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Duel Athletics: Creating an Identity in the Fight Game and Giving Back to the Community

Monta Wiley
14 February 2012
Duel Athletics - US Combat Sports

At some point in our human existence, we are placed in situations that put our skills to the ultimate test physically and emotionally.

Whether it’s winning that upcoming fight, passing an exam, or acquiring that dream job every goal is met with a set of challenges, some of which makes one congregate the thought “How Bad Do You Want It”.

For a new brand entering into the competitive clothing line division, creating a concept to catch a buyer’s attention is no easy task. Like a fighter training for his opponent strategic planning, preparation, and sacrifice is necessary in order to become successful. Although faced with an uphill battle, the ultimate prize awaits that keeps one vital during the DUEL of their lives.

Duel Athletics is not your typical “MMA FAN” clothing line. It is a brand that epitomizes a lifestyle rooted by its deep and personal theme of working hard to get to where you want to be in life, a message any person with ambitions can relate.

Created by U.S Army veteran Joshua Beers in 2010 and making its emergence to the mixed martial arts scene in 2011 combining his military experience with his business educational background, Beers formulated an idea that gives true meaning to the phrase “Connecting With Your Audience”.  It’s this attention to detail that has gained the Duel Athletics company mass attention and a major following throughout the metropolitan area of Houston, Texas.

“The original idea of DUEL ATHLETICS started to form in 2007,” said Beers. “It is really born of my time spent in the military where you actually have to live a DUEL ATHLETICS lifestyle for long periods of time. When you go without food and sleep, and still have to push yourself day in and day out...that is when you really find out who you are.”

Hoping to gain leverage in the MMA circuit the company targets sponsoring fighters that represent what the brand stand for. For Duel Athletics, fighters like Jeff Rexroad, Jordan Nicole Gaza, and Mike “The Truth” Jackson are competitors that symbolize the constant struggle for the battle to achieve fulfillment in and outside of the cage.

Venturing beyond the mixed martial arts sector, Duel Athletics is also a charitable contributor to the community. The company makes a strong push by donating a portion of their sales proceeds toward many federations such as The Special Operations Warrior Foundation, underprivileged youth groups, amongst many other non-profit organizations in the Lone Star state that need the assistance.

Aiming to become the top franchise player in the game, Duel Athletics hopes to reach a plateau that will open the doors for more opportunities for their company to excel which will allow them to sponsor more fighters, build their appeal, and become more involved in the community while staying true to the principals that brought them to the dance.

I’m hoping to quickly build out my marketing efforts in a cost effective way so I can reinvest the money back into the business and support more athletes,” said Beers.

It’s one thing to feel that determination deep within, so why not flaunt in your everyday routine.  Wearing Duel Athletics is not a drapery that symbolizes how bad you are at practice or in competition. Instead, it is a fabric that showcases your pain, your struggle, and what you’re enduring to achieve your goals. The journey may be long and the going may get tough but with confidence, assurance, and a statement to express it on your chest there will be no DUEL your ATHLETIC prowess can’t take on.

“Success has a different definition for different people, but whatever your definition you MUST Put in Work if you want to be successful. Whether it’s your job, your family, relationships, in sports, those that are willing to put in the work and plant the seeds for success will reap the harvest. People who wear DUEL ATHLETICS understand you have to continue on when others quit…you have to go through pain in order to succeed…you have to Put in Work to achieve your goals and you can have fun and enjoy the journey no matter the trials you face.

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14 February 2012

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