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Since 2007, this website has been built and powered by fans, fighters, and instructors who share their combat sports voice, passion, and expertise with the world.

In Quarter 1 2011, US Combat Sports will begin expanding into all 50 states and is currently looking for writers, photographers, videographers, and marketers within your state to become a part of our team and stand out in your local combat sports scene!

You now have a great opportunity to gain the valuable benefits from becoming part of a team!

  • Free access to the events with cage-side seats, the best seat in the house!
  • Meet and train with the world's best fighters, teachers, and competitors.
  • Gain valuable real world experience and build an impressive resume.
  • Free equipment and apparel from today's hottest brands.
  • Have fun covering the sport you enjoy and be an icon locally in a specific sport: MMA, BJJ, Judo, Wrestling, Boxing, Kickboxing
  • Make money doing what you love.

Why people love contributing to USCS:

  • Paul
  • Dom
  • Jeff

Writing for USCS has allowed me to follow my dream and become involved in the sport that I love. Seemingly every day I get the opportunity to work hand in hand with members of my local MMA community and shine light on the up-and-coming fighters in my area. As well as getting a chance to sit cageside at some of the top events in the world, USCS has allowed me to showcase my writing ability to hundreds of thousands of people, create a portfolio that I am extremely proud of, and gain a foothold in a constantly growing sport.

I highly recommend this opportunity to anyone looking to pursue a career in MMA journalism, or to anyone wanting to become more involved in their local MMA scene.

In October of 2007, my girlfriend alerted me to a call for "MMA writers" in Milwaukee. Fifteen months later, I had discontinued pursuing a degree in Fine Art to fully commit myself as lead writer and managing editor of USCombatSports.com/Wisconsin. I knew that I had found my true calling because of the close relationship I had developed with the local fight community and because of my loyalty to the US Combat Sports owners.

When I chose to relocate to Texas with my girlfriend, US Combat Sports invested their money, time and faith in me. I could have freelanced for various other media outlets but instead I am now the lead writer and managing editor of USCombatSports.com/Texas. I am blessed with an exciting future because wherever I go, US Combat Sports will always be the perfect platform for my lifestyle and my passion.

Having the opportunity to be part of the USCS team as a photographer has opened a door into some of the fastest and most unpredictable sports photography there is. Allowing me to capture some of the fighters historic finishes is gratification that words cannot describe.

USCS has also allowed me to present my work to thousands of fighters, fans, and promoters across the US. For you photographers out there that are looking to step out of the box and gain great exposure in sports photography, I highly recommend you to grow with USCS and the MMA sports world.

We are looking for people like you to become an integral part of the US Combat Sports team.

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