prevents common injuries.

What’s more it also features a breathable inner lining that enhances the comfort factor. There are ventilation holes on the palm and thumb area that keep your child’s hands from becoming sweaty and uncomfortable.


  • 100% engineered leather makes the gloves quite durable.
  • Fast and secure fit.
  • Lasting protection for young hands.
  • Breathable inner lining for ultimate comfort.


  • Could be tighter for certain wrist sizes.

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4. Ringside Youth Safety Sparring Gloves

Ringside Youth Safety Sparring Gloves, Black/White, 10-Ounce

These gloves have been specifically designed for smaller hands. Made of high quality leather, the fabric and the padding inside is comparable to the quality of the Hayabusa gloves. The hook and loop closure are designed intelligently for ease of use. It also features Quad layer foam system to offer the ultimate level of protection.

Along with ventilation holes on the palm and thumb areas, this pair of gloves promises to keep your kids hands sweat-free and comfortable.


  • High quality leather fabric that will last long.
  • Easy to put on and take off.
  • Breathable.
  • Foam is quite padded to offer good protection.


  • The additional padding might come in the way of hard punches.

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Final Thoughts on the Best Value Kids Boxing Gloves

By no means are our other reviewed brands bad picks for kids boxing gloves. They all work well, however our top pick represents the the best quality for price.

It’s important to remember that safe training for kids starts with having a great pair of gloves that they can use for years. Spending the 100 or so dollars for a good pair of gloves is definitely worth the peace of mind as a parent.