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  • Combat Sports Movie Review: Legendary

    Legendary is a 2010 direct-to-DVD movie marking the first attempt of the WWE's film branch to create a serious family drama, and it's not exactly as bad as that sounds. The movie centers around awkward high school student Cal Chetley, played by Devon Graye, who decides to take up the family sport of wrestling in order to reunite with his All-American brother Mike, played by John Cena, who has been estranged since their father's death. The film has a lot of problems that can be summed up by a lack of clear intent. It appears that the creators of Legendary enjoy other sports films with a focus on family drama, without having any real understanding of why they enjoy those films....
  • Happy Holiday From US Combat Sports

    There is no better time to spend with family and friends than the holidays. US Combat Sports wishes you and your loved ones the happiest of holidays. As always, thanks for being a part of the number one spot for local combat sports news.
  • MMA Youth Foundation Making a Positive Impact

    It’s always great to hear of athlete’s giving back, especially when those athletes are mixed martial artists; though often misunderstood they have the biggest hearts of all. It’s a special pleasure for me to tell you about a good friend and former Duke City resident Sayif Saud who has helped to organize the MMA Youth Foundation. As a trainer at Octagon MMA in Dallas Sayif made a priority of using his position to develop a unique program that will benefit many. The following is taken straight from the site which I encourage you to visit often.   MMAYF is focused on providing those who are less privileged a chance to be exposed to the amazing sport of Mixed Martial Arts. We do this...
  • What Makes a Fighter Memorable?

    My girlfriend is just now getting into watching MMA fights with me. She is not familiar with the names of the submissions or what positions you have to be in to get said submissions, but she is certainly able to recognize if a fight is exciting or not. A fight could be one of the most technical fights, with perfectly executed takedowns, reversal after reversal, and exquisite boxing and Muay Thai, but to the casual fan, it could be a snooze-fest. With over 240 UFC fighters listed in the Fighters section of, who are the fighters you remember? Who could you name off the top of your head? Why do you remember those fighters? What makes a fighter into someone we talk about? What have they...
  • Frankie Edgar Defends Both Title and Size at UFC 125

    On New Years Day, former Jersey MMA staple now UFC lightweight champion Frankie Edgar will defend not only his belt against number one contender Gray Maynard, but also his weight. Edgar, who can easily make the featherweight limit employing weight-cutting tactics that are standard in MMA, has spit in the face of conventional notions regarding size during his rise through the UFC lightweight rankings. Now, with featherweight an option in the UFC, Edgar's ability to put on a competitive fight will either challenge or affirm western weight management practices. Given American MMA's close relationship with amateur wrestling, the idea has carried over that frame and size advantages are...
  • UFC Milwaukee Bound? Timing Makes Perfect Sense

    If ever the timing made sense for the Ultimate Fighting Championship to announce an impending Wisconsin-based event, that time is now. With a guaranteed title shot looming for Milwaukee native Anthony Pettis, and Wisconsin proving to be a hotbed of MMA, fans in the Badger state should begin saving up for a UFC ticket. After the sport of mixed martial arts became regulated within Wisconsin last September, local fans and fighters have been holding their collective breaths for an announcement from Dana White about the UFC heading to Milwaukee’s Bradley Center. That announcement may be right around the corner. Following an impressive showing in the recent “WEC Hometown Takedown” challenge that...
  • Technique of the Week: Modified One-Armed Throw

    USCS and Master Kim of NOVA MMA continue the throw technique series with another slamming technique session. This week Master Kim shows a modified one-armed throw. Notice Master Kim's body placement on the excution of the throw. Video below and step by step photos after the video.
  • WEC 53: Dan Downes Impresses With Unanimous Decision Victory Over Tie Quan Zhang

    While his Roufusport teammate Anthony Pettis may have stolen the show on Thursday night, Dan Downes quietly made a huge statement at WEC 53. “Danny Boy” earned a unanimous decision victory over the previously unbeaten Tie Quan Zhang.
  • WEC 53: Anthony Pettis Wins WEC Gold, Unleashes MMA's Biggest Highlight Reel To Date

    Anthony “Showtime” Pettis has once again lived up to his perfectly fitting nickname. The Milwaukee native battled for nearly the entire 25 minutes against champion Benson Henderson before unveiling an absolutely miraculous leaping roundhouse off of the cage that likely swayed the judges to give him a unanimous decision victory.
  • Catch Pat Bennett on Cage Radio

    Cage Radio returns at its usual time, Saturday at 1:30PM as the panel takes on expanding promotions. In a world where the UFC holds the lion's share of the market, other MMA organizations looking to expand have taken every root from active feeder to active competition with the sport's juggernaut. Who will grow, who will shrink, and is all up fo grabs on this week's episode. Also tune in for a guest appearance by Team Bombsquad's Pat Bennett as he discusses his controversial decision draw at the M-1 Challenge in Moscow, Russia. To listen to the show on Blog Talk Radio click here. Cage Radio is also available via Go Fight Live, through the Sports Action Network Radio mob...

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