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KOTC High Performance: Sanchez Submits Clark, Means Stops Ramos

Trula Howe
21 November 2011
Angelo Sanchez - US Combat Sports

King of the Cage “High Performance” thrilled the Buffalo Thunder Resort & Casino crowd on Saturday night with a full night of fighting action. Angelo Sanchez and Tim Means were ultra-impressive picking up key wins.

Sanchez (10-4, Santa Fe Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) and Jacob Clark (9-5, Team 4Corners) met in the night’s main event. The two featherweights came into the fight with the same fight record, Sanchez with a nearly even distribution of wins by KO, submission and decision, Clark with every one of his wins by submission.

Clark struck first with a body kick and a few knees, then the two clinched for the majority of the first round, until about one minute was left. Clark then picked up Sanchez and slammed his down into guard. “The San-I Warrior” stayed active in his guard however, back-fisting Clark from underneath, but Clark postured up a few times to drop bombs until the bell sounded to end the round.

The second round began with a nice uppercut by Sanchez, answered by another big takedown for Clark, into Sanchez’ guard again. He advanced to the half guard, dropping body and head shots on Sanchez, who defended himself until he saw and seized the opportunity for an arm bar.

Clark tapped as he fell backward, but it wasn’t until he had fallen on top of his own arm that the referee saw and stopped the match, giving Sanchez the win by armbar submission at 2:08 of round number two. The upset victory moved Sanchez into double-digit wins.

Means Mugs Ramos

The co-main event featured Tim Means (15-3-1, FIT NHB) against US Army Special Forces Ranger Mario Ramos (11-1). Means didn’t wait to see what Ramos had for him and attacked with a jab then flying knee, driving Ramos against the cage.

“The Dirty Bird” then picked Ramos up off the mat and swung him half-way around to a power-bomb takedown, taking his back and driving him up against cage, driving uppercuts and body shots with his right, and hammer fisting with his left. The referee stopped the fight just 1:07 into the first round, giving Means the victory by TKO. Means went on to thank King of the Cage for his many opportunities, and assured the audience that he plans to keep fighting for the organization, taking whatever fights are offered to him.

Donnie Martinez (5-6, Team H.I.T.) faced Trey Solomon (2-1, Lion Academy of Martial Arts), for the other 155-pound pro match of the night. Solomon struck first with a body kick, but Martinez responded by taking Solomon’s leg out, then stepping into his guard, advancing to half guard, then a full mount, but Solomon defended well for a time, keeping Martinez low on his legs for awhile. However, Martinez dropped elbows and head shots on Solomon, who could not sufficiently protect himself, and the referee called a stop at 2:19 of round one, giving Martinez the TKO.

Frank Baca (12-1, FIT NHB) defeated Terry “Thunder” Taylor (0-2, Independent) after little more than a minute. Taylor shot on Baca, but Baca sprawled and took Taylor down into side control, raining elbows on Taylor’s head, then quickly taking his back for the rear-naked-choke at 1:14 of the first round.

As usual with King of the Cage in New Mexico, the amateur bouts were just as exciting as the pro card, featuring some of the toughest amateur cage fighters around the Southwest. 
The amateur main event was for the King of the Cage Amateur Middleweight Title. The audience was treated to two full rounds of near pro-class fighting, ranging all over the cage, but at the beginning of the third round, SF BJJ’s Jeremy Oyenque defeated Vicious Strength’s Cody Jagger by arm bar submission at :16 of the third round, making Oyenque the new Amateur Middleweight Champion.

Richard Lopez (FIT NHB) defeated Fernando Sanchez (Perez Fighting Systems) with a straight right to TKO at 2:20 of the 1st round.

Ben Miranda (FIT NHB) defeated Kyle Allen (Blackbelt Universe) with an arm-in guillotine at :49 of the second round. 
Caleb Choate (Monsivaiz) defeated Dan Gossett (FIT NHB) by TKO, doctor stoppage, after two rounds of full-on war, but the doctor called the match after the second due to severe cuts on Gossett.
Eric White (ABQ BJJ) defeated Terrin Yazzie (Blackwater MMA) after three rounds of hard-won battle, by unanimous decision.

Brad Richardson (FIT NHB) defeated JD Tankersly (Blackbelt Universe) by unanimous decision, after three rounds of mutual punishment, but Richardson dominated the ground and finished the fight with a right hook at the last bell.

Zuhey Quezada (SF BJJ) defeated independent fighter Cassandra Tafoya at :07 of the first round, with a leg kick then head shot combination, the referee quickly calling the fight to protect the obviously mismatched Tafoya from further damage.

Ray Borg (FIT NHB) defeated Nicholas Kocoseris (Team Assassin) quickly with a takedown to full mount, teeing off until the ref called the match at :40 of the first round, giving Borg the TKO.

Event promoter was Tom Vaughn, head coach of FIT NHB and Power MMA, and the matchmaker was Mike Lowe. For more information on past events, fighters, or upcoming fights, visit

Photo courtesy Will Fox
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21 November 2011

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