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JJ Machado “The Grappler Handbook Vol 2: Tactics for Defense”: Book Preview

Monta Wiley
25 July 2011
JJ Machado “The Grappler Handbook Vol 2: Tactics for Defense...

It is often said that the best defense is a great offense. In BJJ it is a common tendency for practitioners to want to showcase their dominance on the mat against their opponent. Although this is a great attribute to have, it also leaves the door open for possible error to occur.

While most of today’s jiu-jitsu we see in class or in video/book instruction focus more on offensive tactics, it is rare that there is any emphasis on the defensive aspect of the game. Until Now.

Renowned instructor and successful author Jean Jacques Machado is back with his new book “The Grappler Handbook Vol 2: Tactics for Defense". While the first book teaches readers how to transition effectively between Gi and No-Gi, in this installment Machado breaks barriers and goes over the detailed components of how to improve your defense in jiu-jitsu.

In this book you won’t find any tricky or advanced ways to protecting yourself. However you will be enlightened on some basic fundamental techniques that will help you easily learn, retain, and apply the moves highlighted in this book in your training.

The book is divided into six chapters each with their own importance on how to build a good defensive game. Jean Jacques goes over a variety of different options on how to properly defend yourself from submissions, back control, the guard, amongst other common positions you may find yourself when getting dominated by your opponent.

Each chapter is subdivided into small sections that cover a specific position. For instance in Chapter 4 when covering the bottom position, Jean Jacques  goes over different techniques such as countering Side Control, North/South, or the dreaded Mount ,thus giving the reader a variety of options to choose from to counteract that particular position.

The illustrations displayed in this book are well constructed in great detail and with a smooth delivery. The techniques are explained through a step by step process in the form of pictures and worded text to gives readers a clear understanding of the move that is being shown.

Whether you are a new white belt or a seasoned black belt, “The Grapplers Handbook: Tactics For Defense” is a must have for any Brazilian jiu-jitsu practitioner hoping to make improvements in their game. The book forces one to drop their ego in order to improve their awareness when being put in a bad position. When studying this book, remember mastering these techniques doesn’t come over night. But with proper drilling, discipline, and determination to grow, you will excel greatly thus making your defense your greatest offense.

You can pre-order this book at http://www.budovideos.com/shop/customer/product.php?productid=32274

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04 August 2011

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