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Instructional DVD Review: Jimmy Pedro's Grip Like a World Champion Delivers on All Levels

Monta Wiley
11 April 2012
Jimmy Pedro - US Combat Sports

For martial arts grappling practitioners it is a common custom for one to be captivated while learning a favorite submission, guard position or throw technique. Although these elements are crucial in developing one's overall game none of these maneuvers can possibly be performed effectively without proper control and gripping.

Widely overlooked and rarely taught, gripping can be considered one of the most important and essential skills to have if you hope to excel as a Judo or Brazilian jiu-jitsu practitioner. It is the first thing you do in a fight that ultimately supports in setting up the stage of how a match will play in one's favor.

Evidence of this concept can be seen from one of the best grip fighters in the game with Jimmy Pedro. By fully perfecting the art of grip fighting it has enabled the four-time Olympian to toss and submit countless opponents in his ascent to the top in the Judo world.

Taking his theories and experience to the media circuit, Pedro has put together an amazing instructional in the form of his DVD entitled "Grip Like a World Champion". This video can be considered the fundamental core that will aid fighters with understanding the concepts of gripping.

Detailed material shown in "Grip Like a World Champion" highlights proper movement when standing, different grips variations, offensive and defensive grip strategies such at the "Power Hand", grip breaking, and most importantly fighting left and right sided opponents. These elements conjoined together results in a flawless layout for one to clearly recognize the principals taught in this DVD.

A lot of people may have an issue with the short 30-minutes of instruction this movie has to offer. However, after thoroughly evaluating the video it is apparent that Pedro wants his viewers to have a clear interpretation of small bits of knowledge instead of being overloaded with too much information that could ultimately cause one not to know where to center their focus.

Many instructionals out today feature hundreds of techniques crammed into hours of filming. The problem with this approach is although it gives the practitioner a variety of options to choose from it does not set up a stable groundwork to properly help one's growth at their athletic profession. When looking at "Grip Like a World Champion" it is a standard base that guides you in developing a full strategy over time.

When studying the moves it is recommended to explore the material several times so you can get a full grasp of the tutoring Pedro offers. Once this task is complete get with a training partner and run-through the same step by step process presented in the video. It helps with figuring out your favorite side to play on, favored grip to go into, and rehearsing scenarios geared toward perfecting one's sharpness and awareness in live gripping action.

World champions like Jimmy Pedro aren't born overnight. Rather, they are shaped and crafted from the sole premise of hard work and dedication toward the mastery of their martial art discipline. The blueprint presented by Pedro in his instructional flick "Grip Like a World Champion" makes this DVD a clear must have item for any buyer's martial arts collection The $54.95 investment for this product will unquestionably ensure rapid progression analytically and technically in the grip fighting department in one's ultimate quest to reach world championship status.

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11 April 2012

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