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Paul Fladten's friends

Carl Lange

If you can become 1% better everyday, then in just over 3 months you will be 100% better

Kyle Carroll

WISCONSIN STATES.. Find me in Madison!!


Come on in to Team Knockout MMA and check out our Valentines Day specials!!!!!! We have fitness plans starting at $25!!!!!!

Timothy Thomas

On my way to way to some ufc action on tv unfortunately. Always is better live. :)

mike biddle

having all these champioship belts laying around is a nice problem to have LOL

Dom Velando

free Filipino Martial Arts seminar in IA/IL check out twitter.com/modernarnisqc


Save $5 Pre Register ends this week for CC Grappling Championship Vol.3

Perry Wirth

Littly ditty about Jack and Diane

Luke Summerfield

Add me as a friend on the Locker Room, then send me a chat message! ;-)
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