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U.S. Army Combatives Draws to A Close; Warm Wishes for U.S. Olympic Team

Eric Kowal
28 July 2012
U.S. Army Combatives Draws to A Close; Warm Wishes for U.S. ...

While the world's most premier athletes are testing their abilities in London at the most prestigious sporting event known to man, the Olympics, U.S. Army Soldiers are also preparing to do battle at Fort Hood, Texas.

The 2012 Army Combatives Championship ends today, July 28 after beginning earlier this week. The four-day event kicked off July 25 with weigh-ins. On Thursday competitors squared off in the preliminary rounds and those who succeeded moved onto the semi-finals yesterday.

At 4 p.m. today, the final rounds will be held at Abrams Physical Fitness Center. The tournament will begin with third place fights in each weight class, followed by championship fights. Going into the final rounds the current standings are as follows:


1. Fort Stewart (367)
2. Fort Hood (346)
3. Minnesota National Guard (310)
4. Fort Bragg (309)
5. Fort Carson (300)
6. 5th Special Forces Group (297)
7. Fort Sill (218)
8. Fort Leonard Wood (217)
9. Fort Lewis (212)
10. Fort Riley (185)



  • Championship Fight: SFC Jonathan Mejil (Fort Sill) vs. SPC Sean Stebbins (Minnesota National Guard)
  • 3rd Place Fight: SPC Larry Jackson (Fort Hood) vs. SGT Robert Mitchell (Fort Bragg)


  • Championship Fight: SSG Francisco Mercado (Fort Bragg) vs. SFC William Haggerty (Fort Bragg)
  • 3rd Place Fight: SSG Aaron Riley (Fort Hood) vs. PFC Joshua Young (Fort Stewart)


  • Championship Fight: SSG Glenn Garrison (Fort Carson) vs. SSG Shane Lees (Fort Hood)
  • 3rd Place Fight: SGT Jesse Hertzog (Fort Bragg) vs. SPC Blaze Schubert (Fort Campbell)


  • Championship Fight: 2LT Nick Shafer (Fort Hood) vs. 1LT Matthew Kyler (Fort Carson)
  • 3rd Place Fight: SGT Philip Platt (Fort Hood) vs. SPC Hobert Wilmotf (5th Special Forces Group)


  • Championship Fight: PFC Vincent Fairbairn (Fort Stewart) vs. CPT Jon Anderson (Fort Carson)
  • 3rd Place Fight: Tech Sgt. Christopher Davis (Joint Base Lewis McChord) vs. CPT Jason Norwood (Fort Hood)


  • Championship Fight: 1LT Daniel Midgett (5th Special Forces Group) vs. SSG Ashten Richardson (Korea)
  • 3rd Place Fight: SSG Andrew McLauchlan (Fort Stewart) vs. SSG Patrick Miller (Fort Benning)

Light Heavyweight

  • Championship Fight: SFC James Stelly (5th Special Forces Group) vs. SPC Carlie Williams (Fort Drum)
  • 3rd Place Fight: SPC Julio De la Cruz (Fort Leonard Wood) vs. SGT Jose Espinosa (Fort Hood)


  • Championship Fight: SGT Jason Reyes (Fort Hood) vs. SPC Nathaniel Freeman (Fort Stewart)
  • 3rd Place Fight: SSG Lonnie Kincaid (Fort Riley) vs. SFC William Smith (Fort Carson)

While the competitors are eagerly seeking who is the most elite U.S. Army grappler, competitors also set out to wish good luck to their fellow Soldiers competing in the marksmanship competition at the Olympics. In all, eight U.S. Soldiers and one U.S. Navy Sailor are competing in various shooting events.

Sgt. Glenn Eller, Sgt. Vincent Hancock, Staff Sgt. Michael McPhail, Sgt. 1st Class Jason Parker, Staff Sgt. Joshua Richmond, Sgt. 1st Class Keith Sanderson, Sgt. 1st Class Daryl Szarenski, Sgt. 1st Class Eric Uptagrafft, and Navy Petty Officer 1st Class Sandra Uptagrafft.

Areas the athletes are competing in are the Men's Double Tap, Men's Skeet, Men's 50m rifle prone, Men's 25m Rapid Fire Pistol, and Women's 10m Air Pistol, and Women's 25m Pistol.

Good luck Team U.S.A.

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Photo from U.S. Army - Fort Hood

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28 July 2012

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