• Rules

  • The following rules are meant as a guidelines for posting in the forum. All Terms of Use still apply regardless of the following guidlelines.

    • Respect Others
    • No trolling.
    • Respect the privacy of others.
    • Do not make posts that are inflammatory, or designed to get people riled up. Substance is the key to not being labeled a troll. If you disagree with someone or something, simply say why.
    • Do not post other's phone numbers, addresses, pictures, instant messenger aliases, email addresses, etc., without their permission.
    • Do not post or request any material that is protected by copyright, trademark or other proprietary right without the express permission of the owner(s) of said copyright, trademark or other proprietary right.
    • Think before you post. Posts containing "ibc", "pwnd", "drink bleach" or any other off topic waste of space quickly becomes very annoying to those who are seeking useful information.
    • Please do not type "first post, second post," etc. even if you are indeed the first poster in a thread.
    • Post content in the appropriate forum.
    • Read the forum stickies, or ask a moderator if you are uncertain of the correct forum to post to.
    • Do not post in all capital letters. Posting in all caps is considered yelling, and is not only annoying, but impolite.
    • Do not start threads directed solely towards another user. Use the private message function to contact individuals.
    • Non-sanctioned fundraisers or collections for charity are not allowed. Specific fundraisers or collections for charity on the site must be approved first.
    • Posts that encourage or promote dangerous or illegal uses, modifications or actions will not be tolerated.
    • Think of USCombatSports.com as a PG-13 web site. If you want to post material that wouldn't be allowed in a PG-13 movie, then it is not appropriate here.

    Things that will get you banned:

    • No pornography or links to sites with pornography
    • Nothing unsuitable for someone under the age of 18
    • No Racism
    • No Scams
    • No Spamming
    • If you are not a current advertiser you are not allowed to promote your product, event, team or website
    • Businesses are not allowed to start threads regarding their own products or services or events
    • Pre-order posts are not allowed
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