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Charles Bennet Entertains Crowd but Falls to Peter Grimes at CFA 06 (PHOTOS)

Oron Larocke Crawford
14 April 2012
Charles Bennet Entertains Crowd but Falls to Peter Grimes at...

Charles Bennet is a veteran of Pride Fighting Championship, Elite XC and has fought all over the world. He has always showed a world of talent but self-admittedly not a lot of focus in training and conditioning.

Bennett  however has recently claimed to have turned a new leaf though focusing on his condition and training like never before desperately trying to get back into the win column after losing six of his last seven fights leaving his overall record to 25 – 24. At his best he has seen victories by way of his heavy hands over the likes of KJ Noons and Yoshiro Maeda but as of late has not been able to end up with his hand raised.

In his last fight with Championship Fighting Alliance he was knocked out by Luis Palomino and was looking to avenge that loss and showcase is new focus by taking out Palomino’s team mate Peter David Grimes. For the majority of the fight Friday night it looked like Bennett was going to turn his luck around as he dominated in the stand up, took Grimes down repeatedly and showcased some highlight reel slams.

Bennett showed his experience in the cage looking calm and relaxed throughout the fight and continually played to the crowd, taunted his opponent and when the action found itself on the media side of the cage, Bennett paused from raining down punches from full mount and turned to USCombatSports Photographer Koryne Iaria; posed for pictures and told her to “Tell Luis (Palomino) how strong I am now.”

This wasn’t Bennet’s night to have his hand raised however, when driving in for a takedown he left his head out and Grimes was able to lock in a guillotine choke. Bennet fought and refused to tap for an unusual amount of time considering oxygen was being cut off from his head however he finally relented and conceded victory by tap.

Bennet looked crushed and remained lying on top of Grimes who perhaps irked by Bennet’s in fight showboating and trash talk pushed Bennet off and screamed in his face. Words were exchanged and the fighters were separated. Bennet left the cage with his head down but eventually returned for a post fight interview.

“I lost in my last one, and I lost this one but I’m not done with CFA and I am not done with MMA Masters (the fight camp of both opponents who have beat Bennet in CFA) I’ll be back and I’m no longer Kid Khaos, I’m Krazy Horse again!”

Even in defeat Bennet did show a renewed focus the best of his talent and his knack of in fight showboating that had the crowd on their feet all fight.

Photos by Koryne Iaria for USCombatSports

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14 April 2012

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